Can you believe players still find hidden details in The Witcher 3 video game? And here you will discover the best ones!

No other video game delivered such a believable, living world as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. All these tricky decisions, omnipresent dirt, gray morality, and characters living their own lives make this title one of a kind.

So it’s understandable its fans are still digging up the secrets of this phenomenal world, and it looks like there’s more to come! According to Philipp Weber, CD Projekt Red’s narrative director, ‘Everyone hid so many details during the last months of development that people are probably still going to find something new one day.’

And if you haven’t located the best ones yet, we encourage you to check out this guide on the most legendary Easter eggs in The Witcher 3!

1. Rare Diagram for the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword

Let’s start with the diagram for one of the best weapons in the game, which you can find — surprise, surprise — at the humble beginning of your adventure. Just go to Kaer Morhen and locate the fast travel sign.

Then, head south and climb to the top of the abandoned signal tower. You will find chests hiding the brand-new Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword diagram. If it’s not there, come back later and try again.

2. Trial of Echoes Secondary Quest

This unmarked secondary quest awaits you in Kaer Morhen but in the north. Wandering the area, you will encounter a mysterious cave marked with the School of the Wolf symbol. Enter the cave, defeat a few monsters, and let Geralt focus on his disturbing memories.

Unfortunately, there is no reward except for a diagram for the Superior Wolf Trousers. However, this secret may prove priceless for those enjoying hidden story details!

3. Game of Thrones Reference

In Kaer Almhult, located on the Skellige islands, there is a corpse of a dwarf looking strikingly similar to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones (played by the fantastic Peter Dinklage).

As TV show fans remember, this cheeky hero was once a prisoner in a sky cell within Eyrie Castle, which he ultimately managed to escape. Sadly, this character’s luck runs out in the unforgiving Wild Hunt video game.

4. Picture of Developers

Blood and Wine DLC conceals an unexpected secret unavailable to regular players. However, you can find it using the free camera mod, enabling access to the steep mountains surrounding Toussaint.

Once there, activate the Witcher Senses and search for this ultimate easter egg – a rare photo of the CD Projekt Red development team!

5. Lord of the Wood Quest

If you are already level 25, try to complete this quest, guaranteeing a precious reward. Go to Novigrad and check the notice boards for a lucrative job from Brean Hotsch. Locate the man at the local Cunny of the Goose’s Inn and learn all about his unusual problem.

The final stage of this quest requires you to defeat a relatively powerful monster, which may demand some strategy if you are still at lower levels. But the effort brings an epic reward – a ready-made Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword! This quest isn’t really a secret, but many players skip the jobs on the notice boards, so now you know.

6. Paperchase Quest – Asterix Reference

If you remember The Twelve Tasks of Asterix animated movie, you can guess what this job will be about. In Toussaint, look for the vineyard owner, owning Geralt payment for some past contract at Cianfanneli Bank.

Locate a place and lose yourself in the complex world of bureaucracy! If you prove patient enough, you will get back the generous amount of 500 crowns, but if you rush this quest, it may only be 200.

7. A Portrait of the Witcher as an Old Man Quest

This hilarious quest awaits you at the market square in the Gran’place, where you can find an artist who thinks Geralt would make a fantastic model for one of three nude portraits. You can choose from three versions with Geralt standing, lying, or sitting on a horse.

The griffin will attack during the process, and the artist will suggest including the monster’s corpse in the portrait. You can then buy this unique masterpiece for just 1,000 crowns!

8. The Witchers’ Forge Quest

Players desperate for good armor early in the game should head to Kaer Morhen to discover this well-hidden quest. Firstly, examine the room around the stairwell to find a specific book – Monstrum or a Portrayal of Witchers – volume 2.

Travel to the mine mentioned in the book, kill the Earth Elemental, and place the tome on the pedestal to unravel the mysterious passage to Witchers’ Forge. After completing the steps inside, you can get some fine armor pieces, including Mastercrafted Wolven armor.

9. The Best Sword

It isn’t really a secret, but it might be if you don’t have the DLCs – we highly recommend buying two The Witcher III expansions! Playing the Blood and Wine DLC, remember to complete the There Can Only Be One side quest.

You will have to prove Geralt possesses the five chivalric virtues required to complete this quest – but know that the story ends with your hero obtaining Aerondight, the best sword in the game!

10. Doctor Who Reference

If you ever stumble upon Lindenvale Church, prepare for a surprising sight – two statues of weeping angels standing directly in front of the entrance.

If you decide to venture inside the church and then go outside again, you will notice the angels are now in a different position facing you – just like the highly dangerous aliens from the ‘Blink’ episode in the phenomenal Doctor Who series. Spooky!


The beauty of The Witcher: Wild Hunt Easter eggs lies in their diverse themes. Some are hilarious, others quite unsettling, but all are incredibly fascinating.

Hopefully, you have discovered something new and exciting to prepare yourself for a brand-new adventure in this still-not-so-familiar world!