Yeah, new video games are okay. But nothing brings that blast of the past like the simple titles Amiga owners used to play in their younger, not-so-distant years.

Sold between 1985 and 1992, the Commodore Amiga was one of the best things to happen after the dramatic video game crash of 1983. People chose computers over consoles, and soon Amiga left a legacy of many legendary video games. Can you play them on PC? Yes! Many best Amiga games are available through Steam or various online emulators so PC users can revisit dear gaming adventures from their childhood days. And here you will find the top ten!


Release date:1993
Genre:Multidirectional shooter

This simple 1993 Asteroid game clone changed everything. Introducing beautifully crafted, colorful visuals and unique mechanics, it quickly became one of the best Amiga titles.

Stardust 1993 gamescreen

When the evil Professor Shaumund kidnaps the princess, her fate lies in the player’s hands. Confront the heartless army of approaching meteorites and proceed to the following maps! Sounds simple? So let us tell you that Stardust, in addition to the semi-3D graphics, presented space tunnels acting as intense cutscenes between levels. Two independent games within one title!

Key features
  • Play the epic Asteroid clone
  • Explore four unique worlds and fight incoming asteroids
  • Use five weapons and three homing missiles
  • Avoid obstacles in epic space tunnels

Prince of Persia

Release date:1989
Genre:Cinematic platformer

Beat dozens of challenging levels to save the princess! This massive success of the 90s was the first to introduce rotoscoping, so it quickly became a standard for other computer games of these times.

Prince of Persia 1989 gamescreen

When the king of Persia leaves his kingdom, the evil Jaffar takes charge to give an ultimatum – the princess will marry him or die. Playing as a prince, players must defeat omnipresent enemies and solve puzzles to finally free themselves from the gloomy dungeon and save their beloved. In one hour!

Key features
  • Play the legendary Prince of Persia from 1989
  • Proceed through the levels and hurry up
  • Battle hordes of enemies to defeat the evil Jaffar
  • Enjoy dynamic animations and an incredibly addictive soundtrack


Release date:1995
Genre:Artillery, strategy

Everyone has heard of this title before, but what are its origins? Well, it all started with this iconic Amiga game!

Worms 1995 gamescreen

Starting with nostalgic cinematics, Worms is the coolest game of its time. As the leaders of worms armies, players can wage devastating battles against the AI or others operating an impressive arsenal of hilarious weapons. Friendly worms comment on your violent actions! And that’s not all, because this particular game is now available on Steam for everyone.

Key features
  • Discover the first Worms video game, now available on Steam
  • Lead a group of four heroic soldiers
  • Enjoy devastating and ridiculous weapons to destroy the enemy team
  • Play solo or in explosive multiplayer

Cannon Fodder

Release date:1993
Genre:Shoot 'em up
Developer:Sensible Software

It is a timeless legend in the war game genre, combining shooting with avoiding challenging obstacles. And each upcoming mission brings a higher difficulty level!

Cannon Fodder gamescreen

Cannon Fodder is a humorous vision of war in which players control a squad of up to five soldiers fighting on different battlefields. The entire game consists of 23 missions in the desert, jungle, or icy environments, and each task requires an appropriate strategy. Interesting fact – this iconic title has received some criticism for glorifying war as great fun.

Key features
  • Play 23 missions of an exceptionally addictive war campaign
  • Lead a crew of up to five soldiers fighting on battlefields around the world
  • Fight and avoid surprising obstacles
  • Enjoy fun and increasingly challenging gameplay

Sensible Soccer

Release date:1992
Developer:Sensible Software

Before the world got the excellent FIFA series, there was this game. And those who remember can confirm that each match was faster than any other title!

Sensible Soccer gamescreen

Equipped with an intuitive interface, editable team arrangements, and a top-down perspective, Sensible Soccer was a must-have for all football fans playing on the Amiga. And what makes it unique is that losing the ball is a matter of seconds, so the game requires skills and superhuman reflexes.

Key features
  • Play the first game in the legendary Sensible Soccer series
  • Edit teams and learn each player’s skills
  • Enjoy the intuitive interface
  • Choose from a multitude of available teams


Release date:1993
Genre:Real-time tactics
Developer:Bullfrog Productions

Journey to 2096 for ultimate control over the world. If you were looking for the Amiga version of Cyberpunk 2077 – this is your best choice.

Syndicate gamescreen

In a world ruled by megacorporations, you must do everything to take control. Play fifty challenging missions scattered worldwide, transform ordinary people into powerful cyborgs, and complete dangerous tasks. This is an ultimate race for power, so don’t waver. Do whatever it takes to invent new technologies and mighty weapons that are the key to making the entire Earth yours.

Key features
  • Discover a unique cyberpunk game from 1993
  • Control four cyborgs working for your syndicate
  • Collect funds to invent better technologies
  • Complete the entire campaign and take over the world


Release date:1991
Genre:Puzzle, strategy
Developer:DMA Design

The self-destructive Lemmings’ adventures are a gaming legend, and saving them from sudden death was something everyone tried to achieve at some point.

Lemmings gamescreen

The fundamental goal of this game is simple – save as many lemmings as possible and escort them to the exit. Easier said than done! While crossing the various levels, the poor little creatures constantly encounter dangerous obstacles. But you can assign chosen group members to specific tasks and deal with them! The problem is Lemmings are constantly moving forward, and some places require the player’s instant reaction to save at least a small group. Highly addictive!

Key features
  • Play the iconic puzzle game from 1991
  • Guide a group of Lemmings to get them out 
  • Assign tasks to reach higher difficulty levels
  • Save as many as you can

Sid Meier's Civilization

Release date:1991
Genre:Turn-based strategy

Before Civilization looked the way we know it today, this game was a typical pixel strategy with a simple map and animations. And many play it to this day!

Sid Meier's Civilization 1991 gamescreen

Control a chosen civilization during hundreds of years of development! Players engage in political, technological, scientific, and religious growth to surpass other nations in the fierce fight for world domination. There are many ways to succeed, like sending people to another planet or winning a global war. But every reckless decision along the way can dramatically delay this process.

Key features
  • Play the first Civilization game ever
  • Manage your chosen nation during hundreds of years of its development
  • Invest in science, the army, and wonders
  • Discover all ways to win the game


Release date:1990
Developer:Hudson Soft

Also known as Dyna Blaster. This game is all about exploding bombs! But don’t be fooled by its simple graphics. Some levels are genuinely hard to beat.

Bomberman 1990 gamescreen

The goal of this game is to find the door and proceed to the next level. However, the hero equipped with bombs must first overcome a complex maze of obstacles inhabited by enemies. How to do it? Use bombs! But not so fast. These opponents are pretty clever, and ambushing them can be complicated – but ultimately, that’s your problem!

Key features
  • Use bombs to find a way out
  • Use various power-ups to make this task easier
  • Outsmart your enemies
  • Play solo or in multiplayer against other players


Release date:1993

From the creators of Worms, Superfrog is an old-school platformer about a frog desiring to defeat a wicked witch. As you can easily guess, his archenemy kidnapped the princess, and our hero is a prince turned into a green amphibian.

Superfrog 1993 gamescreen

Travel through six fantasy worlds, collect coins, and avoid obstacles to save your beloved. Superfrog is a pleasant platformer set in a classic fairy tale world. But each level becomes progressively more dangerous! Fortunately, players can choose the difficulty level to enjoy it however they want.

Key features
  • Play a classic fantasy platformer about saving a damsel in distress
  • Travel across increasingly challenging levels
  • Collect coins, win bonuses, and avoid obstacles
  • Defeat the evil witch!

As you can see, older games have more to offer than one might think. Some — like Lemmings — may even result in a tiny trauma caused by hundreds of unsuccessful attempts to save a group of adorable creatures. It means these video games really were able to impress and still can! If your favorite childhood title is unavailable on Steam, use the emulator. Among the best, you will find proven software like WinUAE, WinFellow, or RetroArch. There’s no point in reflecting on how it used to be when you can easily bring these days back to glorious life in the present.