During Black Friday, the masses flock to stores splurging hard-earned cash on physical products. On Cyber Monday, they do it for all things digital.

Most of the time, it is associated with very attractive discounts on digital versions of video games, but not only that. On this exceptional day, you can buy many other digital products – gift cards, subscriptions, etc. – for much less than usual. That way you can gain access to many paid services..

Black Friday ended, you can check our deals on G2A.COM

What is Spotify?

Here’s a summary for those who had never heard about the service: Spotify is the radio of the digital age! It offers millions of songs from different genres and artists from across the globe. The user who had subscribed to the service has unrestricted access to every aspect of the application. With Spotify, you’ll be able to keep track of your favorite artist’s newest releases, follow musical trends, or listen to the songs you love. Thanks to the shuffle option, you will always find interesting new beats, carefully selected basing on your musical tastes.

Spotify subscriptions and gift cards on G2A

Now that you know a little bit more about Spotify, let’s look at what ours marketplace has on offer when it comes to products related to it. In the G2A online marketplace, you will find a variety of gift cards to spend in the service and timed subscription programs at affordable prices.