Fans of survival multiplayer video games found their ultimate utopia in Valheim. And although the title rises to the peak of popularity even in early access, it still requires corrections and changes to achieve absolute perfection.

The open world of Valheim is a dream come true for all enthusiasts of survival games set in Norse mythology. It is perfect for solo and multiplayer gameplay, featuring brutal competition in the extremely harsh conditions of the far north.

If you’re a Valheim player, you’ve probably noticed that for some time now, Steam has been offering to play this game in two versions – classic and mysterious Vulkan. But what exactly is it? Well, the answer may surprise you and significantly improve your gaming experience. If you want to discover all the Vulkan pros and cons, continue reading this guide.

Valheim Vulkan – should you use it?

With the 0.146.8 update, the developers introduced support for the Vulkan technology. What is the meaning of this complex term? It is a type of 3D graphics API being an alternative to the famous OpenGL or DirectX. It can improve your PC’s performance while enhancing and smoothing animations.

Some Vulkan users report significant performance increases, noticeably higher FPS, and lower crash risk. Above all, it’s a perfect alternative for owners of older hardware who want to enjoy Valheim’s stunning features like everyone else.

How to enable Vulkan API?

If Steam doesn’t offer you the option to Play Valheim using Vulkan, you can do it yourself. Go to the game properties in your Steam library and enter general settings. Find launch options and type -force-vulkan. Now you can explore the epic power of Vulkan on your computer!

Does Vulkan provide a better gaming experience?

Yes and no. Some players on Reddit don’t notice any difference in the title’s performance on their PCs, while others see a dramatic drop in frames per second after enabling this option. But a massive group of users of this API experience a significant increase in FPS and improved graphical details while reducing PC usage and the number of potential crashes caused by GPU problems.

There’s only one way to see what effect Vulkan will have on your computer – test it! Enabling this option won’t do any harm. But it may boost your gameplay experience and make you engage in Valheim even more.