Let’s face it games, where you can be evil, are a luxury which can be rarely found. Even the RPG games, which lure you with the possibility of being a bad guy, are not a good choice. Mainly due to the fact, that being a goody-two-shoes provides you with a much better reward.

In Bioshock you can either save little girls and be provided with, a relatively small amount of Adam (a substance used for upgrades) or kill them and gain much more of it. However, if you are a good guy, Tenenbaum is not only going to provide you with Adam, but you are also going to get powerful items and plasmids (which you cannot gain through other means). Most of the time you want to be a hero.

Savior of the universe, powerful warrior loved by everyone etc. However, sometimes we simply want to take a break from that. Become a villain, killing everyone just for giggles. Burning villages, destroying families, torturing people. Yeah, it is something worth doing. At least in games. This is why we decided to provide you with a list of games where you can be evil. In these productions, you can do evil deeds and you are not going to face any consequences.

List of games where you can play as evil bastard

GameRelease yearGenreCheck price below
Prototype 22012Action GameBuy now!
Lucius 12012Survival HorrorBuy now!
Lucius 22015Survival HorrorBuy now!
Grand Theft Auto 52013Action GameBuy now!
Hatred2008Action GameBuy now!
Carmageddon Max Damage2016Racing GameBuy now!
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Feature games

Prototype 2

Genre:Action Game
Release year:2012

In Prototype 2 you are James Heller, a former US Marine who lived in Manhattan with his daughter and wife. However, when you were on a mission a virus outbreak started and your wife was killed, while the daughter was taken by the government. Hence, you swore revenge on Alex Mercer and the government itself. However, during your confrontation with Alex, he infected you with the same virus he had in his veins.

Prototype 2 game character

Now you are an abomination similar to him. You can shapeshift, produce weapons from your own body, jump on buildings, run super-fast, break tanks with your punches, consume people and their memories etc. You are like a mix of the Hulk and that monster you might know from a movie The Thing. However, you are not going to be a hero in this game. The only thing you have in mind is the revenge against Mercer.

If citizens of New York are going to die because of that? Who cares about that? You are even going to kill many people yourself. You are not going to stop until Mercer is dead. Hence, if you want to destroy Manhattan then you should definitely invest in the Prototype 2.

Lucius 1 & Lucius 2

Genre:Survival Horror
Release year:2012
Genre:Survival Horror
Release year:2015

Here we decided to present two games from the series at the same time, due to the fact that they pretty much follow the same pattern (with small changes, connected mainly to the plot).

lucius game - character - cold room

Well, if you know the movie, then you know what type of game Lucius is. You are Lucius Wagner, a boy who was born on June 6th, 1966 in room 666 of the St. Benedict Memorial Hospital. Judging by the number you probably already know who you really are. Yes, Lucius is an Antichrist. Your main task in the first game is to kill all your family members and residents of the Dante’s Manor.
However, you cannot simply “kill them” with your demonic powers. You have to maintain your child-like persona. Hence, each death needs to look like an accident. You are going to have so much fun setting various traps.

lucius 2 game - character

You can poison the food, break a leg of the piano in order to make it fall on someone’s head. Hell (no pun intended), you are even going to feign someone suicide. Everything to make your real father Lucifer, happy. In this game, you are an antichrist. You simply cannot be eviler than that. Are you going to sell your soul to the demon lord?

Grand Theft Auto 5

Genre:Action Game
Release year:2013

While we specifically mention Grand Theft Auto 5 in this list, you can actually put any Grand Theft Auto game you want. In all games from the series you can be a bad boy. Steal cars, kill people, fight the police, destroy everything. Do whatever you want. In GTA 5 you land in the city of Los Santos (which you should already know if you are a fan of the series). Here you are going to take a control of three different characters.

Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar

The first one is Michael, a simple thief who found out that his wife is cheating on him. In an attack of rage he destroyed the villa of her lover. Soon it turned out that it was an estate of a very powerful drug lord. Hence, Michael needs to come back to his old job and start stealing again. The second character is Trevor. An old friend of Michael, who is encouraging Michael to come back to their partnership. Soon, they become a criminal duo.

The third character in Grand Theft Auto 5 is Franklin. A young boy from the ghetto who simply wants to earn a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time. Michael immediately recognizes that this is a bad idea but he has no choice but to cooperate. While all three of them (especially Michael and Franklin), are really likable characters still they cannot be called good guys. You are going to stand against the police, you are going to kill random people. Not to mention how many of them are going to die under the wheels of your car.


Genre:Action Game
Release year:2008

To be honest, we were thinking for a while whether this game should be mentioned in this list. There is no denying that in Hatred you are going to be one of the most evil bastards in history.

Hatred game charakter

Personally, I am a person who enjoys games like Postal 2, Prototype or Carmageddon so as you can see I pretty much like to be a bad guy.

However, in Hatred the case is different. The main “protagonist” of the game has no redeeming qualities. In most games where you can play as an evil bastard, this character has something likable about him or her. In Postal, the Postal Dude is a funny guy who simply draws weird situations towards himself. He also loves animals and he is quite open-minded towards people. However, when town and townsfolk literally start to piss on him, well, he snaps. However, if you want the Postal Dude can be a pacifist.

Hatred game port

Evil spawns from Overlord or Dungeon Keeper are very often incompetent and goofy. Besides, they do not want to simply kill everyone but rather to create their own “Kingdom”. Even Lucius and Lucifer are somehow likable when you learn that all they do is related to the God’s plan. However, in Hatred you are going to hate the main character. The unnamed protagonist of Hatred is a guy who just kidnapped and murdered a civilian in a basement.

Then he picked AK-47, a few grenades and started something, called “Genocide Crusade”. Your main aim is to kill as many people as possible, before you die. You are going to hear people scream for mercy while you shoot them in the face.

Yeah, you are an evil bastard without redeeming qualities. Do you think that you can pull it off?

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Genre:Racing Game
Release year:2016

Who doesn’t know Carmageddon? Even since the first game appeared in 1997 the media and public opinion went crazy. After all, in games from the series you are a driver who participates in a crazy race. A race where one of your main tasks is to blindside as many people as possible.

Carmageddon: Max Damage - auto parts

One of the most remembered moments in the entire series is the stadium scene. Yeah, you could literally drive to the stadium during the NFL match and drive through both teams. Carmageddon: Max Damage is the remake of the first game. Once again you are going to take control over either Max Damage or Die Anna and participate in the craziest and bloodiest race ever. Even though this is the remake of the first Carmageddon, Max Damage is much more complex.

Carmageddon: Max Damaпу - burning car

Each race is going to provide you with a different challenge. Still, the most important thing for you are going to be screams of pedestrians while you smack them around and throw sarcastic comments when their brains land on your windshield. It is going to be even funnier when you find one of many power ups hidden in the area. There is a power up which turns pedestrians into morons who instead of running away, go straight into your car.

There is also a power up which allows you to use powerful spring to literally send pedestrians (or enemy vehicles) straight into the stratosphere with a funny “boink” sound. You are going to have a lot of fun with Carmageddon.

Saints Row 2

Genre:Adventure Game
Release year:2008

The reason why we decided to mention only Saints Row 2 in this list instead of the entire series is relatively simple. Saints Row 2 is literally the only one game in the entire series, where you are an evil bastard. In the first game your character is only a small fish in the pond so his actions are not as “damaging” and “evil” as they could be. On the other hand in both Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 the protagonist is developing into a good guy.

Saints Row 2 - the hostage

However, Saints Row 2 is different. In this game you just run away from prison, your gang is almost destroyed and you are visibly pissed by the situation. Your main aim in this game is to take control over the city. However, in order to do so first you need to get rid of three gangs which control the city since the absence of the Third Row Saints. These gangs are The Brotherhood, Sons of Samedi, and the Ronins.

In battles against them, you are not going to take prisoners. To provide you with an example. In this game you are going to bury someone alive. A young son of one of your enemies. Furthermore, during your struggle for power you probably are going to kill many innocent people during shoot outs, chase scenes etc.

Saints Row 2 - protagonist

Even though you are an evil bastard you have at least one redeeming quality. Your singing talent (or rather lack of it) when AHA – Take on Me starts to play in the radio. Fun fact, every time this song is going to start your character is going to sing it. When you create the protagonist you can choose one of six different voices. One of the game achievements is to sing Take on Me with all of these voices.

As it can be seen, there are quite a few games in which you can take the role of a bad guy. However, we still did not mention all of them. Remember that there are also much more subtle titles which are not going to tell you straight away that you are a bad guy.

For example, Spec Ops: The Line is going to force you to question your own morals. Furthermore, this game is going to make you realize than at war, there are no good people. On the other hand there is Shadow of Colossus where you do not even know that you are a bad guy until the end.

Then there is Blood Omen 2 where you know that you are a monster but on the other hand, people with who you fight, are even worse. There are so many possibilities for you to choose that it is up to you what kind of evil bastard you are going to be.