The GTA series never ceases to surprise with the multitude of available activities, but did you know there are also secret locations worth hours of traveling?

Seeking an adrenaline rush? Whether for kicks or money, navigating the vast open world of GTA V is sure to get your heart racing. If you fancy some unusual discoveries, this Grand Theft Auto 5 secret locations and Easter eggs guide will blow your mind!

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Secret Location 1: Pacific Bluffs Briefcase

It is the most cash you can find in secret money spots, even in offline story mode. However, these mysterious areas remain well-hidden – most are located deep in the sea and are pretty challenging to detect.

This one contains a whopping $25,000, so it’s definitely worth some underwater exploration. You can find it on top of the ruined submarine, next to the entrance hatch. Gear up for some underwater exploration to claim your prize!

Secret Location 2: Bloody Footprints

When you find yourself in Grand Senora Desert (Blaine County), look for the Yellow Jack Inn between Route 68 and Panorama Drive. There are mysterious bloody footprints on the floor, right next to the pool table, but no one really knows where they came from.

Secret Location 3: Creepy Snowman

This creepy Snowman may be your must-see destination if you’re here for exceptionally weird places to go.

Travel to La Mesa and find the Fridgit warehouse to locate a slightly open blue door. When you decide to look inside, you will see the bizarre Snowman staring right back at you!

Secret Location 4: UFO

UFOs are scattered across the entire Grand Theft Auto V island map – here, you will find the coolest ones! Most require 100% game completion, so if you’ve already done everything, embark on an adventure to discover them all. The first flying UFO is located directly above the hippie camp in Sandy Shores, high in the sky. The second is right above Fort Zancudo.

The third flying UFO is over Mount Chillad. There is also a crashed underwater UFO on the northern coast of San Andreas, and seeing it does not require 100% game completion.

Secret Location 5: Turn Back

To find this odd sign, head to Strawberry and locate a pathway at the side of the highway. If you head down the track, you will come across the words, saying ‘Turn Back’. Once you turn around, there will be ‘Nothing Here’ written on the wall.

Secret Location 6: Mysterious Mine

For a more challenging adventure, travel to the Great Chaparral in Los Santos County and search for a wooden door in the rock.

Detonate the door to enter the secret mine and follow the long tunnel containing various forgotten items. One of these branching corridors will lead you to Isaac’s dead body, solving the Murder Mystery quest!

Secret Location 7: Taco Van

You can find this secret vehicle location in the northern part of Sandy Shores. If you are a taco enthusiast, that beautiful car may be your dream come true!

However, the secret vehicle only spawns in multiplayer between 1 PM and 2 PM, so try to reach this spot during that specific hour. It is a genuinely effort-worthy expedition, as players can claim this van for themselves.

Secret Location 8: The Golden Tree

The Golden Tree doesn’t do anything special, but it’s one of the most beautiful hidden things in the game. You can find it on the east coast of San Andreas, right next to Braddock Pass on Mount Gordo.

It is essential to travel there at night, as the tree looks completely normal during the day. No one knows why it’s there, but many players suspect it’s a glitch because there are similar-looking bushes in the Grand Senora desert.

Secret Location 9: Frozen Alien

Finding this spot by accident can be quite startling, so only go there if you’re into slightly creepy pictures. Discovering this Easter egg requires straying from the Prologue mission path when you are in Ludendorff, North Yankton.

Just go under the train bridge and onto the ice, where you will easily locate a disturbing-looking alien forever frozen in the river.

Secret Location 10: ‘Lost’ Reference

Fans of the ‘Lost’ TV show will be more than delighted with this hidden location, revealing a straightforward reference to their favorite piece of pop culture. Sadly, you can’t interact with this easter egg as that may end in the playable character’s death. Fortunately, admiring it from a distance is perfectly satisfying.

How to find it? Swim off the east coast of the map and dive underwater until you see the secret hatch. Some players claim they heard strange sounds from the hatch that may be a Morse code message, but no one knows what it actually means.


Excited? It’s no surprise, as the world of Grand Theft Auto V is positively brimming with fascinating mysteries like UFOs, aliens, underwater secrets, and forgotten stories.

And this is just a tiny sample of everything it has to offer! If you’re feeling adventurous, check out these and other secret spots that may or may not prove useful during your missions. Some of these Easter eggs may not make sense, but at the end of the day, the point is to have fun with mysteries, right?