It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is nice to each other, people are looking forward to a few days of freedom, food has no calories and all problems seem to go away.

Families gather to celebrate, feast, decorate, and spend time together. What can’t be forgotten are gifts, which are a very important part of Christmas. Especially if they are exactly what we asked for. But let’s be honest, sometimes socks or kitchen appliances are not what we had in mind when we thought about our Christmas gift.

What is our favorite games that could make up for that? Let’s sit down, relax and look for the best Christmas Easter eggs in games!

Winter-Themed Video Games
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2019-11-22 Action
Subnautica: Below Zero 2019-01-30 Adventure
The Last of Us Part I 2023-03-28 Action & Survival
Tom Clancy's The Division 2016-03-07 Action & Shooter
Kona 2017-03-17 Adventure
Frostpunk 2018-04-24 Simulation
Lost Planet Extreme Condition 2007-06-26 Adventure
Metro Exodus 2020-02-14 Adventure
Batman Arkham Origins 2013-11-08 Adventure
Horizon Zero Dawn | Complete Edition 2020-08-07 Adventure
The Long Dark 2017-08-01 Adventure
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition 2019-12 Action
Steep 2016-12-02 Race
Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration 2016-02-09 Adventure


Release date:2021-02-02
Genre:Sanbox, survival
Developer:Iron Gate Studios

Many people enjoy activities surrounding Christmas: opening up an advent calendar, baking and cooking, singing festive songs, putting up different ornaments and decorating their Christmas trees.

In Valheim you can feel the true spirit of Christmas time as the game allows you to build a Yule tree, in a real Viking manner, around December and January. There are many ways to alter it, make it bigger, you can put it on a platform, or hide from the eyes of your enemies. The choice is yours!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Release date:2023-11-10
Developer:Sledgehammer Games

If the spirit of oh-all-so-happy Christmas time has got the best of you and you need a little break from all the smiling and laughing, then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has something special.

Around Xmas time, there is a special map available in online modes. There are Christmas lights, presents, snow, and… enemies waiting to be eliminated. Christmas atmosphere and killing is for sure that will take the frustration of your shoulders. But beware not to get on Santa’s naughty list for next year!


Release date:2015-04-14
Developer:Rockstar North

There is an unexpected visitor waiting for you in a warehouse, while you drive through San Andreas in Gran Theft Audio V. Imagine this: another, ordinary day in your life. You leisurely drive through your city, maybe steal some cars, maybe fight some random NPCs

You come across a suspiciously-looking warehouse. Supposedly empty, but who could be inside? You stop the car, prepare your weapon of choice and see… a snowman in the hiding. Yes, an innocent white guy who is hidden from, obviously, the sunlight and the eyes from other, curious people.

Mad Max

Release date:2015-09-01
Developer:Avalanche Studios

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is not easy. There are people ready to kill you whenever you go, still parts of your combat vehicle or even the whole of it. Happiness seemed to have left the world and everyone was focused on themselves.

Celebrating is not something people do anymore and holidays, such as Christmas, do not matter. There is, however, a light at the of the tunnel – in the middle of nowhere, in the desert, there is a Christmas tree. The ornaments may not look like ours, but the biggest star on top if it is for sure a hidden gem. It might look crazy among the chaos, but is a nice reminiscence from the easier days.

Gears of War 4

Release date:2016-10-11
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:The Coalition

In Gears of War 4, there is a reward for… eliminating all the snowmen you come across in the prologue of the game.

There are quite a few of them and some of them are hidden pretty well, but if you focus it is achievable. After all the white guys are shot, another symbol of Xmas appears – Santa Claus in a couch flies through the sky. Surprisingly, it is not pulled by reindeer, but… a horse.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

Release date:1996-11-18

With how busy our everyday life is, sometimes it’s hard to be up to date with everything that is going on.

The first sign of Christmas time coming are Xmas songs in the radio. If we hear the familiar tunes, we know that we should start thinking about present and decorating the Christmas tree.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble does not have an in-game clock so the game itself does not know whether it’s December or July, so there is a special code to put in: MERRY. It brings us to a bonus stage in which you can collect bubbles while a Christmas tune plays in the background.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

Release date:2005-11-20
Developer:Paradox Development/Midway LA

There are many things which make Christmas worth waiting for a whole year. But let’s be honest, nothing is better than presents. Especially receiving them from our favorite fat guy with a beard: Santa Claus.

In Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks the one and only Father Christmas arrives with his reindeer, in a coach full of boxes. He is seen traveling through the night sky with the moon in the background. If this isn’t one of the most Xmas-y like scenarios, then I don’t know what is.

Fallout 4

Release date:2017-09-26
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

As the only person who survived from 111 Crypt living in a post-nuclear war desert, you do not have many occasions to celebrate. Each day is what you make of it.

Despite being restricted to whatever you find around, there is still a chance to feel like pre-war people. If you set your date to Christmas, a decorated Christmas tree will appear in the Diamond City in Fallout 4. It will stay with you up until New Year’s Eve, so for the few days of December, the city will look festive and less gloomy.


Release date:2012-09-07
Developer:Rocksteady Studios

As loved as Christmas is, not everyone is fond of it. The Calendar Man from Batman is obsessed with dates, and obviously, this time of the year is pretty important.

If you are celebrating in Gotham, the Calendar Man is there to ruin it for you

But disrupting your little, festive activities is not the worst thing he would do. Batman pays him a visit in jail and the villain confesses to some of his wrongdoings. He killed a street corner Santa, sneaked into a Christmas party in his suit and hang a Judge from his house display with the help of Xmas lights. He’s definitely not getting any presents this year!


Release date:2001-01-04
Developer:Jagex Ltd. Games Studio

The absolute master of Christmas eater eggs, Runescape prepared them consistently for nine years. The players could give out party hats, talk to Father Christmas, decorate a Christmas tree.

There were even some new characters introduced: Jack Frost and his mother, the Queen of Snow.

However, their greatest Christmas Event took place in 2005. The players were teleported to Diango’s workshop and had to help slacking elves. After finishing the task, they were given up to eight hats. For those who are not keen on elves, there was Rosie, the pixie supervisor waiting. She would give out scarves. If the player did not want either of the hats or the scarves, they could take the packaged present to the Christmas tree in the center of Varrock. After they would finish decorating the tree, a marionette would appear under.

Christmas time is exciting, cozy, and full of surprises. Game studios understand it as well as players do, and they prepare fun activities for everyone. There are special events, some unexpected guests, rewards and changes in the setting. Some of them are available around the whole Xmas season, some only on Christmas Day so you better watch out not to miss it!