These games will help you relive your childhood.

The classic run and gun arcade Metal Slug series originated in the 1990s. Imagine kids crowding around a slot machine and watching someone playing a small character.

Almost 30 years later, this small group now includes a multitude of devoted fans.

It is, in fact, a small pixel art. The pace of the gameplay and the intense battles with enemies don’t allow to fully enjoy the iconic style, but we’re able to hang our eyes on the quirky but interesting characters a little bit longer.

Metal Slug 3

Release date:2014-02-14
Genre:Arcade & Platform

Number one in this ranking is the Metal Slug 3, which will throw you right into the middle of the conflict with General Morgen.

The game consists of 5 levels in which you will visit an underwater world, a mountain full of zombies, the inside of a military base, and even a spaceship.

The game is, as befits Metal Slug, not lacking in elements of humor. Funny animations and chasing monsters, e.g. in the form of a giant crab with a tank on its back, will catch you off guard many times.

Key features
  • 5 levels to overcome
  • exotic locations
  • zombies only at night
  • rewards for rescuing POWs

Metal Slug X

Release date:2014-10-02
Genre:Action & Shooter

It’s hard to miss this masterpiece in this ranking. New scenery, new enemies, new bonuses. Moreover, in addition to the classic day and night split, the developers have included dusk, twilight, and sunset.

Just as in part 2, you could encounter mummies so here you will be attacked by mummy dogs, and in each mission, you will be able to jump into a vehicle if the previous one is destroyed.

Weapons also proved to be a pleasant refresh, worth mentioning is the Iron Lizard, which is basically an unmanned vehicle with two legs and a mini antenna, supporting you against infantry.

Key features
  • dusk, twilight, and sunset added
  • second vehicle on each level
  • secret bonus locations
  • machine gun versions dealing more damage

Metal Slug

Release date:2015-06-25
Genre:Arcade & Platform
Developer:Nazca Corporation

Of course, this classic should be mentioned – it’s where it all started. The legendary 2D run and gun game, which first appeared on retro slot machines.

You control a pixelated man who makes funny shouts. Throughout 6 action-packed missions you’ll jump, run and smash the constantly approaching soldiers, and at the end you’ll face a boss, often in the form of a powerful tank or bomber.

You can choose between Marco or Tarma, who have a basic weapon with unlimited ammunition and a certain amount of grenades. Fortunately, you’ll be able to replenish your supplies along the way and get other pistols, rifles, or even flamethrowers.

Key features
  • You can play as Marco or Tarma
  • Crossing the map in a Metal Slug tank or on foot
  • Powerful bosses
  • Unlimited ammunition

Metal Slug 2

Release date:2016-04-14
Genre:Action & Shooter

In this part, for the first time, it is possible to change the protagonist freely and there are new characters: a prisoner and The Wandering Ghost, from whose backpack random objects fall out.

A fun culmination of the accomplishment of each mission is the victory poses that the playable characters perform. There are also 3 new Super Vehicles: the SV-Camel, Slugnoid and Slug Flyer, with which you can gain an advantage and travel through the quests in different ways.

Your character may even gain weight. When you eat too much food you will become fat and fight with a fork and cherries.

Key features
  • new vehicles
  • 4 playable characters
  • character can be fat or mummified
  • supporting characters

Metal Slug 6

Release date:2006-02-24
Developer:SNK Playmore

I don’t know if I’d set off against a hundred enemies on a donkey, but in this part it’s quite a normal situation, plus it carries a Metal Slug cannon.

Image credit: SNK Playmore

In addition to this nuance, you can use two weapons alternately, or if you prefer, fight with a knife against your opponents.

Also, a big plus is the introduction of difficulty levels, from now on there is a choice of an easy level for those less skilled or hard for those who love a challenge.

Key features
  • unique abilities of each character
  • two modes of play: Easy and Hard
  • riding a donkey
  • handling 2 weapons alternately

In this series, the gameplay itself is more important than the storyline. Unforgettable boss battles, a variety of weapons and cooperative gameplay create beautiful memories, and this is what attracts players the most.

Metal Slug popularized the genre, inspiring numerous other games. It has set a high standard for fast-paced action, detailed pixel art, and challenging gameplay.