Want to feel like a mighty commander and lead your armies to victory? Those games let you do that. You will face your enemies and try to conquer their lands. Whether in realistic environments like ancient Rome, or some fictional ones like fantasy worlds filled with various beasts and races. Discover the best games where you can conquer other lands and territories in this article.

Territory Conquest Games Recommendations

The games listed below are just some of the best strategy games in which you can conquer enemy territories trough combat or diplomacy, but the genre is much richer than that and it would be a sin to forget about other great strategy video games that allow you to capture other lands such as Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis series, Stronghold, Stellaris, Age of Empires franchise or other Total War video games not mentioned in this artcile.

Total War Video Games Series

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Conquer your enemies’ territories in one of those great games.

Total War: Rome II

GenreTurn-based strategy
DeveloperThe Creative Assembly
Release year2013

Step into shoes of a great Roman emperor, and, what is typical to the series, try and conquer as many territories as it is possible. Of course, do not forget about many other significant aspects of ruling your empire.

Total War rome battle of pydna

Besides the war part, the game is filled with mechanics that let you trade and negotiate with your rivals. The map is divided into several sectors, each with its main city and a number of villages belonging to it. Each village can specialize in different branches of economy (such as mining, fishing, horse breeding and so on).

Key features
  • Build your empire, reacting the history, or try rewrite everything and conquer the greatest ancient empires with some native peoples of North Africa.
  • Play it rough or play it nice – like in the previous installments of the Total War series, you can either conquer your enemies with the power of your army and fleet or try some diplomacy on them.
  • Advanced mechanics of managing your family tree – arrange marriages, appoint new statesman, assassinate the members of the opposing party, and much more!
  • Tons of units and styles of combat – diversity of nations divided into cultural clusters make the whole gameplay much more interesting.
  • Experience the immense feeling of taking control over your troops in real-time on the battlefield – large-scale real-time battles can easily impress even the most demanding audience.

Total War: Warhammer & TW: Warhammer II

GenreTurn-based strategy
DeveloperThe Creative Assembly
Release year2016 & 2017

The Total War series steps into the epic world of Warhammer. This means managing your own civilization in a completely new and refreshed context. Forget about the royal guards and ordinary infantry and embrace mystical beasts as your troops!

Total War Games - Warhammer pc game

A completely new perspective on the Total War series brings a fresh breeze into the genre of turn-based strategy games. Although it is still a Total War title, the game setting is basically a Warhammer one, including the world map and the playable units.

Key features
  • Try Total War’s engine in a fantasy world’s setting of flying imperial griffons and proud dwarves – choose your faction and manage their development – each with its unique units and mechanics.
  • Admire the beautiful lands of the fantasy world from the Warhammer universe, now fit in the frames of Total War series.
  • Enjoy the details of each single unit, so distinguishable in the history-themed games of the Total War series.
  • Some new features, never seen in the previous games from the series, have been added – send your agent to aid your troops military in combat, or take advantage of the flying type of units (such as dragons, for example).
  • Face the Chaos – as you progress in the campaign, the Chaos grows just behind your borders. Be ready for the deadly confrontation!

Hearts of Iron IV

GenreGrand strategy
DeveloperParadox Development Studio
Release year2016

Hearts of Iron IV is a strategy game set in the times of World War II and puts us as the leaders of one of the countries of that period. Whether we choose Poland, Germany, France, or anything else – our task will be to conquer the territories of our opponents.

Hearts of Iron game interface

The world map is complex as is the categorization of the available units. The countries are divided into states, which are then composed of a number of smaller provinces and possess a few different slots for the development. Moreover, some units, such as infantry, can be further customized and upgraded by the player.

Key features
  • Grand strategy set in the WW II reality – take care of your nation and conquer your enemies.
  • Train your troops, build airships, tanks and battleships, and go into battle to take your opponents’ territories.
  • Develop your provinces and states and enjoy complex system of managing your country – build factories, military structures and improve infrastructure of your lands.
  • Diplomacy is also available – nations can take various diplomatic actions, such as signing a treaty or guarantee independence to one another.
  • Following significant events for your nations helps you reaching next milestones – meet certain requirements and advance!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
GenreTurn-based strategy
DeveloperFiraxis Games
Release year2016 (PC), 2018 (Switch), 2019 (PS4, X One)

Unlike the previous games, Sid Meier’s Civilisation series has always been somehow special, as those games are usually not so much about military affairs and combat, as more about economical and cultural development.

The sixth installment is no different here. The world map is divided into comfortable hexes. Each field (or tile) has some properties, like a field where docks can be built, or a field with a mother lode and a possibility of building a mine here to gather resources. Both cultural as industrial development is the key to victory.

Key features
  • Choose from a great number of known civilizations – may it be Mesopotamia, Egypt, or even Aztecs or Mayans.
  • Take next tiles, grow your empire, build mines, factories, farms, docks and many more!
  • Take care of the cultural development of your nation – advance in the respective civilization development tree and achieve next milestones.
  • Advance through eras – begin with a few huts and macemen, and finish with airships, tanks and more!
  • Be the one to build all of the Wonders (such as the pyramids or the Colossus) and take advantage of their bonuses.