As far as depicting World War 2 goes, there’s probably no better option than first-person shooter games: their interactivity allows the player to feel like a soldier on the battlefield, and the first-person perspective enhances the realism of the fight. The sense of being surrounded by enemies with your squad close by while you try to get through a ruined city and complete the mission is something even movies can’t really capture.

Over the years there have been many WW2 games, some better and some worse. Our list will present the best and most interesting of them, which not only treated the subject matter with respect but also gave a player a chance to feel like a real soldier on the European and Pacific front, thanks to excellent gameplay mechanics. We’ve also added some alternate history entires, for variety’s sake.

Load up on ammo and check in with your commanding officer, it’s time to send Nazis to Hell in our list of…

Hell Let Loose


Hell Let Loose goes for the throat right away: its focus are big 50 vs 50 PvP battles, with USA and Germany as the two sides of the conflict.

It’s not a team free-for-all, however – you are put in a squad and expected to work together to accomplish objectives. Riflemen go in squads of six, armored squads go in threes, and then there are recomultiplayern duos.

On top of that, units are led by officers, whose core duty is coordinating with other squad leaders over a dedicated voice channel. There’s also a Commander player, who is in charge of the big picture, including tank deployment, air strikes, and more. If you’d love to feel like a vital part of a grander effort, then you should check Hell Let Loose, it might just be the thing for you.

Key features
  • Squad-based multiplayer
  • Build around combined arms warfare
  • 50 vs 50 PvP
  • Several huge maps faithfully modelled after real WW2 battlefields

Day of Infamy

Developer:New World Interactive

Day of Infamy goes for realism on a level that might attract especially die-hard enthusiasts of the period.

There are very few things between you and war: no crosshair to help you, no health bar, because a single shot can kill you, and don’t go in expecting a kill-feed either. While it’s not an Arma-level simulation, you can rely only on your senses and you team-mates.

Objectives ahead of you include classics such as capturing a position and sabotage, but can also involve VIP elimination. The maps are based on conflicts in the European front between 1940-1945, while the arsenal features more than 60 authentic weapons available to over 30 playable units divided between the various historical divisions you can play as.

Key features
  • Steam Workshop support with plenty of mods to pick from
  • No immersion-breaking HUD
  • Teamwork-oriented
  • Authentic equipment and factions

Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire

Developer:Illusion Softworks

Sometimes relying on classics is the way to go, and Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage under Fire is not the last example of that on this list.

Released in 2003, H&D2 offers a substantial single-player campaign which you can clear both on your own, or as a team-leader if you’d fancy some NPC aid. There’s also a good dose of strategic planning via a handy map.

There also used to be a multiplayer mode, which could handle up to 100 players at once, but that got cut short when GameSpy servers were closed, but there are ongoing fan efforts to keep multiplayer alive. The Courage Under Fire edition includes the Sabre Squadron expansion, introducing new missions, weapons, and mechanics, substantially expanding the base offering.

Key features
  • Lengthy campaign about SAS operations during World War II
  • Diverse mission objectives
  • A great Sabre Squadron expansion included in the Courage Under Fire edition
  • Over 20 missions all over the world

Post Scriptum

Developer:Periscope Games

Another team-based, realism-oriented World War II first-person shooter on the list, in case the specifics of Hell Let Loose didn’t appeal to you.

Post Scriptum also features large battles (up to 80 players), squad-play and commander-driven strategic gameplay, and a lot of armored vehicles to use in case joining the infantry isn’t your first choice.

Post Scriptum takes players to Operation Market Garden, Plan Jaune, and Operation Overlord, letting them fight over large maps. There are also several player factions to choose from, an authentic arsenal, and built-in voice chat to keep communication healthy between squadmates and officers. Post Scriptum also adds some fortification-building for fans of logistics.

Key features
  • Strong emphasis put on coordinated effort between squads
  • Large battles for up to 80 players
  • Based on three major WW2 operations
  • Over a dozen huge, faithfully recreated maps

Call of Duty 2

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Infinity Ward

Another classic on the list, Call of Duty 2 was an all-around improvement on everything that made the original a hit.

The game offers three stand-alone campaigns with several playable characters you get to rmbody across almost thirty missions. There’s also multiplayer, of course, for up to 64 players with the classic modes like Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch.

Although CoD2 is almost 20 years old now and lacks the glitz and glamour provided by modern graphics it’s still a fantastic World War 2 shooter with great level design, solid enemy AI, and immersive audio. If you’d like to relive your gaming memories from 2005 or see where the Call of Duty series came from, there’s no better starting point than CoD2.

Key features
  • Multiplayer for up to 64 people
  • Three single-player campaigns
  • Great multiplayer
  • One of the best WW2 FPS games, even years later

Day of Defeat

Genre:Action & Shooter

DoD started its life as a mod to Half-Life 2, similarly to Valve’s other multiplayer title, CS: GO.

The gameplay mechanics are also similar – the player chooses to fight on the side of the Allies or the Axis, selecting one of several classes available for each faction. The battles are most often waged in narrow maps, forcing the players to cooperate in order to complete their objectives.

The gameplay emphasizes realism, forcing the player to abandon some of their usual multiplayer habits. For example, the stamina bar indicates for how long the player can run, and recovering takes some time. Moreover, the player cannot shoot while running and jumping. DoD boasts faithful representation of WWII weaponry, including such details as the force of the recoil, and accuracy.

Key features
  • Mutiplayer FPS in a World War 2 setting
  • Realistic gameplay mechanics, including faithfully recreated weapon behavior
  • Map design emphasizing cooperation between players
  • Also available as Day of Defeat: Source

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Tripwire Interactive

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is another multiplayer game on our list that emphasizes a realistic approach.

While in Day of Defeat, realism was limited to weapon presentation and behavior, as well as some mobility mechanics, in HoS, almost every aspect of the game is given the realistic polish, making it an engaging but also challenging title.

The first thing the player will notice is the lack of any indicators: health bar, ammo count, or even crosshair. What’s more, health doesn’t regenerate, and the player is only allowed to bandage wounds to stop the blood loss. HoS cover system is also tricky – specific covers can be destroyed or be too small to cover the player’s body. All this requires the player to make quick, on-the-fly decisions.

Key features
  • Highly realistic WW2 shooter
  • Fight on the side of Axis or Allies in a variety of multiplayer modes
  • Experience the frenzy of the battlefield, where one wrong call decides life or death
  • Destructible environment

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Spark Unlimited

According to the version of the history presented in TP: FoL, in 1931, Winston Churchill died in an accident in New York City, causing a butterfly effect that led to complete victory of the Axis over the Allies.

The game picks up years after Nazi’s triumph, in 1953. Having taken over Europe, Asia, and a larger part of Africa, Germany attacks the United States, forcing the government to surrender. Dan Carson, a construction worker from NYC, joins the resistance waging guerilla warfare against the occupant.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty includes both single- and multiplayer modes. While the game takes place after the war, it features many “updated” versions of WWII guns, including some that used to be experimental at the time of war. The singleplayer campaign relies on stealth a lot, with an option to quietly assassinate enemies as long as they haven’t noticed you yet.

Key features
  • Experience alternat version of WW2 history
  • Join the resistance as Dan Carson and fight against Nazi occupants
  • Enjoy FPS and stealth mechanics in single player campaign and multiplayer
  • New versions of familiar WWII weapons

Enemy Front

Developer:CI Games

In EF, the player controls Robert Hawkins, a US war correspondent, who joins up with various resistance movements in Nazi-occupied Europe, documenting the atrocities committed against the population, and fighting alongside the resistance.

The game’s setting takes the player to places rarely visited in WW2 games, including the occupied Poland, where Hawkins will witness the events of Warsaw Uprising.

Enemy Front’s gameplay mechanics combine the fast-paced FPS action with stealth and elements of tactics. You’ll be able to use a variety of WW2-era weapons, including pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, grenades, and more. The game allows the player to use the environment to their advantage, setting up ambushes on unsuspecting patrols. Enemy Front features a multiplayer mode, where up to 12 participants can fight in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch modes, and other modes.

Key features
  • Join resistance movements scattered across occupied Europe
  • Fight in battles previously untouched by WW2 games, such as Warsaw Uprising
  • Take on other players in multiplayer
  • Sniper rifles will save your skin more often than you’d think

Dino D-Day

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:800 North and Digital Ranch

A less serious take on the events of World War 2, featuring prehistoric reptiles fighting on the front. Using dark arts, Adolf Hitler managed to bring back the dinosaurs and use them as weapons in his armies.

To stand a chance against such a threat, the Allies deployed the extinct reptiles of their own, sending them to battle the Nazis on the fronts of World War 2.

While the story of Dino D-Day doesn’t take itself very seriously, its multiplayer gameplay is more concrete. The player chooses to fight either on the side of the Allies or the Axis. Each side of the conflict has both human and dinosaur units, including species like Velociraptor, Protoceratops, and even the mighty T-Rex. The game features several modes, including typical deathmatches, a variation of capture-the-flag mode, and escort missions.

Key features
  • Enter the World War 2 theater where dinosaurs fight alongside humans
  • Choose your side of the conflict, and lead your reptilian troops to victory
  • Fight in various multiplayer modes
  • Easily the least serious game on the list

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Gearbox Software

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway combines fast-paced action with excellent tactical gameplay, retelling the events of the Operation Market Garden, which could’ve turned the tide of the war.

In Hell’s Highway, the player once again takes control of Sergeant Matt Baker, as he and his squad make their way through occupied Europe. The game’s storyline is based around the events of Operation Market Garden, an Allied attempt at securing the other bank of the river Rhine.

The gameplay mechanics of BiA: HH remain similar to the previous installments of the series: as Baker, you can command the squad to take action. There are three types of teams, and each has different actions available to them: suppressing the enemy with fire, flanking, and using special weapons like bazookas and mortars. The game features several difficulty levels, with the hardest (Authentic, in which the HUD and crosshair are removed) available upon the completion of the campaign.

Key features
  • Take the fight into the heart of the Third Reich in Operation Market Garden
  • Lead your squad through battlefields and command them in combat
  • Choose the best approach to the changing battle situation using three team variations
  • Cinematic storytelling

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:EA Los Angeles

In MoH:A, you are put in the shoes of a member of the US 82nd Airborne Division, Boyd Travers.

Along with other members of 82nd, Travers takes part in crucial paratrooper missions of World War 2, including Operation Market Garden and Operation Varsity. Due to the paratrooper missions being the central theme of the game, Airborne gave the player a lot of freedom in deployment.

After jumping out of the plane, you can choose their landing zone, designated with flares. From there, you can start completing the mission objectives in any order you want to. A multiplayer mode is also available. It features only one mode in which the players divided into teams of Axis and Allies, fight on a scaled-down map from the campaign mode.

Key features
  • Take part in the most important airborne operations of WW2
  • Choose your landing zone and carry out non-linear mission objectives
  • Try out the game’s parachute-jumping mechanics in the multiplayer mode
  • Weapons can get upgraded through usage

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Developer:Gray Matter Interactive

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is set in 1943. The player controls B.J. Blazkowicz, a US Army Ranger and an agent of the Office of Secret Actions.

The OSA believes that the Germans want to turn the tide of the war in their favor using advanced science and occult practices. Blazkowicz is sent on several missions to investigate these reports and stop the Nazis from gaining the upper hand.

The game’s  based around completing mission objectives and fighting enemy forces, both human and paranormal. You have at your disposal a variety of weapons, ranging from period-accurate pistols, sub-machine guns, and rifles, to experimental heavy machine guns and tesla coil guns. Return to Castle Wolfenstein features a multiplayer mode, in which the players are split into two teams and must fulfill specific mission objectives.

Key features
  • Return of the classic first-person shooter series
  • As B.J. Blazkowicz, slay the Nazi armies and hordes of undead
  • Enter the multiplayer mode and work with other players to complete mission objectives
  • Plenty of weapons, both historical and experimental

Battlefield V

Developer:EA Digital Illusions CE

Like Battlefield 1, BFV features a series of short story campaigns, told from the points of view of different participants of World War 2.

These campaigns take the players to various settings, including the Norwegian snowscapes, North African desert, and the fields of France, among others. These single-player episodes are brief and may serve as a nice appetizer before the main course – the multiplayer mode.

BF5 World War 2

The multiplayer in BF V focuses on a realistic approach to battle, discarding many distracting elements. The ones that remain are the character and weapon customization options, which allow the player to add personal touches to their in-game avatar and their equipment. There are two key multiplayer modes: a battle royale-like Firestorm, featuring the most extensive map in the series’ history, and Grand Operations, in which multiplayer battles are fought in stages.

Key features
  • Battlefield series returns to its World War 2 roots
  • Fight in the classic multiplayer modes as well as new ones: Firestorm and Grand Operations
  • Experience the War Stories, a single-player antology-campaign
  • Looks truly spectacular

Call of Duty: WWII

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Sledgehammer Games

CoD: WWII takes place during Operation Overlord, which began with the Allied forces’ invasion of Normandy.

The game’s story campaign features the characters of Ronald “Red” Daniels and his squad from the 1st Infantry Division, who participate in the D-Day landings. The campaign takes the player through various battles, including those fought during Operation Cobra, and the Battle of the Bulge.

Gameplay-wise, CoD: WWII remains mostly unchanged in comparison to the most recent installments of the series. The changes include the return of health packs, absent since CoD2 The Big Red One, and the player’s squadmates now providing them with ammunition, health, and other means of support. In multiplayer, players can choose from several character classes and participate in battle royale-like modes. Each Division has several weapon expansions, specific to the playstyle it represents.

Key features
  • CoD returns to its familiar World War 2 setting
  • Experience the gripping storyline
  • Enjoy the multiplayer and Nazi Zombie mode
  • Tense multiplayer matches

World War 2-based FPS games is a sub-genre is so expansive that making a comprehensive list of all of them would take way too much space. Our list presents what we think are the best WW2 FPS titles, featuring popular franchises and less-known games. Thanks to these titles, you will be able to feel like you’re taking a part in the conflict which changed the course of history.