Starfield is an amazing action-packed RPG that allows you to feel like a futuristic astronaut and explore the Milky Way.

There is an open world, both first and third-person perspective, and the locations were created based on real stars in space. There are NPCs you interact with, many customizable weapons, and the ability to construct your spaceships. With every refined detail the game gives you an inimitable experience.

When hardships overcome you and you feel like giving up, consol commands may come in handy. Console commands are string-based in-game commands, that help you with many different things, from being invisible to your enemies and maximizing your carrying weight to other more technical aspects.

One may wonder what the console commands are for this game and how to have the best experience traveling through the Milky Way. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about World of Starfield console commands and how to improve your journey.

Before You Begin: Precautions and Preparation

To use console commands freely you must be prepared and know the risks that come with it. Using console commands can cause your game to malfunction.

In different games, it may reveal itself in many ways, for example, by disabling achievements, or even crashing the game completely. You must back up your saves so you don’t lose your progress.

Accessing Console Commands: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do you access console commands? Well, it’s not that hard. You need to have the command console opened.

You do that by hitting “@” on the keyboard. If it doesn’t open, you might try the key under ESC with “`” and “~”. When the small pop-up menu opens you can type one command at a time with either capital or lowercase letters as it doesn’t make a difference.

Essential Commands for Beginners

There are many different commands so how should a beginner know which to use first? When you’re not very advanced in exploring the universe some basic commands would be good to start with.

It’s quite useful to start with an achievement mode so they’re not blocked when you begin using console commands. Here’s a list of some basic commands:

showlooksmenu player 2 it opens the menu with character adjustments, such as appearance or name
showmenu/sleepwaitmenu it gives quick access to the wait menu so it adjusts your time on the fly
tm (toggle menus) – turns off/on the toggle UI menu
Tdetect (toggle detect) makes you invisible to NPCs so they won’t bother you
player.setav carryweight it changes the capacity of the weight you can carry to the one you need
tfc it turns off the camera so you can fly freely around the map
tcl it disables the collision so you’re able to fly through different objects. You can turn it off by re-entering the code
kah it kills all hostile beings near you
player.additem 0000000f [#] it adds credits, for example, when you type – – – player.additem 0000000f 300 [#] it will five 300 credit
player.additem 0000000a [#] it adds digipicks, and it works similarly to the command above
player.additem [Item ID] [#] it adds items to your inventory
player.additem f [value] it allows for infinite money, you just type in the amount you need at the moment
sexchange it changes the gender of your character
unlock it unlocks doors and containers, but you must try to open them on your own before using the command,
psb (player spellbook) it unlocks all spells
tmm1 it adds markers on your map for all the locations on every planet, but it’s not removable
takeofftospace you take off to space
landonplanet you land on a planet
recordscene makes a screenshot
addpower it adds power
removepower it removes power
reloadmaterials it reloads materials
addplottobody it plots a path to a specific body
sendaffinityevent it runs an affinity event

Exploring Space with Advanced Commands

When you’ve been exploring space for some time many things come easily to you. Here are some more advanced console commands:

tgm (total God mode) introduces the god mode with limitless stamina, strength, zero vulnerability, and amno
tim (toggle immortal mode) with this command you can take damage, but you will never hit 0 in your health
tcai it toggles AI on/off, so all NPCs will stop moving or responding
(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) applies specified weapon mods to reference weapons. You obtain the items’ reference ID by clicking on any dropped items
(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) it removes specified weapons mods from reference weapons. You obtain the items’ reference ID by clicking on any dropped items
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) it pays off all your bounties which helps you avoid being in jail, keeping all the stolen items, and paying off bounties for different factions
player.addperk (Perk ID) it adds skills, backgrounds, and traits to your character, but remember that for all the skills, backgrounds, and traits you want to add you need an empty slot. So before you use this command remove a perk first,
player.removeperk (Perk ID) it removes any unwanted skills, backgrounds, or traits from your character
player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value) it spawns a specific creature or item right in front of your character
saq it starts the main story and all side quests. Some game crashes will likely appear after using this command so be sure to save the game and use it with caution
caqs it completes all main story quests, but just like the command above, it might cause some game crashes so be sure to save the game and use it with caution
player.setlevel [#] you can set your own level
player.setav health [#] it sets your max health level
kill if you open the console commands and click on any NPC it will kill them, if you click on a vital character then they won’t die but be incapacitated
forcereset it forces the game to reset
startnewgame it starts a new game, but without IU

Customizing Your Starfield Experience

Console commands are not necessary for a great gaming experience, they’re just there to make some things easier and to help you make the game to your liking. Customizing your character is a fun option when you’re getting bored with either your name or looks.

Your appearance can be changed at Enhance vendors in big settlements. Command “sexchange” will allow you to quickly change the gender of your character. You can add or remove background, traits, and skills which gives you a huge customizing option for what your character is like.

If it’s not the first time you’re playing the World of Starfield then you know exactly what you like and dislike about the game so you can use only the console commands which will improve your gaming experience.

Some things may just be not as exciting so some console commands can let you skip through those parts.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues with Console Commands

As with everything else in the world console commands aren’t always working as they should be. Sometimes you can’t open console commands or receive the items you need. It can become frustrating when you’re just trying to enjoy Starfield.

When a certain console command doesn’t work be sure you haven’t clicked on an NPC or an object before opening the console commands slot. If you have, you must unclick it and try one more time.

Sometimes you may be using two console commands that contradict each other or one that doesn’t work for the purpose you want it to.

Always check the item ID to make sure it’s correct and watch out for the parentheses. If there are glitches or bugs then it may also affect how console commands work in the game.

Using too many commands in general will make them all stop working and crash your game.

The World of Starfield is an engaging game with refined details and what seems like infinite hours of play. The scenarios are beautiful, missions interesting, and the ability to build and travel with your spaceship is a feeling that can’t be beaten.

The World of Starfield console commands are worth getting into as they can make your gaming experience better. They can help you advance in the game and resolve some hardships, especially at the beginning of your journey.

You may struggle with using some of them, but with practice and time, you’ll remember them well. In the end, exploring the space is an imitable experience.