The release of the System Shock remake has been anticipated by many fans for years. Let’s find out what specific changes were introduced by its developers and whether the game will appeal only to die-hard enthusiasts who feel nostalgic about the original, or also find its way into the hearts of new, discerning players.

Brief History of System Shock

Cast your mind back to the year 1994, when the idea for the original System Shock emerged in the creative minds at Looking Glass Technologies. In this first-person action game, we learned the story of a rogue artificial intelligence called SHODAN – the main antagonist.

She is extremely powerful and omnipresent at the Citadel space station. The player’s task, whose character is a resourceful and clever hacker, is to oppose her rule. The original System Shock laid the foundation for a genre that melds cyberpunk aesthetics with horror and first-person exploration and quickly became a classic.


Now, in this clash of past and present, Nightdive Studios has set out to recreate the magic of the original and enrich it with a modern touch. The System Schock Remake revitalizes the classic tale by employing cutting-edge technology to enhance the visuals, gameplay mechanics, and audio design.

Graphic Comparison

The original System Shock featured graphics typical of that era, with 2D sprites and low-resolution textures. Dark and atmospheric art style had its charm, but by today’s standards, the visuals may appear dated.

The remake presents us with higher-resolution textures, improved lighting effects, enhanced character models, and more detailed environments. At the same time, the visuals are very accurately reproduced, as they include the layout of the rooms and other objects. Many of them are identical, yet improved. This tribute to the veterans lets them travel back in time and feel that rush again.

Gameplay Comparison

When it comes to gameplay, developers aimed to retain the core gameplay mechanics and elements that made the original piece so popular while simultaneously enhancing and refining them to meet modern standards.

However, they added some nice elements such as the possibility to visit the hacker’s apartment, which makes the experience more immersive and puzzle-solving more interactive. What’s more, the interface is more user-friendly and visually appealing, which combined with the updated controls makes the whole experience more intuitive and responsive.

Narrative Comparison

While the main story has been largely unchanged, there are some additional RPG elements and new conversation options that make the experience deeper and more context to the game world. The System Shock Remake aims to enhance the overall narrative experience. Improved audio also supports the emotional impact of the narrative.

Sound and Music Comparison

The music in System Shock Remake has undergone significant changes. Although we can recognize a few tracks from the original game, most of them have been changed and adapted to the updated gameplay. The music builds tension and sets the tone for the gameplay. In addition, albums of original System Shock songs and their remixes are available.

Reception and Reviews

System Shock Remake was very well received by critics and gamers. Many of them point out that this is how remakes should be done. However, there are also claims that the new release is not a remake, but a remaster, due to the fact that the developers decided to remain so faithful to the original.

The developers’ dedication to preserving the essence of the original spirit while enhancing it with modern elements has been seen as a significant strength of this remake. However, some individuals still believe that the System Shock Remake leans more towards being a remaster rather than a full-fledged remake.

Conclusion: Is the Remake Worth It?

For enthusiasts of the original, System Shock Remake is a must-play. As for new players, it is certainly a title worth checking out, if only to see what all the fuss is about.

However, you should keep in mind that this is a challenging old-style game – without any markers or hints. This can be a deterrent, but on the other hand, it guarantees extremely addictive entertainment for many hours and immense satisfaction from completing levels.