With the release of The Sims 4, previous life simulator installations from Maxis lost some of their popularity. However, soon part of the fan community chose the best game in the ranking – The Sims 3.

Although The Sims 3 came to life in 2009, the famous simulation gameplay offers many up-to-date features. Depending on the personal preferences of players worldwide, this title is one of the most popular video games next to The Sims 4.

As it turns out, The Sims 3 brings many simply better solutions. And among them, you can find a sparkling gem of the whole series – DLCs! Thirsty for new adventures in your favorite gameplay? Welcome to this complete Sims 3 expansion packs list with their legendary content in order!

The Sims 3: World Adventures

Release date:2009-11-17

Travel unlocks new skills, especially in this first expansion pack for The Sims 3! Make your Sims visit the farthest corners of the world and experience extraordinary adventures for extra hours of addictive fun.

Travel to Egypt, France, or China to discover new locations and meet friends. But the World Adventures DLC isn’t just a break for your Sims – it’s also extra activities! Discover new skills: nectar making, martial arts, and photography. Go for a walk or explore the ancient dungeons to find priceless treasures. Each adventure brings benefits and cash, so try everything!

Key features
  • Play The Sims 3’s first major expansion pack
  • Travel to Egypt, China, and France
  • Complete quests and unlock new skills
  • Enjoy a new set of accessories for interior design

The Sims 3: Ambitions

Release date:2010-06-02

Let your Sims evolve in entirely new directions! Explore career paths, hobbies, and skills to achieve more than ever with the base version of the game.

The Ambitions DLC is a massive bundle of new professions and activities that your Sims can engage in from now on. Among the jobs, you will find many exciting careers like architect, inventor, ghost hunter, stylist, and doctor. Each features new challenges, tasks, and achievements that will increase their satisfaction with life and enable creative development paths. Moreover, in this expansion, you will discover a new moral choices system and dirty clothes that need a wash after work.

Key features
  • Discover new professions for your Sims
  • Get better skills and complete challenges
  • Experience fantastic adventures related to the chosen profession
  • Make your Sims bad or good

The Sims 3: Late Night

Release date:2010-10-26

Time to have some fun! Visit a new location and discover thrilling nightlife to embark on one of the alternative career paths for the most outgoing Sims hungry for new connections and experiences.

Welcome to Bridgeport – a true oasis of nightlife and classy people. Meet other Sims, have a drink, dance, and explore this shining city at night. The more new experiences, the more personality points! Use your charm and become a bartender to mix the best drinks and be always up to date with the latest rumors. Or choose a movie career and discover a world of great fame. Want more? Become a vampire! Choose night as your default time of life and learn supernatural skills to become the most powerful creature in your neighborhood.

Key features
  • Explore Bridgeport and enjoy an immersive nightlife
  • Discover new career paths and learn unique skills
  • Live in a modern apartment and earn Personality Points
  • Become a vampire to gain supernatural powers

The Sims 3: Generations

Release date:2011-06-03

Expand Sims’ life stages to participate in new family events and witness truly milestone moments. From childhood to old age!

Begin the game as usual – creating your dream Sims. Start a family and see the crazy world of childhood and adult changes! Unlock new career paths, take care of kids, and witness how the passing of time alters their character. Now your Sims can rebel, destroying stuff and making silly pranks on family members. It’s up to you how they grow up! The expansion pack also introduces new school activities, interests, midlife crises, and epic family celebrations.

Key features
  • Play the fourth expansion pack for The Sims 3
  • Witness the changing life stages and characters of your Sims
  • Take care of the kids and see who they become
  • Discover exciting new activities and traits for family members of all ages

The Sims 3: Pets

Release date:2011-10-20

We all love pets, but have you ever wanted to be one? Now you can! Take The Pets DLC for your favorite The Sims 3 gameplay to a new level of fun with your favorite pets.

Get a dog, cat, or horse, and enjoy new activities with your favorite pets. You can design your dream cat or dog by customizing its appearance to the smallest detail. And discover fun locations created especially for your animal friends. Visit parks and ranches, teach your pets new skills and breed them in entirely new species. You can also adopt a stray pet or play as a pet! Take control of your pet’s actions and desires to see the world through its eyes!

Key features
  • Get yourself a dog, cat, or horse
  • Visit new locations and teach your pets skills
  • Customize the appearance of your pet down to the smallest detail
  • Play as a pet and explore the world from a new perspective

The Sims 3: Showtime

Release date:2012-03-08
Developer:EA Salt Lake

Become a star! Access new stage professions and make your Sims famous – but not only in your game. Now you can share your achievements with your friends!

Choose the profession of a DJ, magician, or singer and start the adventure of your life with fame. The new Starlight Shores location will provide you with everything you dream of – show venues, parks, and legendary events to present your Sims’ talents. Send stage superstars to other players’ cities! Communicate with friends and exchange Sims to experience the real life of a celebrity on a grand scale. There are lots of rewards to unlock!

Key features
  • Unlock new stage performance career paths
  • Explore Starlight Shores and have fun in unknown locations
  • Trade Sims with other players
  • Collect fantastic rewards for spending time with the community

The Sims 3: Supernatural

Release date:2012-11-20
Developer:EA Salt Lake

It is one of the most popular DLCs for The Sims 3, introducing several supernatural characters to the game. The expansion pack came to life thanks to the requests of fans who wanted to enrich their favorite gameplay with horror-like features.

Make your The Sims 3 experience magical! Create wizards, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and more to unlock new skills and social options. Visit Moonlight Falls and have fun with your Sims’ supernatural abilities. You can also discover new development paths, learn magic, experience epic adventures, and enjoy gothic outfits. This expansion pack is the perfect way to make The Sims 3 gameplay always like Halloween!

Key features
  • Create Sims with supernatural powers
  • Enjoy unique outfits and hairstyles
  • Discover the exciting town of Moonlight Falls
  • Unlock new skills and learn magic

The Sims 3: Seasons

Release date:2012-11-20

When the weather changes, so does the mood. Witness exciting changes in Sims’ lives as the seasons pass.

Discover new activities, hobbies, and ambitions for the upcoming seasons. Enjoy a rainy autumn afternoon at home, go snowboarding in winter and have fun with seasonal festivals! Each season brings new gameplay possibilities and even more exciting activities for your Sims. The DLC also brings a whole range of cosmetic accessories, decorative stuff, furniture, and a small surprise – an unexpected visitor from space!

Key features
  • See the passing seasons and changing weather
  • Take part in seasonal events
  • Discover new outfits, activities, and cosmetic stuff
  • Add aliens to your gameplay

The Sims 3: University Life

Release date:2013-03-05
Developer:EA Salt Lake

There’s nothing like college life! Start the party or pursue your scientific dreams in this unique DLC introducing the University to your neighborhood.

Boost your professional experience with a university degree! Choose from six courses and send your Sims to college – regardless of age. It is a perfect opportunity to broaden their horizons, make new friends, and experience crazy fun like never before. And between lectures, Sims can explore campus locations, join one of the leading groups, or develop other hobbies with new friends!

Key features
  • Add a university to your favorite The Sims 3 gameplay
  • Choose from six courses and discover new development paths
  • Enjoy the unpredictable student life
  • Make new friends and lose yourself in exciting hobbies

The Sims 3: Island Paradise

Release date:2013-06-25

Have fun with the most exotic content for the Sims 3 gameplay. Change the lives of your Sims and travel to a tropical island to embark on a new adventure in a paradise setting!

Imagine a beautiful land located on the seashore where all your dreams come true. Welcome to Island Paradise! Enjoy endless vacations, build a new type of lot, and dive in the warm sea waves. Who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends? And if you see vacations as a great money-making opportunity, be sure to redirect this creative energy to building your holiday resort!

Key features
  • Start your vacation on tropical islands
  • Discover new career paths and earn money at your holiday resort
  • Build a houseboat and visit various ports
  • Explore mysterious islands and dive into the beautiful depths of the sea

The Sims 3: Into the Future

Release date:2013-10-23

Time to leave the present and meddle with the future. Use the advanced portal to travel in time and discover the impressive town of Oasis Landing!

Start a new life in the future. Enjoy new customization options for your Sims, dress them in futuristic clothes, and visit high-tech houses. Or go out! These streets are full of happy people, alternative transportation methods, and irreplaceable plumbots. Into the Future DLC also means new career paths, decorative elements, and activities, captivating for long hours of great fun. But not without consequences – any action in this world can impact the entire timeline!

Key features
  • Embark on a journey in time to the city of the future
  • Enjoy new customization options for your Sims
  • Explore the neighborhood, discover new types of apartments, and make friends
  • Experiment with the timeline and see how your actions affect the lives of other Sims

Right from the start, The Sims 3 expansion bundles came with the best initial content. When you buy your dream DLC, you can expect a complete package of new adventures, professions, locations, and gameplay options.

Now they’re reintroduced, but fans remember that time of confusion and discuss the upcoming The Sims 5 with concern and curiosity. Meanwhile, The Sims 3 shines with all the extra content, laying a solid foundation in the series of the most popular life simulators. So if you’re dreaming of a classic The Sims experience before the grand release of the next installment, spend some quality time in these expansion packs!