Fighting is the oldest game in the world. And although we live in a civilized world, follow the principles of savoir-vivre, and know how to use a knife and fork – it’s always nice to return to primal sports.

Among the fighting video games, two titles shine the brightest. Welcome to Street Fighter and Tekken – classic video games that drew thousands of excited gamers to arcade machines in the 90s. Since then, there have been new parts of each series arising with premieres on PC or PlayStation, which enabled the best gameplay at home. But how did the history of these two legendary games develop? And which is better now? To answer these questions, be sure to check out this brief review of the best titles of the Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 series.

General overview

These two video games offer exciting solo or multiplayer gameplay where two opponents face each other to fight. The player’s task is to choose one of the many available heroes and control his movements to win the match. The fights take place on various levels, introducing an element of immersion and depth to the graphics. In Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5, these features have been particularly refined, guaranteeing many hours of great fun and a pleasant visual experience.

The heroes of these games use unique skills and wear fantastic outfits. Each has a specific character, habits, sayings, and movements, so it is easy to bond with them. Or dislike them! If you are looking for a good fighting game, these two suggestions will surely meet your expectations. But it is the differences that can have a crucial impact on a future purchase.


The differences start at the very beginning of the game. We are talking about a tutorial, which is always a smooth introduction to a new game. And while Street Fighter 5 does offer a tutorial as an introductory part of the story, it is absent in Tekken 7. The game also has absolutely no instructions for your moves, so you have to learn combat yourself.

For this reason, Tekken has become one of the hardest fighting games in which players look for the right moves and combos online, scouring Reddit and forums for advice or instructions. So if you haven’t played Tekken before and don’t want to feel completely lost in the mechanics, Tekken 7 may prove to be a bit too challenging. In this case, we recommend Street Fighter 5, which will smoothly introduce you to the game, and you will not waste time learning about all the moves and tricks by yourself.


Both titles present several heroes known from the series and some new ones. They have a place in the story you will learn better during the game. Each character is a bright personality with a temperament and unique skills. You will discover your favorites very quickly! However, in the base versions of both games, Tekken 7 features more playable heroes – which means more variety right away. Yes, you can buy heroes in Street Fighter and Tekken 7, but for this, you will have to collect in-game currency or spend real money on DLCs. So if you want to have a wide selection of available characters at the start – choose Tekken. Moreover, in this game, you will have better customization options, which will make your gameplay more personal. In Street Fighter 5, customizing heroes is limited to a rather monotonous changing of skins.


It is a topic that runs like a legend in the online threads about both games. And while Tekken 7 has perfect netcode, Street Fighter 5 doesn’t. In the case of SFV, players report problems with the Internet connection, lags, and errors when playing with players from distant countries. But some don’t notice any problems at all, so a lot here might depend on your internet connection. But if you want to be sure that everything in this category will always work perfectly – Tekken 7 is the better choice.


Although both games offer solo and multiplayer gameplay, Street Fighter 5 took the fun with other players to the next level introducing crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 users. Tekken fans have been dreaming about crossplay for many years, but the game developers abandoned this idea for good.


So which is better? Street Fighter or Tekken? We will say Tekken 7. It is a classic, offering an extensive story, fantastic gameplay, addictive music, and charming playable characters. But with one condition! It is a game for those who have more time and want to explore complicated gameplay mechanics. Tekken does not help the player understand the rules in any way, so you will have to discover everything by yourself.

So if you do not necessarily want to become the full-time Tekken mystery explorer and are only interested in having fun without complications – choose Street Fighter 5. It’s the same satisfaction from the combat, but with a crossplay and an extensive tutorial. Perfect for playing a few matches after work or spending a pleasant day on the couch!

And for those who will not be able to decide for a long time, we have something special. The developers of both games have announced that the Tekken X Street Fighter crossover will be released soon! So why choose one if you can have both?