Easy Gamescom, easy go. While we had a good bunch of fancy trailers, some of which we’ve written about in the past few days, there’s still more to talk about.

For instance: cosplay. The G2A crew, including influencers (IHATEPINKTF, Agus6w and ZIO) had a nice stroll through Gamescom corridors and exhibition halls, and scouted a number of cool cosplayers. I won’t lie to you: the origin of some of them eludes my grasp, but I’m sure somebody will point out my ignorance somewhere. What follows is a straightforward gallery of top 9 cosplayers spotted by the G2A Gamescom crew, and an added round of good folks whose contact and/or profile info the crew was unable to get.

If you’re on one of the photos, do reach out to us and we will properly credit you.

You can see the full report from G2A’s Gamescom adventure over at G2A Instagram.

With that being said, let’s see what’s up.

9. Choco_ocat as three Darths from Battlestar GalacTreka Star Wars

gamescom 2018 choco_ocat star war cosplay g2a gamescom challenge


8. xcotton_candy as Soraka from League of Legends, accompanied by Link

xcotton_candy soraka gamescom 2018 cosplay

7. pete_cosplay as Scout Trooper and a Sith I’m calling Darth Anonius until a kind soul tells me otherwise

pete_cosplay gamescom 2018 star wars cosplay

6. Fae Fawn as Faerie Dragon from World of Warcraft

fae fawn as faerie dragon from world of warcraft gamescom 2018 cosplay

5. Dimon Engel as Mario and Green Stretch MarioLuigi from Super Mario Bros.

dimon engel as mario and luigi gamescom 2018 cosplay

4. _na.ni.mo as Kindred from League of Legends

na ni mo as Kindred from league of legends cosplay at gamescom 2018

3. Grim Ripper as a geeky Grim Reaper

gamescom 2018 grim reaper cosplay

2. teamoogle as 2B and 9S from NieR: Automata

teamoogle nier automata cosplay at gamescom 2018

1. Eressea Sama as Eeveelutions from Pokemon

gamescom cosplay eressea sama g2a challenge

Bonus round:

Congratulations to everyone for their talent and geekdom, and best wishes for future costumes.

Which cosplay did you find the most impressive? Maybe your favourite isn’t here? Do share your faves in the comments.