The Sims 4, despite celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, remains relevant – all thanks to constantly emerging expansions, enhancements, mods, and new content being added to it.

It is the fourth full-fledged instalment in The Sims life simulation series, created by Maxis and published by EA from the outset.

The game revolves around creating (or using pre-made) Sims, which are characters that can be customized freely (both in terms of appearance and aspirations or preferences) and forming families with them, then placing the created family in a chosen house.

Now our task is to fulfil the needs of the Sims, develop their skills, and build their careers. Of course, we can also freely decorate, upgrade, and even build houses from scratch.

Cheat commands play a significant role in gameplay. Contrary to appearances and the known mechanics in other games, Sims 4 cheats have no negative impact on gameplay – we won’t finish the game labelled as a “Cheater” like in, for example, Heroes III.

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Instead, cheats allow us to replenish our account with additional Simoleons (in-game currency), provide greater freedom in building, or even “rescue” a stuck Sim somewhere without the need to, for example, demolish walls.

Getting Started with Cheats

Before we delve into Sims 4 cheats, let’s start with a few important keyboard shortcuts that will give you greater freedom and diversify your gameplay, even without using special commands –

  • Pressing the “Alt” key while moving furniture or objects allows us to freely place it on the floor or hang it on the wall (without needing to adhere to a grid).
  • Pressing the “Shift” key and using the “[“ and “]” keys allows us to increase and decrease the size of objects.
  • The “[“ and “]” keys are also useful for levelling terrain to a specific height; using them, we can select a specific height for the terrain to raise or lower.
  • Pressing the “G” key disables the annoying grid in building mode.

Once you’re familiar with a few of the most important keyboard shortcuts, we can now get into specifics. How to enable cheats console in The Sims 4? How to activate commands? Similarly to previous instalments of The Sims game series, the console is opened by simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl”, “Shift”, “C” keys.

Then, you type in the code you’re interested in and press “Enter”. If you want to close the window for entering codes, you need to press the “Ctrl”, “Shift”, “C” key combination again.

However, remember to save your game each time before entering a code. Although these commands don’t have a negative impact on the gameplay, it’s worth saving your progress – just in case, because mistakes can happen.

You can accidentally click on the wrong thing, enter the wrong code, or the cheat activation might cause changes in your Sims that may not align with your expectations. So, it’s always a good idea to have a backup.

Basic Cheat Codes

Once you understand the basics and know how to activate the Sims 4 cheats console and input commands, we can proceed to a list of the most important and popular codes. To start, here are a few basic ones worth remembering, divided into categories for easier reference.

Basic Cheat Codes
kaching adds 1000 Simoleons to your funds.
rosebud also adds 1000 Simoleons (this code has been used in previous instalments and still works in The Sims 4).
motherlode adds 50000 Simoleons to your funds.
Money [#] replace # with the desired amount to change household Simoleons to an exact number.
FreeRealEstate ON makes all lots free for building when entered in neighbourhood or world view.
FreeRealEstate OFF cancells free building
Build and Buy Mode Cheats: Unlocking all items
bb.moveobjects this cheat allows you to ignore placement rules for objects, such as placing a table on the floor or small flower pots on tables, etc. (along with the keyboard shortcut “Shift” “[” / “]” which allows complete freedom in decoration, enabling us to place whatever we want wherever we want.
bb.showhiddenobjects debug extra items, often scenery and small objects, not available for purchase normally.
bb.showliveeditobjects unlocks more debug items that you can buy or build. Best to use it after bb.showhiddenobjects for a total of 1200 new objects in game.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement this cheat code allows you to buy items, that are locked by careers (for example Corporate Chic Counter which you unlock on the 5th step of Culinary Career).
Skill Level Cheats: Enhancing your Sims’ skills
stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking 10 maxes out the Cooking skill.
stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10 maxes out the Charisma skill.
stats.set_skill_level Major_Comedy 10 maxes out the Comedy skill, and so on for other skills…

… and this applies to pretty much every skill. All you have to type is “stats.set_skill_level Major_” and add the name of the skill and number 10.

Advanced Gameplay Cheats

Apart from unlimited building and funds, The Sims 4 also offers other cheats. With these, you can fast-track your Sims’ career progression, improve their relationships instantly, manage their needs effortlessly, or, as mentioned earlier, rescue a Sim stuck somewhere.

Career Cheats: Fast-tracking your career progression
aspirations.complete_current_milestone completes the current aspiration goal for a Sim.
careers.add_career X adds a career (replace X with your choice of career).
careers.promote X gives a Sim a promotion.
careers.retire X retires a Sim from their career.
Relationship Cheats: Instantly improving relationships
relationships.create_friends_for_sim Create a new Sim with instant friendship.
modifyrelationship {First Sim’s Name} {First Sim’s Surname} {Second Sim’s Name} {Second Sim’s Surname} 100 ltr_friendship_main 100% positive friendship between two specific Sims, (all you have to do is to enter Sims full names).
modifyrelationship {First Sim’s Name} {First Sim’s Surname} {Second Sim’s Name} {Second Sim’s Surname} -100 ltr_friendship_main 100% negative friendship between two specific Sims.
modifyrelationship {First Sim’s Name} {First Sim’s Surname} {Second Sim’s Name} {Second Sim’s Surname} 100 ltr_romance_main 100% positive romance between two specific Sims.
modifyrelationship {First Sim’s Name} {First Sim’s Surname} {Second Sim’s Name} {Second Sim’s Surname} -100 ltr_romance_main 100% negative romance between two specific Sims.
Needs & Mood Cheats – Managing your Sims’ needs effortlessly
sims.give_satisfaction_points X gives a Sim satisfaction points (replace X with the amount).
fillmotive motive_energy refills Sim’s energy.
fillmotive motive_fun refills Sim’s fun.
fillmotive motive_hunger refills Sim’s hunger.
fillmotive motive_hygiene refills Sim’s hygiene.
fillmotive motive_social refills Sim’s social gauge.
sims.fill_all_commodities refills all Sim’s gauges.
fillmotive motive_toddler_attention created specifically for toddlers, refills their social need called “attention”.
Another Cheats Worth Remembering
resetsim [Name Surname] resets a stuck Sim.
cas.fulleditmode allows you to change everything about an existing Sim, including outfits, aspirations, and traits.
sims.give_satisfaction_points [#] gives a Sim an amount of satisfaction points (replace # with a specific number).
death.toggle true Sims cannot die.
death.toggle false Sims can die again.
seasons.set_season [#] changes the season (replace # with a number – Summer 0, Fall 1, Winter 2 or Spring 3).

Troubleshooting Common Issues

What to do if a cheat doesn’t work? There could be several reasons, one of which is incorrectly entering the code. In such a case, it’s worth trying again. If the entered cheat doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s advisable to load a previous save (the one saved before applying the cheat) – hence the earlier recommendation to save the game before activating the cheat console.

If something still isn’t right, you can try using so-called “Shift Click cheats”, which activate by holding down the “Shift” key while clicking on a Sim. To enable this option, you need to activate the console and enter the command “testingCheats true”. Then you’ll be able to activate cheats simply by clicking on a Sim as if you were performing a regular action.


As you can see, The Sims 4 cheats are a great way to diversify gameplay. If building is your main interest in the game, Building Cheats will make it even more enjoyable, allowing you to create unique buildings and decorate interiors in amazing ways.

Gameplay-related cheats allow your Sims to fulfil desires and needs quickly, while others enable you to rescue your Sim from predicaments or enjoy the eternal life of your created family.

However, there are many more Sims 4 cheats out there. Remember not to input just any commands you find in various corners of the internet – unofficial and unconfirmed codes can do more harm than good!