Video games are still associated with strictly male activities. We all know the stereotype of boys hiding in their male caves to engage in exciting CS: GO or War Thunder gameplay. Surprisingly, it turns out that the percentage of girls and men playing is almost equal.

Global research confirms that approximately 45% of players are women. The statistics include girls playing mobile, console, and PC games. And while many promotional video game campaigns are still aimed primarily at men, women find a lot of fun in less girly titles!

Just look at the number of active female streamers on Twitch or YouTube, slowly conquering the gaming world and climbing to the peaks of popularity. So what are the best woman games? If you are a female gamer looking for a new title or are just planning to embark on an epic adventure with gaming – you are in the perfect place. Welcome to the ready-made list of the fifteen coolest video games for girls and women!

The Sims 4

Release date:2014
Genre:Social simulation

Almost 60% of players enjoying sim gameplay in The Sims 4 are women. This latest title from Maxis is a source of great content with tons of exciting DLCs!

Create your dream Sims, design a home, and join the virtual community in a single-player game from Maxis! The fourth part introduces many new features, like improved artificial intelligence, better character customization options, or a system of needs and social interactions. If you love fun life simulations – this is your best choice. And for those craving more, the developers have released over 50 DLCs full of new adventures and cosmetic accessories.

Key features
  • Play the most popular life simulation
  • Create your dream heroes and introduce them to the perfect home
  • Manage your Sims’ development and engage in neighborhood life
  • Implement the most surprising scenarios

Life is Strange

Release date:2015-01-29
Developer:DON'T NOD

It is an episodic adventure game featuring the incredible story of Max and her friends. Discover her supernatural abilities, solve the mystery of enigmatic visions and make decisions to see this tale’s end.

Life is Strange is a bittersweet story about a girl returning to her hometown. It turns out that a lot has changed, and her old friends moved on with their lives. Including her friend Chloe, who will soon join Max to solve a case of strange disappearance and uncover the secret of the dark visions. But now, Max can count almost entirely on her time manipulation powers.

Key features
  • Play an exciting adventure game from the creators of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us
  • Explore locations and find clues to discover the following chapters of the story
  • Make choices to see their impact on your surroundings
  • Go back in time to correct your mistakes

Don't Starve Together

Release date:2016-04-21
Developer:Klei Entertainment

Play a standalone multiplayer DLC to the Don’t Starve survival action game where absolutely everything will want to kill you. DST is a perfect video game for women, enabling cooperative or competitive gameplay in an extremely dark setting.

You find yourself on a strange island overrun by monsters and darkness that brings death. There is one goal – survive! Collect resources, build a base, explore the mysterious world, and fight. Don’t Starve Together is fantastic gameplay set in expressive graphics similar to Tim Burton’s works. If you are into an exciting survival fun solo or in multiplayer – this title will be a brilliant choice for Halloween!

Key features
  • Play a standalone expansion pack for the dark survival game
  • Choose your hero and use his skills to survive
  • Explore, discover, collect resources and build a base
  • Play solo or in multiplayer


Release date:2018-01-25
Developer:Extremely OK Games

It is a 2D pixel art platformer with overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam. Lead the actions of red-haired Madeline – a girl who wants to climb the highest mountain in her land.

Celeste is an insanely challenging game where you will go through 700 screens to climb to the top of a massive mountain. Using basic skills like jumping or dashing, avoid numerous obstacles and do whatever it takes to continue your journey. There is a mystery at its end! But what is it? Find out by embarking on a thrilling single-player campaign, perfect for story-based platformer fans!

Key features
  • Play a challenging pixel art platformer from the creators of TowerFall
  • Complete over 700 dangerous levels
  • Meet other heroes and discover their stories
  • Learn what hides on the top of a huge mountain

League of Legends

Release date:2009
Developer:Riot Games

Riot Games statistics reveal that 30% of LoL players are women. Join them and discover an extraordinary fantasy world torn by ancient wars! It is time to make peace, and only the bravest heroes can resolve conflicts in the arena.

League of Legends is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where you will enter the realm of Valoran to join a series of team battles in various locations. Choose from powerful heroes and crush the opposing team! Develop skills, earn gold, destroy enemy group structures and have fun in this incredibly popular competitive game.

Key features
  • Play one of the most popular fantasy multiplayer games in the world
  • Choose a hero and use your talents to win
  • Develop your skills, unlock new attacks and increase your character’s stats
  • Play solo or in exciting multiplayer

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Release date:2016-01-28
Developer:Crystal Dynamics

This 2015 action game is the absolute best in the Lara Croft series. These 40 hours of adventure gameplay with a skilled female protagonist in the center is an excellent recommendation for all players – regardless of gender.

Lara began to drown in doubts concerning the truth of what she had witnessed. To solve this matter, the heroine travels to Siberia to find the invisible city and discover the secret of immortality. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a thrilling story with adrenaline-fueled action and breathtaking views for all players hungry for epic adventures in a dangerous environment.

Key features
  • Play the best game in the Tomb Raider series
  • Take control of Lara Croft’s actions and unravel the puzzles consuming her mind
  • Explore frozen Siberia to discover its secrets
  • Craft items and fight

Dragon Age: Origins

Release date:2009-11-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:BioWare Edmonton

Travel to the kingdom of Ferelden to discover the origins of a mysterious plague devouring its inhabitants. In this classic fantasy role-playing game, you will get everything fans of story-driven adventures dream of!

Create a hero and start your journey through a land inhabited by various magical creatures like elves and dwarves. Explore, encounter other characters, invite them to your team and discover new chapters in this thrilling tale. Dragon Age is one of the titles where choice matters, so each decision impacts the end of your adventure!

Key features
  • Play a classic fantasy RPG and fight a mysterious plague
  • Choose race, class, and gender to create your dream hero
  • Explore the land, complete quests, and fight
  • Develop your skills and create a powerful team

Mass Effect

Release date:2008-05-28

It is a sci-fi RPG where you will travel to the distant future to lead the actions of Commander Shepard. Engage in a conflict against evil Saren, and you will soon become part of an intergalactic-scale intrigue.

Explore faraway planets to discover their secrets. It is the start of your epic adventure from creators of games like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights! Make decisions, forge friendships or hostile relationships, complete missions, and fight. It is a legendary adventure during which you will discover a fascinating story and decide how its last chapter will end.

Key features
  • Play an epic sci-fi game and lead the fate of Commander Shepard
  • Explore planets and galaxies to discover their secrets
  • Make decisions and see their impact on the rest of your adventure
  • Lead your team and complete missions

Horizon Zero Dawn

Release date:2020-08-07
Developer:Guerrilla Games

Imagine a beautiful, primal world dominated by gigantic machines – posing a deadly danger to all humanity. Play the awarded action RPG to embrace your destiny and decide the future!

Aloy is a young warrior living in a post-apocalyptic world full of wildlife and intelligent machines. Direct her actions to discover your people’s past and learn the mystery of the coming future. Explore, enjoy dynamic parkour elements, craft, and fight! Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic plot set in breathtaking visuals.

Key features
  • Experience an alternative post-apocalyptic world
  • Play as young Aloy and discover the secrets of past
  • Explore wild forests and enjoy parkour features
  • Craft weapons or items and fight

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Release date:2017
Developer:Naughty Dog

It is a standalone expansion to the adventure game series from Naughty Dog, whose main protagonist is not Nathan Drake but two women. See the adventure of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on their risky journey to India!

Like the previous parts, Lost Legacy is a classic action-adventure game where you will travel to exotic lands to solve an ancient mystery. Unfortunately, you are not the only one interested in the ancient artifact! Use the help of Nadine Ross, explore, fight enemies and sneak. This title is also about puzzles, acrobatics, powerful vehicles, and decision-making. There is also one new feature: silenced guns! If you are looking for a memorable and fun adventure, play Uncharted.

Key features
  • Play the standalone expansion pack to the action-adventure series from Naughty Dog
  • Take charge of Chloe Frazer’s actions and embark on a journey to India
  • Explore, collect clues, chat with NPCs, and fight
  • Sneak and use silenced weapons to take out your opponents by surprise

NieR: Automata

Release date:2017-03-17

Welcome to the future. It is the time of the final fall of mere mortals, hiding in the moon bases. Androids will now fight for the fate of all humanity!

Play as the female YoRHa No.2 Type B android to take the Earth back from alien invaders. But first, you must engage in brutal battles against masses of enemies! Explore, fight, discover pieces of a touching story and grasp what it means to be human. NieR: Automata features quite a soulslike regeneration system, a unique character development scheme, spectacular combat, and travel on the back of animals or with a mech. And if you are a fan of story-based action games, the main and side storylines will capture your heart – especially since there are twenty-six endings!

Key features
  • Play an action RPG from the creators of Bayonetta
  • Control the actions of the female android and discover Earth after the fall of humanity
  • Explore, fight, and complete thrilling quests
  • Install chips and develop your killer skills

The Walking Dead - Season One

Release date:2019-09-10
Developer:Skybound Games

Sometimes survival doesn’t depend on combat skills but on making the right choices. Play an episodic adventure game based on Robert Kirkman’s comics and become part of the brutal reality after the zombie apocalypse.

Follow the story of Lee Everett and little Clementine to discover the origins of the entire zombie apocalypse. Explore a devastated world, encounter other people, forge alliances and make decisions. The title focuses on making choices, and any mistake can impact the rest of the adventure. It is an excellent recommendation for enthusiasts of immersive gameplay that requires great vigilance and a focused mind.

Key features
  • Play the first five episodes of the first season in the episodic adventure series from Telltale Games
  • Discover the world after the zombie apocalypse and find your place
  • Explore, solve puzzles, chat with other heroes and make decisions
  • Get carried away by a dramatic plot set in a post-apocalyptic reality

World of Warcraft

Release date:2004
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

Girls love World of Warcraft! No wonder, as this fantasy MMO gameplay is a dream come true for all players who want a little break from everyday reality.

Travel to Azeroth to become part of the ancient conflict between the Horde and the Alliance. Choose a side, create a character and discover a magical world of new possibilities! Explore, complete quests, grow your experience and discover the story of this fantasy land to understand its political situation. WoW is a classic MMORPG gameplay – perfect for lone wolves and fans of multiplayer.

Key features
  • Play the most famous classic MMORPG in the world
  • Create a hero and start your adventure in Azeroth
  • Explore, gain experience, and complete quests
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with hundreds of other players

Silent Hill 3

Release date:2003
Genre:Survival horror
Developer:Team Silent

It is the third installment in the horror series from Konami, where you will manage the actions of young Heather Mason. Troubled by nightmares, embark on your monstrous adventure to discover the thin line between reality and ghostly visions.

The Silent Hill 3 gameplay divides into two separate realities – one of them is the sinister town of Silent Hill. Face your demons and discover the mystery to survive. Prepare for spooky visions, hideous monsters, powerful bosses, and traps. Any wrong move can be fatal, so do whatever it takes to escape this hopeless situation.

Key features
  • Play the third installment in Konami’s iconic horror series
  • Guide Heather trapped in the terrifying Silent Hill
  • Explore, sneak and solve puzzles
  • Use weapons to resist bloodthirsty monsters


Release date:2016-10-27
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

The world of Elder Scrolls is a magical place engaging players of all genders – including women. Play the fifth installment in that legendary series and become a dragon hunter capable of restoring peace to this war-torn land.

The dragons are back, and Skyrim is on the brink of collapse. Create a hero and start your adventure as a forgotten dragon hunter. Explore the world, complete quests, discover the stories of the people of Skyrim, and choose your factions. Every action, statement, and decision matters and can have a lasting impact on the continuation of your adventure. Discover this harsh world of combat, magic, and legends for the most memorable RPG experience of your life!

Key features
  • Play the fifth installment in the role-playing series from Bethesda
  • Become a legendary dragon hunter and discover the story of Skyrim
  • Explore the land to gain experience and better weapons
  • Complete quests and make decisions to see their impact on the continuation of your adventure

More and more women choose video games as their regular daily recreation! According to the latest statistics, the single-player RPG is an increasingly popular genre among girls. No wonder – story-based titles are the most popular genre among players worldwide. And in other leading positions? We can find action games, match-3, puzzles, MMO, farm sims, and interactive drama.

Another factor influencing the increasing number of female gamers is the presence of female heroes in computer games. More top rated titles pass the Bechdel Test (the presence of two women in a given piece who have names and the topic of their conversation is not men). The protagonists have clearly defined personalities, are the center of the plot, express emotions like the male heroes, and voice all their desires. In a word – they do not differ from male characters in any way. And female gamers are now everywhere. See this shredded paladin in your favorite MMO? Watch out – it might be your grandma!