The phenomenon of Minecraft took the world by surprise, astounding even the most seasoned observers of the industry. Who knew that a game with very basic gameplay and graphics which could only be described as mediocre would take the gaming world by storm.

Nowadays, Minecraft is one of the most often played games. What comes with it is a player base who would try and make the “vanilla” Minecraft experience a little juicier. Hence the game’s robust mod community, who introduce tweaks to almost every aspect of the gameplay. Let’s take look at some of these modifications, shall we?

Neat and tidy

Let’s be honest here, Minecraft isn’t the most beautiful game ever made. The blocky characters and pixelated environments have their charm, but they could stand a little upgrade. This is where the interface mods come in handy. The first one on the list for players who want to beautify their experience is Optifine – dedicated to the players with solid hardware. This mod upgrades the game’s textures to HD quality, making the stocky surroundings a little more realistic and generally more pleasant to the eye.

Another interface mod will be a perfect solution for all the explorers of the Minecraft world. Journeymap registers the, allowing the player to set waypoints, warn against approaching mobs, etc. The map can be viewed in fullscreen or, more comfortably, as a minimap.

Last but not the least of interface mods is the inventory tweak, for the players who like to keep their things neat and tidy. The mod automatically replaces items and tools, allows easy sorting through the inventory with a single click or press of a key, and lets the player customize the organization of their inventory to suit their needs.

Imagination set free

Have the creative options offered by the vanilla version of Minecraft disappointed your artistic sensibilities? Worry no longer, for that’s what the mods are for. With creative mods, you can let loose the artist within you and build worlds exactly as you like them. Let’s start with Chisel 2, a mod that adds 23 new cobblestone patterns to the already existing selection of one. This mod adds new textures to a large number of blocks and works with other modifications as well, allowing the player to choose the décor design they like the most.

Another neat tweak is Carpenter’s blocks mod. Instead of old and boring cubes, why not use slopes. This mod provides them alongside beds, doors, buttons, torches, etc. – all the things you need to make your in-game house feel like a home.

Decorcraft works similarly to Carpenter’s blocks, adding new craftable items to the player’s construction. Outfit your abode with chairs, tables, lamps and other useful items, as well as maybe not so useful stuffed toys, bowls, bottles, and even a beer keg. Nothing’s stopping you from turning your castle into a real party palace.

Explorer’s paradise

We’ve already mentioned one mod that will please the virtual cartographers of the Minecraft world. But if you think that’s the only one of the exploration tweaks, well, you’re wrong. Minecraft mod community created a whole array of upgrades for potential travelers, such as Biomes O’Plenty. This mod adds a staggering number of 80 biomes and 12 sub-biomes to the game. These include the mountain ranges of the Alps, desolate wastelands, seas and oceans and many more. The mode comes with new tools, food items and armor, as well as new blocks and colors the player can use in building.

But what are biomes without life to fill them with. Luckily for the players, the Lotsomobs mod solves that problem. It adds 25 new mobs to populate the biomes created by the player, to make them livelier and more realistic. Invite giraffes, elephants, zebras, narwhals, seagulls and even dinosaurs to the world you created and see them flourish as the part of the Circle of Life of your own design.

World of possibilities

With the select few mods described here,’ we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all that the mod community of Minecraft has to offer. These mods are in our opinion the best – not only do they make the game look better and play smoother, but also add much-needed variety to the experience. Try them out and you won’t be disappointed. The possibilities in the world of Minecraft are endless, limited only by the players’ imagination and the modders’ creativity.