The Monster Hunter franchise is renowned for its epic battles with gigantic creatures that push players to their limits.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Monster Hunter and explore the five largest monsters in the game, examining their unique characteristics and abilities. We’ll also discuss what factors contribute to a monster’s dimension, and provide an overview of the size classes of monsters in the series.

What Makes a Monster Big?

In the Monster Hunter series, a monster’s size is determined by several factors, such as body length, height, wingspan, mass, and limb proportions. These criteria play a crucial role in assessing the challenge that each creature poses, as well as influencing their gameplay mechanics and how they interact with players during battles.

The overall dimensions, mass, and shape of a monster can affect its range of motion, attack reach, susceptibility to specific attacks, physical strength, and resistance to damage. By considering these factors, players can better understand the challenges and strategies required to face the diverse array of monsters in the game, providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that the franchise is known for.

Monsters are categorized into various size classes based on their dimensions and characteristics, ranging from small to colossal. Small-sized monsters, such as Jagras or Kelbi, typically pose a minimal threat and are relatively easy to hunt. Larger monsters, like Rathalos or Tigrex, present greater challenges and often require players to employ advanced tactics.

The most massive creatures, such as Lao-Shan Lung or Zorah Magdaros, are often the focus of epic battles and special events within the game. These colossal monsters demand a high level of teamwork and coordination among players and are designed to test their hunting prowess.

Lao-Shan Lung

Size:228.34 Feet

Lao-Shan Lung is an immense, elder dragon that truly stands out due to its unique characteristics and abilities. This colossal beast is covered in thick, rocky scales that provide it with impressive defence against various forms of attack.

It moves at a slow pace but compensates with devastating power in its attacks. Lao-Shan Lung primarily uses its massive size to its advantage, employing powerful stomps, tail swipes, and body slams to crush any hunters in its path.

In addition, it can unleash a mighty roar that causes considerable damage to nearby opponents. Faced with this titanic foe, hunters must employ clever strategies and teamwork to emerge victorious.

Jhen Mohran, Dahren Mohran

Size:366.20, 375.54 Feet

Jhen Mohran and Dah’ren Mohran are two gargantuan, sand-dwelling elder dragons that are both awe-inspiring and fearsome. These enormous creatures share several unique characteristics and abilities, yet each has its distinct features

Jhen Mohran, with its colossal size, boasts a stony carapace that provides it with substantial protection against attacks. It can traverse the vast desert landscape at incredible speeds, launching itself out of the sand to crash into hunters or their vessels. Jhen Mohran can also produce powerful sandstorms, using them to disorient and damage its adversaries.

On the other hand, Dah’ren Mohran, with its equally imposing stature, sports a series of large, sharp horns on its head, which it uses to devastating effect in combat. It can charge at hunters and ships, causing massive damage with its horned assaults. Dah’ren Mohran is also known for its ability to propel large boulders from its mouth, creating a barrage of projectiles that hunters must avoid to survive. Despite their similarities, Jhen Mohran and Dah’ren Mohran each present their unique challenges and require hunters to adapt their techniques accordingly.

Zorah Magdaros

Size:845.29 Feet

Zorah Magdaros is a sight to behold, posing an enormous threat to the ecosystem it inhabits. This titanic creature is covered in a tough, rocky shell that acts as both armour and a conduit for the intense volcanic energy it harnesses.

Zorah Magdaros possesses the unique ability to manipulate molten lava, utilizing it as a powerful weapon against its adversaries. It can expel searing magma projectiles from its body, forcing hunters to remain vigilant and avoid getting caught in devastating eruptions.

Additionally, Zorah Magdaros can generate intense heat from within, causing its stony exterior to glow and become even more dangerous to approach. Hunters must employ strategic planning and cooperation to overcome the immense challenge posed by this awe-inspiring behemoth.


Size:1444.87 Feet

Dalamadur, an awe-inspiring elder dragon, is known for its massive serpentine body that stretches to incredible lengths. As one of the most formidable adversaries in the Monster Hunter universe, Dalamadur possesses unique abilities that set it apart from other gigantic creatures.

This huge serpent has the power to unleash devastating beam attacks from its mouth, capable of decimating even the most seasoned hunters. Its long body enables it to constrict and crush its prey with ease, while its sharp, bladed scales create hazardous terrain for those who dare approach it.

To add to the danger, Dalamadur can summon meteors from the sky, causing widespread destruction on the battlefield. Hunters must employ cunning tactics and adapt to the ever-changing terrain to bring down this legendary leviathan.


Size:1476.37 Feet

Laviente stands as the biggest in the mh4u universe. Its gargantuan size and powerful abilities make it a formidable foe, striking fear into the hearts of hunters.

Laviente’s body is covered in thick, rocky armour, providing it with impressive protection against attacks. This behemoth has the unique ability to spit large, explosive boulders from its mouth, which can cause catastrophic damage to hunters and the environment alike.

It can burrow underground, creating tremors and destabilizing the terrain to catch hunters off guard. To defeat this colossal creature, hunters must strategize and exploit the few weaknesses it has while enduring its relentless onslaught of attacks.


This comparison of the top 5 biggest monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise showcases the immense variety and scale of the creatures inhabiting this thrilling gaming world. Each of these gargantuan animals possesses unique characteristics and abilities, presenting hunters with unparalleled challenges as they face these titanic beasts.

As you embark on your hunting adventures, keep this list in mind and prepare yourself to face some of the most colossal and awe-inspiring opponents the Monster Hunter universe has to offer.