A haunted house is a common element of many good horror games – if an action takes place inside a house, there’s a lot of room for adding terrifying elements and jump scares, and the setting itself adds a lot to the scary atmosphere due to its claustrophobic nature.

If the house is in the middle of nowhere, it also adds another layer of fear – it makes you realize that you are on your own and there’s no one who could hear your cry for help.

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Ultimate Edition 2013-08-27 Adventure MercurySteam - Climax Studios
Castlevania Anniversary Collection 2019-05-16 Adventure Konami Digital Entertainment
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 2014-02-25 Adventure MercurySteam
The House Of The Dead Remake 2022-04-28 Shooter MegaPixel Studio S. A.
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Biohazard 7 Resident Evil 2017-01-23 Horror CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Remothered Tormented Fathers 2017-10-31 Adventure Stormind Games
Layers Of Fear 2016-02-15 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Layers Of Fear 2 2019-05-28 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Resident Evil Biohazard Hd Remaster 2015-01-19 Adventure CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Amnesia Collection 2010-09-08 Adventure Frictional Games
Phantasmagoria 1995-07-31 Adventure Sierra
Song Of Horror Complete Edition 2019-10-31 Horror Protocol Games
Sanitarium 1998-04-30 Adventure DotEmu
Bioshock Infinite 2013-03-25 RPG Irrational Games
Resident Evil 8 Village 2021-05-07 Horror CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Thief Deadly Shadows 2004-06-11 Adventure Ion Storm

Today we’ve gathered a bunch of great games where a house plays an important role – take a look at some of the best haunted house video games on the list down below.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Release date:2017-10-31
Developer:Stormind Games

The first haunted house game that’s worth recommending is Remothered – a story focused on the investigation of a case of a missing girl.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers follows the story of Rosemary Reed as she tries to learn more about the whereabouts of a certain girl who was considered missing for years. Her investigation starts with visiting Richard Felton’s house. At first, nothing seems to be suspicious, but as Rosemary digs deeper, she becomes targeted by those who don’t want the truth to be revealed. As she gets closer to solving the case, a new threat emerges and now it’s not a matter of finding the girl anymore – it’s a fight for survival.

Key features
  • A third-person survival horror
  • An intriguing story with some interesting twists
  • The gameplay focused on exploration and solving environmental puzzles
  • Dynamic sections – danger may be lurking around any corner so don’t let your guard down

Layers of Fear

Release date:2016-02-15
Developer:Bloober Team SA

Those who love art will surely like Layers of Fear, a horror game about a painter who attempts to finish the masterpiece of his life.

Layers of fear is a first-person psychological horror where you will be playing as an artist. By exploring the surroundings, you will gather the knowledge necessary to complete your work, but it’s easier said than done – there’s certainly something evil going on and it will be your job to figure it out. As you explore the house and progress the story, you will learn more about the magnum opus you’re currently working on, as well as about yourself and your past – perhaps that’s the key to understanding the truth.

Key features
  • A story-driven psychological horror with elements of madness and insanity
  • Gameplay that revolves around exploration and solving a variety of puzzles
  • Classic and original art that helps to make the Victorian setting more realistic and believable
  • A good combination of jump scares and more subtle scary elements

Resident Evil REmake

Release date:2015-01-19
Developer:CAPCOM CO., LTD.

The Japanese Resident Evil series has a long history and the game received more attention in recent years, partially thanks to the newly released remakes, so it’s better time than ever to revisit this classic horror.

Resident Evil revolves around a mysterious virus that turns people into mindless zombies. As a part of the Raccoon City police department’s special investigation team, you will be tasked with rescuing another group and getting to the bottom of the case. You will find yourself in an abandoned mansion that hides many secrets and houses terrifying creatures that won’t go easy on you – keep searching for clues that can help you discover the truth but better watch your back wherever you go.

Key features
  • A classic survival horror experience
  • A captivating story that focuses on zombies
  • Great ambient sounds that further enhance the scary atmosphere
  • Secrets and unlockables for the completionists

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Release date:2017-01-23
Developer:CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Speaking of Resident Evil, RE 7: Biohazard is also worth being mentioned on the list – a new story awaits.

After some experiments with different approaches to the genre and putting more emphasis on action than horror in a few earlier games, the development team of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard finally decided to return to the roots of the series in order to bring back that old-school experience but in a modern package. Enjoy better visuals and improved first-person gameplay. Make use of available weapons to get rid of enemies, but make every bullet count as they’re hard to come by.

Key features
  • First-person survival horror from a very well-known franchise
  • Gameplay that strikes a balance between action sequences and slow and careful exploration of the surroundings
  • Polished visuals that make the title much more immersive
  • Tense atmosphere that will keep you company throughout the game


Release date:2022-04-28
Developer:MegaPixel Studio S. A.

On a more casual and light-hearted side of the spectrum of haunted house video games, we’ve got The House of The Dead – a simple but incredibly fun shooter.

The House of The Dead was originally released in 1996 and the remake is a much more polished version that was recreated from scratch in Unity. The gameplay is very simple but can get addicting – your job is to simply aim and shoot down the enemies and objects. Your character moves on its own between sequences and the ammo is unlimited, so you can focus entirely on shooting. The game is not as terrifying as other horror games, but if you happen to forget that you’re not playing a game that’s meant to scare you, the soundtrack will quickly remind you – the game’s fast electronic and rock music fits an arcade shooter exceptionally well.

Key features
  • A rail shooter video game with zombies, ghouls, and demons
  • Very easy to learn, but requires good reflexes
  • Pure fun in form of fast-paced arcade action
  • Local multiplayer – a perfect game for a horror party night

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Release date:2010-09-08
Developer:Frictional Games

Amnesia is an example of how a relatively simple game can be turned into an amazing horror – it perfectly manipulates the dark atmosphere to create the lingering feeling of danger.

Amnesia revolves around navigating through spooky locations while avoiding detection and solving puzzles. In a game that utilizes realistic physics, even such a simple thing as opening a door can be difficult when you’re stressed out – you need to manually grab the door and move it, and you’ll be surprised how challenging it can be when you’re chased. The game was a popular choice for content creators to stream their playthroughs online – if you’d like to experience this thrilling story yourself, make sure to grab a copy.

Key features
  • An immersive survival horror game with elements of adventure
  • The gameplay focused on exploration, solving puzzles, and outsmarting the stalker
  • Induces constant fear of danger lurking behind the corner
  • Physics-based world – use the environment and nearby objects to your advantage


Release date:1995-07-31

For a more old-school game that features a haunted mansion, you should give Phantasmagoria a try.

Phantasmagoria is a classic point & click adventure game that revolves around the story of a couple that moved into their newly bought mansion. As it turns out, the mansion is not as abandoned as one would’ve thought and now it’s your, the player’s, job to put an end to whatever is going on. The game features live-action actors and footage, which is very rare to see these days in video games – if you’ve never played such a game before, it’s sure worth a shot for that unique old-school experience.

Key features
  • A classic point & click graphic adventure game
  • A captivating story that will keep you entertained for the duration of the game
  • Live-action footage with real actors
  • An old-school experience that is hard to come by these days

Song of Horror

Release date:2019-10-31
Developer:Protocol Games

If you’re looking for a challenging game, Song of Horror is a perfectly valid option, thanks to the smart AI that will try to expose your weaknesses.

In Song of Horror, you will control over a dozen of different characters as they’re trying to solve the mysteries, complete the puzzles, and survive the encounters with the purest form of evil. Death in the game is permanent, but it doesn’t end the story right away – when your character dies, you can continue as another character. As long as there’s at least one person left, your mission can still be completed. One of the most interesting features of the game is undoubtedly the use of AI that gradually learns your behavior and tries to use that knowledge to outsmart you, which makes the title increasingly challenging.

Key features
  • Survival horror with a truly scary atmosphere
  • Advanced AI that controls the enemy and adapts to your playstyle in real-time
  • Several playable characters with unique traits
  • Permanent death with an option to continue the same story as another character – if there’s anyone alive left, that is

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Release date:2014
Genre:Horror, adventure
Developer:Lag Studios

This one is interesting – it starts as a rather innocent and even cute game, but there are places that can make your heart go faster.

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion is a game about exploring the titular mansion and going through its 1000 rooms to reach the end. At first, it doesn’t seem to be frightening at all – it starts by trying to scare you with silly jump scares in form of cute creatures painted on wooden boards that occasionally pop up from the walls. They will probably get you from time to time due to the element of surprise alone and you will feel bad for falling for this. However, as the game progresses further, things will start to get a little spookier.

Key features
  • One-of-a-kind cute horror video game
  • 1000 rooms of spookiness – do your best to survive until the end
  • A unique mix of a relaxed casual experience with a desperate fight for life
  • Simple and adorable visuals with more scary elements being introduced gradually


Release date:1998-04-30

For the final game on the list, we’ve got Sanitarium – an old classic from 1998.

Sanitarium is a point & click adventure game that follows the story of a man who lost his memories and found himself in the titular Sanitarium. As you dive deeper into the story you will have the unique opportunity to explore all kinds of surreal places, including a town of malformed children and an alien hive with cyborg insects. If you know Grim Fandango, you may be interested in knowing that Sanitarium tied with it when competing for the title of the 1998 Computer Gaming World’s best adventure game – and that’s solid proof of distinction.

Key features
  • A classic adventure with a nostalgic feeling attached to it
  • Several entirely different chapters to complete
  • Lots of puzzles of varying difficulty to test your skills
  • Good voice acting that adds a lot to the game’s atmosphere

The Best Haunted Houses in Video Games

Haunted houses can be often found in horror video games – it’s a common theme and for a good reason. Being locked inside a mansion with evil beings lurking around is a solid recipe for a terrifying game. There’s no way to run and no one will help you. It’s only you, the house, and a merciless hunter who won’t stop until he catches you and squeezes your body out of life to the last drop of blood.

If you’re ready to tackle the challenge, check out some of the best haunted house video games on our list above.