Are real-time strategy games your cup of tea? Have you already gone through the entire Age of Empires series and are hungry for more? Well, we got your back! Here is a complete list of 10 best real time strategy titles that borrow a lot from Age of Empires games.

If you’re a newbie to this genre, let us first introduce you to the famous franchise that was launched more than 20 years ago!

About Age of Empires

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy series based on historical events, developed by Ensemble Studios. The game was released in 1997 and since then seven titles and three spin-offs have come out. Some of them are available offline only, for PC, but there is also an online version.

Each of the instalment focuses on a different era in the human’s history. The idea is to erect buildings, upgrade them, create military units, find resources, expand your controlled area and further develop a chosen civilization. It is a mix of military and economic strategy that requires a lot of logical thinking and a broad perspective to succeed.

Historical Eras Covered by Age of Empires

AoE series consists of various titles that take place in different historical eras and on various continents. Let’s look at some of the games and the setting of their campaigns:

  • Age of Empires: period from the Stone Age to the Classical Period in Europe and Asia,
  • The Rise of Rome DLC: the Roman Empire’s times,
  • The Age of Kings: the Middle Ages in Asia and Europe,
  • The Age of Kings expansion called The Conquerors: the Middle Ages in Europe and Asia as well as the Spanish conquest of Mexico,
  • Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs DLC: the colonization of both Americas by Europeans,
  • The Asian Dynasties expansion: the rise of Asia in the times of the European colonization of the Americas,
  • Age of Empires online version: the Egyptian and Greek civilizations in the ancient times,
  • Age of Mythology spin-off and its Titans DLC: the Bronze Age but with a focus on mythological events rather than historical ones.

Age Of Empires’ impact on the gaming world and beyond

The series was hugely successful – it sold over 20 million copies worldwide. It was also critically acclaimed. The classic, first title has consistently high ratings from numerous respected publications.

Age of Empires meme

The impact of the series is clearly visible with many other strategy games – both with and without fighting, crediting Age of Empires as their creative influence. But the game’s impact reaches out much further – beyond the gamers’ universe. Bruce Shelley, the co-designer of the Age of Empires, in 2005 stated that

“[Parents] tell Ensemble Studios that their kid is reading books about ancient Greece because they enjoy playing with the triremes so much, or that they want to check out books about medieval history because [the] game taught them what a trebuchet was.” [i]

The wide success of the series established its original developer, Ensemble Studios, as masters of strategy games.

A list of the best games similar to AoE

Game Click to read moreScreenYearGame ModeGame Price
Etherium2015  Single campaign, Multiplayer

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Tooth and Tail2017

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Banished2014Single campaign

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Command & Conquer Red Alert 32008

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Age of Mythology2002 Single campaign, Multiplayer

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Stronghold 1&22001 2005

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Anno 14042009

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Anno 20702011Single campaign

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Anno 22052015

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StarCraft 1 & 21998 2010Single campaign, Multiplayer

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StarCraft Remastered2017

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The Settlers series1993 2011

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Age of Wonders III2014

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Cossacks 32016

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Total War: Rome II2014

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Total War: Warhammer II2017

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Total War: Shogun 22011

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Rise of Nations2003

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Homeworld1999 2015

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10. Age of Mythology (AoM)

Mac OS X
Release year:2002 / 2014 (Extended Edition)
DeveloperSkyBox Labs, Ensemble Studios

It is a spin-off of Age of Empires series, that takes place in the Bronze Age What differs it from the AoE is the fact that it revolves around mythological stories and characters, not historical. The game is loosely based on Greek, Norse, Egyptian mythology.

The gameplay is similar to AoE. The campaign focuses on Arkantos, an Atlantean admiral who travel the territories of three cultures during a hunt for cyclopes.

Age of Mythology Extended Edition screenshot

The game’s goal is to build towns and military units, train villagers for combat and then conquer enemies and take over their lands. There are four Ages of development of a civilization: Archaic, Classical, Heroic, Mythic. With reaching each level, new technologies and units get unlocked.Bear in mind though, that doing upgrades require specific amount of resources and prerequisite buildings that you have to construct beforehand. Age of Mythology has very popular multiplayer mode. The game sold 870,000 copies in the USA alone till 2006, becoming the 10th best-selling game of the country between 2000 and 2006.

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9. Stronghold 1 & 2

Mac OS X
Release year:2002 / 2014
DeveloperFirefly Studios

A series of real-time strategy games (three titles released so far plus one DLC and three spin-offs) that is taking place in the historical reality of the Middle Ages. The player has the possibility to become a lord and take control of a town.

The game is focused on two aspects: military and economic, just like AoE. The main task is to defend your land, conquer enemies’ territories and provide resources required to develop the town and train an army.

Age of Mythology screenshot

Quite important is building a stronghold – hence the title of the series. There are many various elements of a stronghold to choose from, so that each player can create something unique. Mechanics of the game are based on simple rules: recruited forces have different levels of strength and durability, but the higher they get, the more expensive they are. The first Stronghold sold 1.6 million copies globally by 2004.

8. Anno Series 1404, 2070, 2205

Release year:2002 / 2014

This real time strategy series has strong city building elements and business simulation. A few titles were released in the series and each of them takes place in a different setting and different time in the history or in the future.

Anno Series graphics

Anno 1404, also called Dawn of Discovery in the North America, is based on events like crusades. The building part of the game involves creating cathedrals, whereas economic elements are similar to Hanseatic trade and early capitalism.

Anno 2070 on the other hand has a scenario set in the future, when global warming melted the Arctic ice cap, causing floods. As a result, countries, races and religions don’t play a role anymore, all that matters is how to produce energy.

Anno 2205 goes even further into the future and is mainly a building game, in which the player becomes the protagonist who has to create various metropolises on the globe and then fulfil their citizens’ needs.

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7. StarCraft Series

Mac OS X
Release year:1998, 2010
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment

A military science fiction real-time strategy game set in the 26th century. It puts greater attention to the fighting rather than building aspect. There are four species, of which three are playable: Terrans, Zerg, Xel’Naga and Protoss who all fight for power in the galactic universe.

Starcraft Series screenshot

Terrans are mobile and highly adaptable, Protoss – powerful and a bit mysterious, Xel’Naga have god-like status, whereas Zerg are always evolving. There are 2 main titles in the series and four DLCs. In 2017 a remastered version of the original StarCraft game was released. The gameplay remained intact, but the graphics and sound were vastly improved. Soundtrack and sound effect were re-recorded and graphics were revamped to 4K resolution.

StarCraft series is hugely popular all over the world, especially in South Korea, where tournaments are organized. In the year of its release – 1998, StarCraft has become the best-selling PC game of the year. Since its launch, Blizzard’s platform has recorded a 800 percent surge of users. StarCraft has sold 9.5 million copies so far.

6. The Settlers Series

iOS & Android
webOS & Symbian
Release year:1993 – 2010
DeveloperBlue Byte

A strategy series with eight instalments, that has sold 5 million copies worldwide until 2004. The player takes on a role of an ancient or medieval ruler whose tasks include upgrading their own kingdom and conquering other lands.

Rulers of other lands can be AI-driven or other players in the multiplayer mode. What distinguishes this title from other city-building games is a very unique method of creating buildings and roads that are needed to develop the kingdom.

The Settlers Series screenshot

Though a great emphasis is put on building aspect, it is not a game without a fighting element. The player develops the road system and buildings to have optimal resources for completing an army. The better the system of roads is, the faster trade between various towns and flow of resources and produced items is.

5. Age of Wonders Series

Release year:1999, 2002, 2003, 2014, 2019
DeveloperBlue Byte

Turn-based strategy series with elements of an RPG. Age of Wonders is set in a high fantasy universe. The player becomes a military leader whose role is to explore the world, build new villages and towns and conquer lands.

The gameplay is 4X-based – explore, expand, exploit, exterminate. The main task is to build an empire using military, diplomacy, construction and resource acquisition. The further the player advances in the game, the more experience their character has.

Age of Wonders Series

Spells, new abilities and items are also unlocked along the way. Age of Wonder III offers a campaign in which the player’s protagonist has an opportunity to choose one of the sides: the Elven court of High Elves or the Commonwealth Empire. There are also other races like Orcs, Dwarfs, or Goblins. Merlin makes his comeback as a highly important figure.

4. Cossacks Series

Release year:2001, 2005, 2016
DeveloperGSC Game World

A real-time strategy series set mainly in XVII and XVII century in Europe. The player has 12 nations to choose from: England, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, Venice, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Sweden and Prussia, plus Denmark and the Netherlands in the Days of Brilliance DLC.

Cossacks 3 is a remake of a 2001 classic, the first title of the series, and the latest offering of the franchise.

Cossacks Series screenshot

Apart from 12 nations the player has at his disposal 70 unit types, 140 historical buildings, 100 technologies. Combat is conducted on land and water and can reach a scale of 10 000 soldiers fighting at once. Apart from fighting, the main element is economy – gathering resources, building villages. All of that is done on randomly generated maps. In the multiplayer mode up to 8 players can compete against each other (Cossacks 3).

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3. Total War Series

Release year:2000 – 2019
Genre:TBS, RTS
DeveloperCreative Assembly, Feral Interactive

Total War mixes turn-based strategy elements with management of resources and real-time battles. The first game released in the franchise was Shogun: Total War that appeared in 2000 and spawned a series rich in many games.

Shogun revolves around a samurai in Sengoku period in Japan – around 15th-17th centuries. As the Japanese soldier the player tries to conquer the country using military might, espionage, trade, diplomacy, and religion. The other notable instalment of the series was Rome II that has a campaign stretching for 300 years from 272 BC.

Total War Series

Total War: Warhammer II has a campaign set in fantasy word – a dark Warhammer universe, with four races: High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven and Lizardman. Exploration and conquest, as well as diplomacy and managing settlements, are the main gameplay elements. Warhammer II was ranked tenth spot in Eurogamer list of top 2017 games. It also seized an award for the Best Strategy Game in PC Gamer’s Game of the Year Awards 2017. The game had some rave reviews upon release with VGames stating.

(…) It takes the familiar and beloved formula and polishes it even more. The result is not only one of the best games in the Total War series, but an excellent game in itself.”[ii]

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2. Rise of Nations

Release year:2003
DeveloperBig Huge Games

A perfect combination of turn-based strategy, like in Civilization and real-time strategy dynamic, as in AoE. There are 18 nations, 10 of them can be chosen to play as. The player can take care of all the aspects of the country’s development, including economy, science, diplomacy, army, and territorial expansion.

Rise of Nations screenshot

The game starts with a small village in the stone age and can end even 5 thousand years later in the modern times. By 2006 Rise of Nations sold 420,000 copies in the USA alone. Apart from a great commercial success, the game had great reviews, Yahoo said about it:

“The maturation of a genre. More “Civilization” in scope, feel, and satisfaction than even the popular “Age of Empires” series, Rise of Nations is the world’s first 4X RTS.”[iii]

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1. Homeworld Remastered Collection

Release year:2003
DeveloperBig Huge Games

A real-time strategy game taking place in space. The idea of the game is similar to others in this genre: the player’s protagonist gathers resources and makes use of them to fight enemies and achieve the objectives. There are 16 levels.

Homeworld was a hit when it comes to sales: in first weeks since its release, there were sold over 250,000 copies globally, whereas in first half year this number doubled. The game also gained some very positive reviews, for instance, All Game Guide stated:

“Simply one of those titles that makes you say “Wow.” You’ll have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you experience it for the first time.”[iv]

[i] Allen ‘Delsyn’ Rausch (October 14, 2005). “Art & Design: The Alternate History of Age of Empires III”, GameSpy.

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