The fascinating world of Norse myths in Valheim certainly likes to pose a challenge or two to those who dare to explore it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little help of console commands!

Enabling cheats in Valheim is a piece of cake, regardless of whether you play on Steam, PC Game Pass, or Xbox console. Just a few simple phrases to instantly transform a dull activity into an inspiring experience or make yourself invulnerable in no time! Sounds like fun? Here you’ll learn how to use console commands to design your ideal Valheim adventures!

Enabling Cheats in Valheim

Players can only use codes in single-player mode or as server hosts. Knowing this essential fact, follow these few steps to enter the console and start your grand journey with the best console cheats!


  1. Launch the Steam app and right-click the Valheim title in your game library;
  2. Choose Properties and find Launch Options in the General tab;
  3. Type ‘-console’ (without apostrophes) in the empty field;
  4. Close all tabs, run the Valheim game, and press F5;
  5. Type ‘devcommands’ and hit Enter.

Now, you can use your favorite cheats by typing them in the console and confirming by pressing Enter. To deactivate changes, enter devcommands again. To exit the console or re-enter it after some time, press F5.

PC Game Pass:

  1. Find the game installation folder and locate Valheim.exe;
  2. Right-click it and pick Create shortcut;
  3. Place the shortcut in the preferred location (like a desktop);
  4. Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties;
  5. Type ‘-console’ at the end of the Target field and confirm the action by clicking Apply and OK;
  6. Run the game from the shortcut and proceed like in the Steam example.

Xbox console:

  1. Run a game and hold down the left bumper, right bumper, left trigger, right trigger, and Menu button at the same time;
  2. Press A to use the keyboard;
  3. Type devcommands and proceed like in the Steam example;
  4. Press the LB, RB, LT, RT, and menu button to close the console.

Spawn Commands in Valheim

Use this command to spawn any specific item or creature in a chosen number. This action requires entering this code:

  • spawn [ItemName] [Amount] [Level]

Entering Debug Mode in Valheim

Debug Mode is a Creative Mode enabling building without dedicated resources. After turning on the command console, enter ‘debugmode’ and confirm. The Debugmode True notification on the screen means Creative Mode is active. You can turn it off by entering the same command again.

To thoroughly enjoy the possibilities of this mode, don’t forget to check out the following actions:

  • Press Z to fly;
  • Press K to exterminate all enemies in the area;
  • Press B to build without a workbench and necessary resources.

Comprehensive List of Console Commands
god turns on or off God Mode, which means complete invulnerability and killing enemies with one hit
raiseskill [skill name] [value] increase the selected skill by the wanted number
heal restore maximum health
killall kill all enemies in the area
tame tame all tameable creatures in the area
exploremap unravel the entire map
goto [x], [y], [z] teleport to the chosen place
location set a new spawn point
event [event name] run the chosen event
randomevent run a random event


If the single-player adventure feels repetitive, you find yourself in a desperate situation with no way out, don’t enjoy mastering complex mechanics, or dream of a more personalized gameplay – use cheats from this list.

As long as you don’t overuse them, you should be able to enjoy the Valheim title just like you did when you beat it for the first time. At the end of the day, video games exist for fun, not for a sense of duty!