Some say that space is the final frontier, a vast void, an expanse or nothingness only rarely interrupted by stars, planets, moons, and other celestial bodies. Sounds monotonous, doesn’t it? That’s why you should instead give a chance to the outer space as depicted in video games!

Not only will it be much more fun and engaging thanks to all the alien and human enemies, but space video games also make sure to keep the cosmos more densely packed with locations and vistas than real life universe does! Sometimes you can even hang your laser pistol on the wall and engage in trading. There’s a lot of merchandise, either hot or safe, you could shift to an remote planet in dire need or an unscrupulous alien fence. The possibilities are endless, just like space itself.

All of the above is why, in order to celebrate National Space Day (coming in May 6th, hot on the heels of May the Fourth), we’re here to bring a few excellent space-based video games to your immediate attention. Better yet, we also have great deals on many more space-faring titles waiting for you on our marketplace!

Space Day! Video Game Deals and Sales
Ftl Faster Than Light 2012-09-14 Adventure Subset Games 60%
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Action & Shooter 62%
Mass Effect Andromeda 2017-03-23 Adventure BioWare 50%
Alien Isolation 2014-10-06 Action & Shooter Creative Assembly 79%
Alien Isolation Collection 2014-10-06 Horror Creative Assembly 60%
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 2019-01-24 Strategy Tindalos Interactive 84%
Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition 2022-02-22 Action RPG, FPS Bungie 60%
Destiny 2 Legendary Edition 2020-11-10 Shooter Bungie 77%
Elite: Dangerous 2015-04-02 Adventure Frontier Developments 78%
Endless Space 2 2016-10-06 Strategy AMPLITUDE Studios 78%
Eve Online Starter Pack 2019-04-10 Action. RPG CCP
Everspace 2017-05-25 Adventure ROCKFISH Games 76%
Everspace 2 2021-01-18 Shooter. RPG ROCKFISH Games
Homeworld Remastered Collection 2015-02-25 Adventure Gearbox Software 93%
Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak 2016-01-20 Strategy Blackbird Interactive 95%
Kerbal Space Program 2015-04-27 Adventure Squad 85%
Mass Effect 2 2010-01-27 RPG BioWare 50%
No Mans Sky 2016-08-12 Adventure Hello Games 63%
Stellaris 2016-05-09 Strategy Paradox Development Studio 74%
Surviving Mars 2018-03-15 Simulation Haemimont Games 87%

FTL: Faster Than Light

Developer:Subset Games

You were entrusted with a message which can save the allied fleet from the forced of rebels, and you must carry it across the galaxy. Assemble your crew from several alien species, choose your ship from the available options, and try to reach the destination. Every jump means new threats and opportunities, and the rebel fleet is always hot on your heels to intercept the missive. Good luck.

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is a fantastic roguelike with a retro appearance. The premise of being a captain of a spacecraft with all the “ordering a crew around” and being the face of the ship is very appealing, especially if you have an affinity for Star Trek. The game offer a stunning replayability, with well-written narrative events, high-stakes combat, and engaging ship management.

Key features
  • Several ship types you can unlock by meeting specific conditions
  • Great for both a quick run during a break and a lengthy gaming session
  • Eight alien species which can join your crew
  • Complex, satisfying, and occasionally very funny

Halo (series)

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:343 Industries

The Halo series is possibly the most famous, and the most beloved series of science fiction first-person shooters. It focuses on humanity’s war against the alien Covenant and its aftermath. Most entries put you in the heavily armored boots of Master Chief, one of the few remaining Spartans, augmented humans capable of matching the aliens blow for blow.

The Halo universe is rich in detail explored in games and supplementary material, but what’s more important is that they are also excellent shooter games with well-designed enemies, tight gunplay, and great levels. The franchise also has several spin-offs, including Halo Wars 2, an RTS which introduced an alien faction featuring in the latest mainline installment, Halo Infinite.

Key features
  • One of the best FPS series out there
  • Detailed, rich science fiction setting going beyond just games
  • Several spin-offs
  • Master Chief is a gaming icon, find out why!

No Man’s Sky

Developer:Hello Games

No Man’s Sky core draw is the functionally infinite universe for you to explore. It might not be literally infinite, but there are more procedurally generated planets – each with a wealth of biomes, life forms, and geological formations – than you’ll be able to explore in one human lifetime. If limitless exploration is what you want, NMS has your back, but there’s more you can do!

No Man’s Sky

You can, for example build your own bases on the planets, both solo and with your friends’ help. There’s also a mystery lying at the galactic center which you can pursue, and alien languages to study, which improves your relations with other species. NMS has received many huge updates, turning it into a truly immersive game about exploration of a procedurally generated space.

Key features
  • A distinct aesthetic
  • Virtually Infinite number of planets to explore and survive on
  • Great both with friends and as a solitary experience
  • There’s a story drawing you towards the galaxy’s core, but you can ignore it if you want to

Surviving Mars

Developer:Haemimont Games

To take a break from all the action, here’s something completely different: a strategy game about building a colony on the Red Planet. After a quick setup where you pick a benevolent sponsor for your colony you can begin deploying drones to set things up for human colonists arriving in short order. You have a lot of work to do, and that’s before we factor in the dangerous environment.

Surviving Mars

Colonists will need habitation domes, and a reliable supply of food and drink, because their supplies will quickly run out. You’ll need to assign them jobs, and take care of their needs. Which isn’t easy, since all settlers have unique requirements, personalities, and proficiencies. There are also many events and crises to handle, like rebellious AI or alien contact. Boredom is highly unlikely.

Key features
  • Lovely retro-futuristic designs
  • Detailed colony sim
  • Managing human colonists’ needs can be quite a task
  • Many random events and problems to make things more exciting

Mass Effect (series)


To end things with something much more lively, consider Mass Effect, BioWare’s epic-scale science fiction series about Commander Shepard’s extended fights against ominous threat to all organic life in the galaxy. Mass Effect games are very story driven, with fully voiced dialogues, cinematic conversations, and choices carrying over from game to game.

Mass Effect (series)

There’s also a lot of third-person combat powered by various combinations of guns, tech powers, and psychic abilities called biotics. You can also give orders to your companions, which makes action a bit more tactical, especially once you start lining up power combos for extra effectiveness. Mass Effect ranks among the best modern RPGs, science fiction or otherwise, don’t ignore it.

Key features
  • A fantastic, galaxy-spanning science fiction story
  • Robust Codex detailing the setting’s lore
  • Cinematic conversations, and many weighty choices to make
  • One of the best RPGs in general