Looking for some cool games that won’t ruin your budget? Check out our recommendations for games you can get under a dollar.

A good game doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Smaller indie games tend to be much cheaper in general and they can still be incredibly fun to play.

On top of that, old mainstream and AAA games can be often found on sales once the initial hype is gone. As long as you’re fine with playing games released a while ago, you can save a lot of money.

Luckily for you, our marketplace is where you can find a lot of such discounted titles. In fact, there are over 600 games on G2A.COM you can get for as little as 1 dollar each.

To make things easier for you, today we’ve chosen some of the best games that you can get for no more than one dollar each. However, keep in mind that prices change often, so don’t forget to double-check the current pricing on your favorite titles; the games listed below were under $1 at the time of writing this article.

Games You Can Get For Less Than $1
Fallout 76 2018-11-14 Action RPG Bethesda Game Studios
Bravery And Greed 2022-11-15 Roguelite Rekka Games
Citizen Sleeper 2022-05-05 Indie Jump Over the Age
Black Skylands 2021-07-09 Simulation Hungry Couch Games
Loddlenaut 2023-11-16 Relaxing Moon Lagoon
Fashion Police Squad 2022-08-15 Action Mopeful Games
King Of The Castle 2023-03-02 Strategy Tributary Games
Children Of Silentown 2023-01-11 Point & Click Luna2 Studio
Oaken 2022-05-03 Turn-Based Tactics Laki Studio
Postal 2 Paradise Lost 2015-04-14 Adventure Running With Scissors
Terraformers 2022-04-21 Strategy Asteroid Lab
Tomb Raider Goty Edition 2013-03-04 Adventure Crystal Dynamics
Banners Of Ruin 2020-07-30 Deck builder MonteBearo

Fallout 76

Release date:2018-11-14
Genre:Action RPG
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

First on the list of almost free games is a title from the widely popular post-apocalyptic franchise, Fallout.

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game, although there’s nothing stopping you from playing solo in your own world and ignoring interactions with other people if that’s what you prefer. You’ll have to stay online at all times, though. The game had a rough start, but since its initial release, it went through a variety of updates and patches, making it quite an enjoyable post-nuclear apocalyptic FPS experience. Gameplay-wise, you can expect a lot of exploration, character progression, and solid action that involves eliminating all kinds of mutated creatures, on top of ever-growing seasonal content.

Key features
  • A good selection of weapons to choose from and utilize during play
  • Retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic setting
  • Huge, immersive open-world environment that can be explored freely
  • Seasonal content with constant updates

Amanda the Adventurer

Release date:2023-04-25
Developer:Mangledmaw Games

Not a particularly long game, but can be entertaining, especially when you consider its low price.

Join Amanda, a character from a series of educational TV programs for children, and her sheep friend Wooly, as they take you through several short, increasingly disturbing shows. Solve puzzles and use hints from the shows to find new VHS tapes containing the next episode and dive deeper into Amanda’s world. Is she real? What secrets lie beneath the colorful illusion? It will be up to you to reveal hidden mysteries.

Key features
  • A simple horror game that revolves around solving puzzles
  • A story told through VHS tapes with old-school CGI animations
  • Unsettling atmosphere
  • Rather short, but perfect for a spooky evening or two


Release date:2022-09-20
Developer:Reply Game Studio

For some fast-paced action with lots of sword slashing and flashy combos, you should pick this one.

Soulstice is a surprisingly addictive hack and slash in 3D that provides a satisfactory level of challenge and rewards skilled players for their quick reflexes. There’s quite a lot to learn and discover in terms of gameplay mechanics, and that’s a good thing. Add to that some customizability options, character progression, and incredible combat system and you get a title you wouldn’t want to miss. The way the camera works in this game can take some time to get used to, but once you get past that one inconvenience, you’ll find the overall experience quite enjoyable, especially when the beat drops.

Key features
  • Fast-paced gameplay focused on combat and quick moves
  • Character progression with unlockable skills
  • A scoring system that encourages replaying the levels for a better score
  • A good selection of high-tempo electronic music during fights and boss encounters

Fashion Police Squad

Release date:2022-08-15
Developer:Mopeful Games

Here’s a hilarious but less popular take on the classic Doom, if you’ve ever looked for one.

Filled to the brim with silly memes and real-world references, Fashion Police Squad declares war on those with no taste. Fight against fashion crime and use your attire-altering weapons to bring back drip to the town. Turn hordes of boring, rizzless people into fabulous citizens and show them the way of fashion. Gameplay-wise, you can expect an old-school first-person shooter that combines retro pixelated Doom aesthetics with modern 3D environment models.

Key features
  • Fast-paced dynamic FPS action
  • Visual style that combines pixelated retro graphics with more modern elements
  • Lots of humorous dialogues and references
  • Light-hearted atmosphere


Release date:2023-08-23

Finally, a video game that may remind you of good old Quake or Unreal Tournament.

One more FPS on the list, but a worthy one, especially at that price. Fast shooter action combined with parkour elements, such as long-distance jumps and wallrunning result in an exciting sense of freedom of movement during play. Admire cyberpunk surroundings, utilize the slow-motion system to perform clean executions with unrivaled precision, and make things go boom with your arsenal of deadly weapons. Get through the hordes of enemies and fight for survival against all odds.

Key features
  • Fast-paced action focused on shooting and parkour
  • Futuristic, cyberpunk setting
  • Responsive controls, satisfying gunplay, and bullet time
  • A wide selection of fast electronic music to further enhance the experience


There’s a lot of fun to be had in games you can get at ridiculously low prices, thanks to various sales and discounts that are happening all the time throughout the whole year. For as low as $1 you can get some underrated gems, but also some old bestsellers. If you’re looking for some less-popular indie games to try or you missed certain mainstream games released years ago, now it could be a perfect time to give them a go.