Roblox has been around since 2006, but it continues to gather increasingly more active users, reaching 70 million daily this year. Does that mean it has more to offer than pure fun?

A free platform where players of all ages develop their games and worlds to indulge in their passions – that’s what this unique online game creator system essentially is. Sounds like every gamer’s dream come true, but is Roblox educational? We have good news – it is and can inspire anyone to pursue their real-life aspirations.

Coding Made Accessible: Learning to Program

The platform uses the Lua coding language, which is simple to operate and easy to learn for beginner players. By exploring the vast possibilities of its Studio, users can start constructing their first objects using either ready-made templates or coding.

Learning a language allows them to design more advanced structures, so many players experiment with this opportunity to spread their wings as video game creators.

Beyond Gaming: Developing Creative and Critical Thinking

Building an entire world or designing a video game requires creativity – and that platform is great at teaching its users how to unleash it to achieve the desired effect.

Players get to hone their problem-solving, coding, designing, and critical thinking skills – each of these precious abilities transcends into the real world.

Collaborative Learning Through Play

The platform enables playing and creating with other players in multiplayer. Unsurprisingly, this feature benefits cooperation and leadership skills development.

By resolving conflicts, reaching compromises, and learning to listen to others, players — especially the youngest ones — begin to understand what similar projects look like in the real world and their potential future careers.

Real-world Skills and Entrepreneurship

Players can create their own items or pay-to-play video games and sell them on the virtual marketplace for Robux currency.

Inevitably, this feature results in a complex economic ecosystem functioning within the platform. Anyone who aspires to make money must learn to foresee what other players like and want to buy.


Many young game developers on the platform enjoy successful careers leading their own studios. Samuel Jordan, for instance, designed digital fashion to become creative director at Jazwares Game Studio. Anne Shoemaker founded Fullflower Studio, responsible for creating the incredibly popular Mermaid Life and My Droplets games.

Clarence Maximillian runs Maximillian Studios, which developed unbelievably realistic Frontlines with around 200,000 daily active players. All these people and more grew up on the platform to do what they genuinely love. That means its powerful learning features are no longer just a theory but a real educational opportunity to fulfill anyone’s dreams.