Console titles provide a whole new level of fun from the comfort of your couch, but there’s nothing better than playing top sports games on PS5!

Thanks to PS5 exclusive features (DualSense Controller), players can feel as if they really are participating in the most exciting sports tournaments.

Whether you’re into niche sports games, skating, or golf, PlayStation 5 lets you enjoy all types of competitions – single and multiplayer. Check out our recommendations if you are seeking sports emotions!

FIFA Series

Release date:2023-09-29
Developer:EA Romania

This most popular sports simulation in gaming history launched in 1993 to sell hundreds of millions of copies as an entire franchise. If you are a soccer fan, don’t hesitate any longer!

Why is the FIFA series by Electronic Arts so popular? Since its release, it has provided a highly accessible entry point, even for players unfamiliar with soccer rules. Featuring natural player animations, realistic stadium settings, and various gameplay modes, it is a must-play for anyone looking for a high-level sports experience.

Key features
  • Choose from over 30 titles in the series
  • Enjoy life-like matches with naturally behaving players
  • Choose from multiple addictive game modes
  • Play solo or in a multiplayer

NBA 2K Series

Release date:2021-09-10
Developer:Visual Concepts

It is a unique mix of simulation and strategy in which you will control your favorite players and teams under the NBA license. And thanks to motion controllers and the ability to display graphics in 3D, the entire experience becomes even more immersive!

Manage one of the existing teams, create your own squad, or climb the career ladder in single and multiplayer competition. NBA 2K Series features a wide selection of game modes and basketball stars from the current NBA season. In this game, you decide how to play and what moments from your favorite players’ past you want to experience. It is a dream come true for every basketball enthusiast!

Key features
  • Play the most realistic basketball simulator
  • Create a playable character and climb the ladder of your sports career
  • Manage the entire team under an NBA license
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Madden NFL Series

Release date:2021-08-20
Developer:EA Tiburon

It’s time for a little something for American football fans! Play this game if you are looking for the most realistic experience.

Prepare for authentic stadium environments, detailed player movements, and natural ball physics in one of the oldest sports series ever made. Choose from various single and multiplayer modes to compete against official National Football League teams and join a dedicated fan base of players. Each installation in this series evolves already proven solutions!

Key features
  • Play the legendary sports game series
  • Manage real players and teams under an NFL license
  • Prepare the proper strategy for each match
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

MLB The Show 23

Release date:2023-03-28
Developer:SIE San Diego Studio

This spectacular baseball simulator offers what we’re all looking for – the perfect balance between recognizing baseball’s history and embracing its promising future!

Control the entire team, a chosen player, or squad manager to dive right into a vast selection of action-fueled game modes. Pick your preferred difficulty level, choose from real players licensed by Major League Baseball, experience realistic stadium environments, and customize the gameplay however you desire – solo or multiplayer!

Key features
  • Enjoy the best baseball simulation
  • Manage the entire team or one player
  • Customize your gameplay for the most satisfying experience
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 2

Release date:2020-09-04
Developer:Vicarious Visions

It is a refreshed set of the first two games in the legendary series of skateboard simulators. Play it to relive your favorite gameplay in an enhanced version on PS5!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 2 brings familiar skaters and skate parks from 1999 and 2000, enhanced with new gameplay objectives and absolutely phenomenal graphics. Complete missions, earn money, and unlock new opportunities in many exciting solo and multiplayer modes.

Key features
  • Play a refreshed version of the iconic skating games
  • See new features within familiar gameplay
  • Enjoy enhanced graphics on PS5
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

F1 22

Release date:2022-07-01

Developed under the official Formula One World Championship Limited license, the F1 series is all about epic racing simulation!

F1 games allow you to play as a Formula 1 driver for action-fueled competition in a single race, career mode, or an entire full season. Train your skills, enjoy realistic driving on the best tracks, and complete exciting challenges solo or against other players.

Key features
  • Play a licensed Formula 1 simulator
  • Practice your skills and choose from multiple game modes
  • Customize the gameplay to your needs
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

PGA Tour 2K

Release date:2020-08-21
Developer:HB Studios

It is a realistic golf simulator featuring highly varied gameplay modes in the exciting PGA Tour!

Design a playable character or pick from legendary golf stars to play in career mode or several multiplayer styles. Climb the ladder of your sports career or manage your own course to arrange tournaments for other players. This game perfectly balances the relaxing and exciting nature of golf!

Key features
  • Enjoy fun gameplay modes in this realistic golf simulator
  • Develop a career or lose yourself in individual tournaments
  • Design or select a playable player to compete with golf stars
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

No matter which sport you prefer, these PS5 games are sure to meet your expectations. Thanks to diverse gameplay modes, realistic visuals, official licenses, and natural physics, each mentioned sports series provides truly memorable moments. There is no better choice if you are a dedicated digital sports enthusiast!