Let’s be real here for a second – Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is the best action-RPG game of this generation, if not ever. Don’t even try to argue.

Witcher 3 rules on almost all imaginable fields, starting with a ginormous world filled with content, through gameplay mechanics that blow the competition out of the water and ending with graphics that at the time of release put to shame many an AAA title. But we’re not here today to talk about how good Witcher is.

We’re here to talk about how to make it better. With mods, of course! After four years since the release, Witcher 3 has gathered quite a stable of different modifications that can turn your gameplay experience on its head. So sit comfortably, pour yourself some ale and check out the best mods for the last installment of the Witcher trilogy.

White Wolf Rises

Like in many cases of budding game franchises, the beginnings of the Witcher game trilogy were pretty humble. First Witcher, developed by CD Projekt RED, was met with mixed reception, for which to blame are mostly poor graphics and wooden gameplay. But the developers did not rest until the bad taste of Witcher was all but a memory. And so it was when the sequel, Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was published. It was a massive improvement over the predecessor, with complex crafting mechanics, engaging combat gameplay and captivating story. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt only sealed the deal, placing the series that could not have a rougher start on the top spots of best video game rankings.

The success of the Witcher video games put the saga back on the map. The success of the CD Projekt RED’s trilogy was so huge, that Netflix bought the rights for it to make a TV series, which will star Henry Cavill as Geralt. Within a decade and thanks to three increasingly good games, Witcher went from fantasy series remembered only by the attendees of fantasy conventions to a global phenomenon on the level of Game of Thrones and has become the trademark of Polish entertainment export.

Wild Hunt bursts with content

What is so special about Witcher 3 that puts it ahead of many other games in the genre are certainly the open world environment and combat gameplay. The Continent, where the action of the game takes place, is massive. Divided into six regions, the player can spend hours just traveling around the plains around White Orchard, stone tunnels of Kaer Morhen valley, or bustling streets of Novigrad. Each of the regions in the Wild Hunt is filled with a ridiculous amount of activities. Players can rest at an inn, take on side-quests and participate in several mini-games, such as horse races and Gwent card game.

Combat in Witcher 3 falls between two aspects, melee, and magic. Players have at their disposal two kinds of swords, each of them works best against different types of enemies. They can also use a crossbow to take down long range targets. Where Witcher 3’s combat mechanics really shines though is magic. Using alchemy, Geralt can craft different spells and elixirs, which he can later use throughout the battle.

Best Witcher III mods

ModShort Description
Winter is Coming Many people compare the game to Skyrim or its world to that of Game of Thrones. With this mod, all the fans of the mentioned series can enjoy a land of always winter in Witcher III.
Deserts of NovigradDo you remember traveling with Avallac’h trough different worlds and visiting the Ddiddiwedht Desert full of sandcrabs? This mod changes the Witcher III world into one big desert.
Enhancement SystemA gameplay mechanic overhaul that enables using NPC’s weapons and many previously locked ones, adds many new items and animations, modifies vendors and overall adds more depth and functionality.
Ultra Gore 2Even though the game is quite realistically bloody, some people just want more. This mod makes the Witcher III a gore fest full of bloody decapitated bodies.
Fast Travel from AnywhereA very useful mod for all those that are sick of riding on Roach everywhere or looking for fast travel points. With this, you can fast-travel from anywhere you want to.
All Quests Objectives on MapThe Witcher III world is a vast and rich land full of interesting people and places. This mod is destined for those ambitious players, that want to do EVERY quest in the game.
Door UnlockerMost Witcher III mods tend to upgrade the experience of playing the game or tweak it into a new direction, but this one is simply about the convenience of having any door opened at will.
Hood and cape toggleA small but quite nice mod that makes Geralt look even more like a witcher from the books. Caped witcher fits perfectly into this dark and gloomy world full of monsters.

Mod the world

winter is coming got mod witcher3
Winter is coming (source: Nexus Mods)

Witcher 3’s modding community is perhaps one of the most robust in the entire industry. On Nexusmods, there are more than 2.5 thousand gameplay and visuals modifications for players to implement in their game. These include small changes and bug fixes but also total overhauls that change the experience completely.

For example, the “Winter is Coming” mod for the Skellige region turns the mountainous area into snow-covered tundra, very similar to frozen North in one popular HBO series.

Deserts of Novigrad” mod turns the world of a game into the sandy wasteland of Arrakis, the planet featured in Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series.

Enhancement System” mod is an excellent tool for those who want to play with the best toys in the game. Weapons of NPCs become available, and new schematics and upgrades can be purchased.

Next-gen graphics

Deserts of novigrad (source: Nexus Mods)

Witcher 3 is already a very beautiful game but why not make it even prettier? With mods, you can turn up the crank on the visuals up to 11 to enjoy crisp graphics, realistic lighting and others.

Many the mods offer significant tweaks to the character models nullifying some “interesting” effects, for example on Geralt’s hair. Other change the weather conditions of the game, adding more variety to the experience.

For players who pay close attention to even the smallest details, there are mods that enhance the rocks and even pebbles littering the ground and improve the lip movement.

Nitpickers lamenting the fact that their favorite character does not look exactly like their book counterpart will rejoice at the model overhaul mods, which tweak the appearance of Geralt and various NPCs.

ultra gore 2 witcher 3
Ultra Gore mod (source: Nexus Mods)

Geralt’s fighting skills are unparalleled in the Witcher series and combat mechanics were one of the Wild Hunt’s main selling points. However, with mods, you can add some more flair to encounters, for example by adding mandatory dismemberment to the Witcher’s arsenal.

With “Ultra Gore 2” mod, every limb that can be separated will surely part with its owner. Players can also use mods to improve parrying, enhance combat animations and activate slow motion when a certain level of adrenaline is reached.

Finger on the map

There are three ways to get around in Witcher 3. For those who want to enjoy the scenery of the six in-game regions, there is traveling on foot and on horseback, riding Geralt’s trusted steed Roach. For those who want to get from point A to Point B as fast as possible, there’s fast travel, available at signposts located around the map. With “Fast Travel from Anywhere” mod, players can bypass seeking outposts and teleport from any point in the world. Another useful mod involving the map is “All Quests Objectives on Map” which permanently displays all icons for better orientation.

But wait, there’s more

Mods for Witcher 3 also cover other gameplay aspects, which can be helpful in making the gameplay less annoying/more fun/generally better. One of them is “Door Unlocker”. As the name suggests, this mod opens all the doors, even those that require specific keys. A useful option for impatient or not keen on completing long side-quests for just one item. Another, purely aesthetical mod, is “Hood and cape toggle”, which adds a very badass looking cape on our protagonist. Slay monsters in style or not at all, am I right?

Have fun!

Mods are an integral part of many computer games. They can be purely visual or completely overhaul the gameplay. Witcher 3 is no exception and the game’s modding community offers some of the very best tweaks. Change maps into deserts or frozen wastelands, decapitate monsters with a flick of the sword, give Geralt and others fancy new look, or improve the game’s performance – mods offer that and much more.