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The best game deals in the history of G2A’s Black Friday!

The best time to grab a good deal for games and hardware is coming. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, so it may be worth to take a look at where they even came from, why each day offers such good deals year after year, and, what deals you can grab during that time on the G2A.COM Marketplace.

Check out the best G2A deals on Black Month and Cyber Monday!

What is Black Friday?

From the modern perspective, Black Friday is a shopping craze making people wait in long queues and storm stores in search of the best possible deals largely involving all hardware, be it electronics or home goods. The deals are frequently really substantial, although it’s always a good idea to keep track of the actual price, not just the apparent discount value.

Where does the ‘Black Friday’ name come from?

There are several theories floating around regarding the origin of the name, but the most popular one, that’s caught on in the early 1980s speculates, that in late November, around Thanksgiving and before winter holidays shops would start turning in profit (marked in black ink in the ledgers) as opposed to operating at a loss (marked in red ink) the way they were supposed to do for most of the year. Effectively, this means that Black Friday is as much a holiday for buyers as it is for retailers.

Which countries participate in Black Friday?

Although BF is a decidedly a “holiday” of North American origin, ever since it’s caught on in the early noughties it has begun to slowly spread to the other parts of the world. Although it largely happened as publicity stunts or attempts to cash in on the trend, it seems that it’s here to stay.

The list of countries where Black Friday has taken root includes South Africa, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, and many more.

Of course, rarely does the craze match that common in the United States, but what is common is that there are many deals letting you buy that desired piece of hardware much cheaper, or in an interesting bundle you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

When does Black Friday start?

Black Friday comes on the fourth Friday of November, right after the U.S. Thanksgiving Day. In practice, many retailers may begin their sales earlier, even on Thanksgiving night to get ahead of the competition.

What can you buy cheap during Black Friday on G2A?

BF is a fantastic day if you’re a gamer in search for new gear or hardware. The prices on PCs and consoles drop to a level generally unseen at other times of the year, so it’s a great idea to shop for graphics cards, other components for your rigs, gaming accessories such as controllers, and if you’re often on the move: notebooks.

If you’re looking for new games to play, many marketplaces like G2A or stores have annual sales starting on Black Friday and continuing through to Cyber Monday, giving people plenty of time to grab a title they may have been hunting for a long time. Of course Black Friday deals aren’t limited to electronics and hardware at all. Clothing, toys, and many stores have their sales during that time.

Grand Theft Auto 5


The tale of three criminals has enraptured millions around the globe, and for a good reason. Rockstar’s famous attention to detail and panache in worldbuilding made GTA5 the most profitable individual entertainment product in the industry.

The twisting story of the family man Michael, the unstable Trevor, and a young man called Franklin—who’d rather get out of the criminal business—is fascinating and full of endearing and disturbing slice-of-life moments alongside exciting heists and numerous side activities scattered around the fictional city of Los Santos.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World black friday

Much like the other two games, Monster Hunter World is a title you will sink into for hundreds of hours, and love every moment of it, too. Design your own character using a powerful creator, decide what your cat-like Palico companion is going to look like, and take the fight to enormous monsters.

Every one them requires a different approach, and every weapon at your disposal behaves in a unique way. And there’s no move-cancelling, once you commit to a move, you have to complete it. Between special timed events, numerous assignments, robust crafting system, and testing out new weapons, you’re going to have enough things to do to never really get bored. And then there are the awe-inspiring monsters themselves. It’s a pure delight.

More deals are waiting for you on the G2A Marketplace during Black Friday!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for PS4


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What is Cyber Monday

Where Black Friday is largely focused on the brick-and-mortar, Cyber Monday is marketed as the perfect day to shop online. Typically the online segments of many retailers, as well as online-only stores feature very attractive discounts for their wares, which often extend to the shipping costs as well. During that time online sales typically grow by a significant percentage. In 2017 in the United States there was a whopping 26% growth, for instance.

Who created Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday was devised by marketing companies, probably to boost online shopping’s popularity by riding on Black Friday’s popularity. It came to be in 2005, on November 28, and started catching on since then.

Which countries participate in Cyber Monday?

Although, just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is an event established in the United States, it has gained a moderate following around the world as well. The list of countries includes Finland, South Korea, Bulgaria and Argentina, and many more which have already joined, or are likely to join the event in the future.

If recognition of Cyber Monday is not widespread in your country, individual stores may still have their own edition going on.

When does Cyber Monday start?

Cyber Monday happens on the first Monday after the Thanksgiving Day.

What can you buy during Cyber Monday?

Given that on Cyber Monday online stores are going all out with their sales, you could buy virtually anything available in general distribution, as long as you make the purchase over the Internet. That includes hardware, accessories, clothing, software, and many other types of products.

Given the popularity of digital distribution of CD-Keys, Cyber Monday is also a great time to buy video games for your chosen platform.

What deals are waiting for you on the G2A Marketplace during Cyber Monday?

Of course, hardware, clothing, or home goods aren’t the only things to get on this joyous time. We’re all about video games, and barring the seasonal sales on various digital storefronts, the few days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to get yourself a new title to play.

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Whether you’re gaming on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, during this time you can find physical editions of a stunning number of games. If you’re a-OK with digital game distribution, you can get even more titles, and even better deals.

Although there’s no telling how much the games will cost on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re likely to see discounts of even up to 75% for some titles.
Get your GotYs, DLC and expansions at prices you’re comfortable with and without straining your budget.