Today we want to talk with you about top 10 games like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress. Before moving further with analysis it is important to describe what type of games they are first. In general, they are a mix of strategy and survival games.

In these games you are supposed to take care of your colonies (usually located in a very dangerous place – in the case of RimWorld it is an alien planet). Thanks to building a proper base you will be able to hold your own and take care of your people.

These games focus especially on the aspect of a proper management of your colonists who have a very complex AI, capable of reacting to both your actions and to the environment itself. These types of games are loved by fans of strategy games, tactic games and sim games.

People very often ask which is better, RimWorld or Dwarf Fortress and they are usually provided with mixed answers (especially on Reddit where discussions are held for many weeks).

However, what if we told you that there are other games similar to these two titles? Exactly, you might enjoy dozens of similar and great games of this type. However, we decided to provide you with a list of just 10.

Colony management games

Colony management games as the name suggest focus on you becoming a leader of the colony, settlement, village etc. and your main task is simply to make it flourish. However, it is not going to be easy. Settlers are provided with a really complex AI which is going to react to your actions and many other factors.

Furthermore, a harsh environment or a situation in which you currently are, is not going to be helpful for you at all. In order to win in such games you need to mix your tactical mind and management skills.

RimWorld vs Dwarf Fortress

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It is a rather hard question. While there are many similarities between both games, there are many aspects in which they differ. However, the most important difference is the general difficulty level. RimWorld is designed for players who just started their adventure with similar games. While it is hard, it is still quite forgiving for players. It is not like a single mistake is going to destroy your entire game. Dwarf Fortress is different. It is a game designed for specialists.

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It is literally going to destroy you if you give it a chance. In other words, RimWorld is a much better game for casual gamers while Dwarf Fortress is designed for experts and hardcore gamers. Keep that in mind before you decide to buy one of these. In our opinion both games are really great. They are going to provide you with a really huge amount of a great gameplay and challenge.

Check more about the games below

Dwarf Fortress is free game and you can download it from developer site

 Top 10 Related Games to RimWorld & Dwarf Fortress

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They are Billions Survival Colony Game, RTS


  • They are Billions zombie attack
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Prison Architect Management Colony, Simulator


  • Crime Prison game
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Frostpunk City-building, Survival Colony Game


  • injured child Frostpunk
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First Feudal Base-Building, Indie Strategy


  • First Feudal game interface
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Surviving Mars Simulation Colony Game, Strategy


  • Rimworld surviving mars
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Kenshi Open World, Sandbox, Base Building


  • Kenshi game character
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Oxygen not Included Survival Game, Colony Building


  • Oxygen Not Included game characters
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Stonehearth City Building Strategy Video Game


  • StoneHearth
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Factorio RTS, Survival Video Game


  • new research Factorio game
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Colony Survival Block World, Sandbox Survival


  • dungeon-defenders
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They are Billions

Currently it is one of the most popular games similar to the Rim World and Dwarf Fortress. It is a great choice for fans of the steampunk genre as well as zombies. In this game most of the humanity was wiped out by a virus. An entire planet full of people was reduced to a desolated place with a few thousands survivors. These people need to stay alive. However, it is going to be very hard. After all, they have to fight against billions of zombies.

You need to build a proper colony to help them in their struggle. First you build houses for workers, simple walls etc. Then you have to take care of resources (such as wood, food, iron etc.). You need to constantly upgrade your colony against more and more fierce attacks of relentless zombies. Thanks to a complex engine, the game is able to animate more than 20 000 units on the battlefield. You are going to enjoy the everlasting battle against zombies.

  • They are Billions zombie horde
  • They are Billions mayors characters
  • They are Billions colony game
  • They are Billions user interface
  • They are Billions zombie attack
  • They are Billions robots

Each mission is going to be different and provide you with different set of challenges. Furthermore the steam key for They are Billions is really cheap, we checked the prices. On G2A.COM You can buy it cheaper, find the game under this link


Prison Architect

Prison Architect as the name suggests allows you to become a manager of a prison. Do you think that it is easy? After all the only thing you have to do is build a prison, hire security and watch prisoners all the time. Well, you are wrong. Taking care of prison is a really hard task. First of all you need to take care of the prisoners’ needs. They need to be well feed, have access to work, something to do in free time etc. On the other hand security guards also have their own needs.


Remember, that each person in your prison has certain character traits. There are outsiders who are going to stay out of trouble. On the other hand, there are prisoners who are going to search for a conflict. They are problematic due to the fact that they might even kill other prisoners or guards. You need to remember that each prisoner is going to provide you with income but they also cost money. Hence, you need to learn how to balance profits and spending.

  • Prison Architect priest
  • riot in Prison Architect
  • Prison Architect fire
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  • Crime Prison game
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Remember that if you are not going to take care of prisoners the riots are going to start. You definitely want to avoid that. Have you ever watched such movies like Shawshank Redemption? Well, you are going to deal with similar situations and problems like the warden from this movie. It is not an easy task to do.

However, we are far more than certain that you are going to handle this.  If you are looking for good deals for this game check link below:


Frostpunk is a new game from authors of the well-acclaimed This War of Mine and we can tell you that this is one of the best base building games ever created. The game takes you straight to the alternative version of the 19th century. A place where a new ice age had started.

A few people who were able to survive, are searching for a shelter near the steam heat generator. Your task is simple. You need to take care of these people – By the way did you notice that 11bit studios has a lot of love for cold and harsh climates?

Hosues in frostpunk

The game provides you with a really complex base building system similar to the one presented in the Dwarf Fortress. You are going to build houses, kitchens, hospitals etc. However, the main strength of the game lies in the plot and the morale system.

The game is going to force you to make some harsh decisions relatively quickly. Should you send children to work? Are you going to take care of sick people or leave them to die? Are you going to sacrifice one human, to save a group? Well, it is not easy to be a leader in such a harsh world. Furthermore settlers of your settlement have two additional status bars.

  • Frostpunk crash site
  • Frostpunk user interface
  • Frostpunk building in game
  • Frostpunk colony starvation
  • injured child Frostpunk
  • Frostpunk coal mine

First is hope while the second is bitterness. All your decisions are going to impact both of these statuses. Trust us, you do not want them to reach the critical level. It is going to end badly for your colony. If you are looking for Frostpunk then click link below

First Feudal

The First Feudal is probably the best game which is going to appear when you are going to search for games similar to RimWorld. Is it a good game? Well, similar to the RimWorld you are going to take care of your own RPG-style village.

first fedual game

You are going to collect resources, manage your peasants and troops, give tasks to your villagers etc. In other words, your main task is to develop your village and at the same time, you need to take care of bandits.

  • First Feudal game interface
  • First Feudal GTA perspective
  • game colony First Feudal

They are going to attack you constantly, especially when your village is going to be well developed. They are searching for easy money and your village is a perfect place to attack. Living in the medieval times was never easy.  If you like the feudal climate then this game is a perfect choice for you. Enjoy a great experience.

Surviving Mars

It is finally time to invade Mars. Surving Mars is a game created by Haemimont (a company which created Tropico series) so you can be sure that the game has a lot of well-developed tycoon elements. In this game you are supposed to create a first colony on the red planet. The task is going to be very hard.

Mainly due to the fact that Mars is not a very welcoming place to live. First of all you need to create a system of pipes to transport water from underground sources straight to the colony. Then you need to take care of a heat and air. It is not like Earth, keep that in mind.

  • rocket on Surviving Mars
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The game can be bought below in good price


Kenshi it is perhaps the most interesting game on the list because of its rather surprising mix of genres. It is a sandbox free roam RPG game with colony management mechanics. A game is designed for a single player and provides you with a campaign in which you decide about almost anything. You can finish the game with a single character or with 50 of them.

  • dog in Kenshi
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  • Kenshi game

At the same time though, they are not chosen ones. They start as simple people and it is your job to turn them into heroes. Kenshi can be bought on G2A.COM here:

Oxygen not Included

If you think that the Dwarf Fortress might be a little bit too easy for you, then Oxygen not Included is definitely going to test your skills. Trust us, we can assure you that you will have to use all your skills and knowledge in order to win. Still, your task might seem to be relatively simple, at least at the very first sight. You just have to build a space colony.

  • Oxygen Not Included game characters
  • Oxygen Not Included graphics game
  • Oxygen Not Included video game
  • Oxygen Not Included colony game
  • Oxygen Not Included gameplay
  • bad time Oxygen Not Included

However the environment is going to kick you in the ass. Constant lack of air is going to be one of your biggest problems, at least at the beginning. If you really want to test your skills, Oxygen not Included is going to be a perfect choice. Still, you need to ask yourself a question, if you will be able to handle it. If you want to check it out, then visit link below


If you were looking for a city builder game which takes a lot from the Minecraft (for example in terms of graphics) then Stonehearth is going to be a perfect choice for you. The premise of the game is basic. You need to help a small group of settlers establish a new home in a beautiful land. Provide them with shelter, take care of food supplies and provide your villagers with tasks. Simple enough.

However, the biggest strength of  the Stonehearth lies in the fact that this game is constantly updated. In other words, the game is going to constantly provide you with new elements to make your gameplay experience, smoother. If you want to buy Stonehearth then visit link below for the best deals.

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  • StoneHearth
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Factorio is a game which takes a different route in comparison to all the previously mentioned titles. You are not in the control of a village, space station or a prison in this game. No, you simply take care of a factory.

You need to create a proper transport of resources to the factory at first, then you create manufacturing processes, analyze new technologies and so long and so forth. Constant development of the factory is what makes the management of the company, happy about you.

  • Factorio fight
  • Factorio railway
  • new research Factorio game
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  • Factorio game graphics
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The entire game is presented through the isometric camere. The game itself is not very hard. However, you need to constantly monitor the situation in your factory. Then, everything is going to be all right. If you want to read more about the Factorio game, then visit link below for interesting sales. 

Colony survival

Colony survival is a very interesting approach to the idea of base building. The very first thing which is going to surprise you is the fact, that it is actually a FPP base building game. Developed only by two people, the game puts you in the shoes of a colony leader.

Your colony starts as a relatively small place with only a few workers. However, you can develop it into a really big and modern place. At the same time though, you need to protect your settlers from monsters.

  • Stonehearth person
  • night in colony Stonehearth
  • colony survival Stonehearth
  • Minecraft game colony survival

As you develop your colony, they are going to attack more and more often. Hence, you need to build walls to survive these attacks. Do you think that you can handle this mission? See by yourself and visit link below to read more

As you can see, there are many games similar to both the RimWorld and the Dwarf Fortress.

It is up to you which of these games you are going to choose. All of the above mentioned games are great products with their own advantages. It is up to you, which one of them you should choose.