Far Cry 5 not only offers an experience full of thrill and action but also hides some cool secrets. Read on to learn more about hidden Easter eggs and see how much you missed.

Far Cry 5 is an open-world first-person shooter game where you’ll be able to explore huge areas filled with dangerous enemies in the form of both cult fanatics and wildlife.

As a sheriff trapped in the fictional Hope County by the tyrant who managed to take control over the whole area by force, your mission is to cooperate with various resistance groups in order to overthrow the brute, self-proclaimed leader and bring back peace and order.

As you play, you may encounter various little details and extras that may bring a smile to your face if you know the reference behind it. Today we’ll show you some of the best Far Cry 5 secrets and Easter eggs you may have missed.

Cave Paintings

It’s not uncommon for big game series to reference older games from the same franchise in one way or another and you’ll see a few examples of this in Far Cry 5 too. A perfect example of this would be the cave paintings in Frobisher’s Cave.

If you’re not familiar with the series, or at least the most recent games, you’ll just think of it as a reference to primitive art created tens of thousands of years ago by Cro-Magnon people in general, but it’s a bit deeper. In fact, those cave paintings in FC 5 point directly at one of the most recent Far Cry spin-offs: Far Cry Primal.

Solitary Red Balloon

If you happen to be in Holland Valley and you’re brave enough, make sure to explore the surroundings near the river west of Fall’s End while you’re there. Look for the sewer entrance and you may witness a most peculiar sight indeed: a lonely red helium balloon, tied and floating a few feet above the ground.

It’s an obvious nod to the novel “It” by Stephen King. For the uninitiated, a red balloon is a symbol of an extremely dangerous, ancient entity known as a dancing clown, Pennywise; pray that this evil omen won’t mark you with a curse.

Familiar Bobblehead Figures

Far Cry 5 offers a huge explorable area that would’ve been way too large to explore on foot in its entirety. As such, the game features cars that can be used as a convenient way of quickly getting to a new location. In some cases, a car can be customized slightly after being purchased – to be more specific, you can change its painting and the bobblehead figure inside.

If you’ve played previous Far Cry games, you’ll quickly realize that there are some familiar characters among available bobbleheads, such as Vaas Montenegro himself, wearing the iconic grass hula skirt. Having him stare at you while you’re driving must be the true definition of insanity.


Sasquatch is probably one of the most popular American mythical creatures. An ape-like creature supposedly living somewhere in the northern forests of Cascadia made it into the mainstream and is often referenced in video games that take place in the USA.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bigfoot left a trace in Far Cry 5 as well. During exploration, you may stumble upon suspiciously large footprints in the mud, which is clearly a Sasquatch reference.

Although the existence of Sasquatch itself wasn’t ever confirmed in the game, some players still believe that it can be found under some very specific conditions; it’s just that no one has figured out how to trigger the encounter yet. Maybe you’ll be the first?

Secret Ending

One of the secrets is hidden right under your nose and it can end the game before it even starts; there’s a secret prologue ending that will roll credits before a single bullet is fired. During the opening scene, you’ll be faced with a choice of either arresting Joseph Seed or leaving him alone.

Your natural instinct would be to take out the bracelets and do your duty as a sheriff, but if you can handle Joseph’s intimidating stare for a few minutes straight as he awaits your decision, a secret sequence gets triggered and your group simply leaves the scene in peace, ending the game.

Mannequin Town

There’s something really creepy and unsettling about mannequins, so you may feel a bit anxious once you find yourself in Prosperity, a mysterious, abandoned town, where living people were completely replaced with mannequins.

It can be an uncanny experience but we still advise you to take a trip there, as it’s one of the more unique locations in Far Cry 5 and there are some funny scenes taking place. The developers clearly had a lot of fun while designing this area – you’ll get what we mean once you get there.

Climbing in Ubisoft Games

Ubisoft is pretty much known for making players climb all kinds of tall structures in order to unlock new parts of the map in their open-world video games.

To make it clear that Far Cry 5 is different, you’ll hear a comment about the matter during one of the early sequences of the game when you’re supposed to climb a radio tower; Dutch will inform you through radio that you don’t have to worry about climbing towers too much anymore. Obviously, it’s a small, innocent wink aimed at previous Ubisoft games.

Warp Zone Pipe

It’s a small and often overlooked Easter egg, but a funny one once you realize it’s there because it’s not super obvious. In Far Cry 5 you have a wide array of weapons to choose from and utilize during play, and that includes melee weapons, among which there’s a lead pipe.

At first, you wouldn’t think anything of it, just an ordinary pipe to whack your enemies. But, as with most of the other weapons, the pipe can be customized by picking a skin. Funnily enough, the green one has a name; it’s called the Warp Zone. A green pipe called the warp zone… Does it ring a bell? Mario Bros., anyone?

A Frying Pan

This one could be a bit of a stretch, but is it really? While exploring Raptor Peak surroundings, you may encounter the dead body of a man wearing a baseball hat, holding a frying pan, and some ammo lying next to it. This looks like a direct reference to PUBG, which is widely known for its frying pans that can block bullets and potentially save your life.

A frying pan became a symbol of PUBG, so having this particular item in this situation makes it very likely a PUBG reference, especially considering the fact that Far Cry 5 was released when PUBG was reaching a popularity peak.

Johnson Lookout Tower

Once you get to this particular abandoned lookout tower, you may start feeling like “Hey, have I seen this before or what” but only if you played Firewatch.

That’s because the tower is a direct reference to that indie game; not only does it look oddly familiar in general, but once you get inside the tower, you’ll be able to play a message on the answering machine, where a woman mentions someone by the name of Henry – coincidentally, that’s the same name as the Firewatch protagonist.


Big open-world games often come with a variety of Easter eggs for players to find. Hidden secrets add an extra incentive to explore every nook and cranny in order to find everything there is. Some secrets are hidden in plain sight while others may remain undiscovered for years, even with the combined effort of the entire player community.

Easter eggs always bring a smile to your face and may even make you feel smart whenever you find something on your own – there’s a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you realize there’s a hidden meaning behind various places or items in the game.

Far Cry 5 features a good dose of small secrets; as such, it’s pretty unlikely for anyone to find them all on their own. And that’s where we come in; hopefully, our list helped you find some new Easter eggs in Far Cry 5.