The Last of Us was released back in 2013, a decade ago, and in that time it has remained one of the most beloved stories in gaming. The story of a broken man escorting the hope of humanity across a post-apocalyptic, mushroom zombie-infested USA has resonated with people, for many different reasons.

Since the PS3 release, TLoU has also received a PS4 remaster in 2014, but that’s still a long time ago. The game received a proper remake for the purposes of the PlayStation 5 version, and this refreshed version also comes to PC, for the first time ever, hot on the heels of the previous Naughty Dog port, Uncharted.

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What can you expect from it, and are there any differences between PC and console versions? We’re here to find out.

Total graphic overhaul

This time it’s not “just” a bump to resolution or fancier shading. The extent of changes involved in bringing TLoU to the current generation of hardware can only be described as a full technical remake of the game.

The animations are polished, character models are hugely updated, putting them closer to the versions of characters we’ve seen in Part II. This remake really lets you appreciate the raw beauty of the world in a way previous releases didn’t have the technical backing to do.

Of course, you can expect better performance and technically more advanced graphics, but if you’re not actually going out of your way to notice the differences, you might miss them during normal playtime.

The story

Long story short: it’s the same as it’s always been. There are no changes made to the story, on a textual level, and any kind of different vibe you might get is down to better graphics and detailed expressions. You don’t have to worry you’re missing any story beat, or getting extra stuff that wasn’t there in the original.

Integrated content

The original TLoU later down the line got a story DLC Left Behind, a prequel about Ellie’s life before she met Joel.

It comes packed in and integrated with The Last of Us Part I on either release platform. As we said: you don’t have to worry about missing any story beat.


Things get complicated around physical copies. Well, kind of. Even physical boxes only contain codes for the digital PC version, and the key physical content in the Firefly Edition are the fancy steelbook and four issues of the official comic, The Last of Us: American Dreams.

If you just want the game the digital edition is easier to get, and the price is going to be more accessible.

The Best of Remakes

As you can see, the differences are scarce. If you get the game for PC, you’re getting the same story the world has witnessed in 2013, and the same one PlayStation 5 remake presented.

The graphics will make great use of your mighty machine, however, and the stunning, thrilling, and terrifying moments will most likely look much better than on any other hardware.