Poland is known for popular video games like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Have you ever wondered what the country in which these outstanding titles came to life looks like? Today you can get to know it better with video games set in Poland!

Central Europe is known for its rich and fascinating history that has inspired the creation of many fantastic artworks. Including video games! The gloomy atmosphere, post-war remains, and secrets hidden in ancient forests. It is an excellent base to let your imagination run wild. Immerse in a world of Slavic fantasy and discover the best gaming titles taking place in these realities. Here are the top five games set in Poland!

Video games set in Poland

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The Medium

Release date:2021-01-28
Developer:Bloober Team SA

It is a surreal horror from the Polish Bloober Team studio. See Krakow – one of the oldest cities in Poland and unravel the strange mystery of the innocent child’s death.

Play as Marianne – a woman with extraordinary skills who can perceive the material world and the reality of ghosts. Explore and use your sixth sense to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of the past. Enter the dark realm invaded by filthy monsters and watch out for the most terrible of them all – the Maw.

Key features
  • See the 90s in one of the oldest cities in Poland
  • Play as Marianne and survive the horrors of the Niwa abandoned hotel
  • Travel between worlds to uncover the mystery of the innocent child’s death
  • Explore, solve puzzles and avoid meeting the most terrifying monsters


Release date:2017-08-15
Developer:Bloober Team SA

A horror-adventure game in which you’ll travel to Krakow in 2084. Hack the minds of criminals to solve a mystery started by a mysterious letter from your missing son.

Play as Daniel Lazarski and set off to Krakow’s slums to unravel a terrifying mystery engulfing the entire city. Conduct an investigation taking place in the real world and the minds of criminals full of dark memories. Do you have the courage to see things through?

Key features
  • Engage in terrifying intrigue and hack the minds of criminals
  • Explore and interact with NPCs
  • Examine the clues you have collected and discover the details of the horrible mystery
  • Play in the material world and the terrifying reality of twisted human minds


Release date:2019-10-02
Developer:Pixelated Milk

A turn-based RPG set in Warsaw during the Second World War. Travel to 1944 and lead the fate of the heroes who took part in the Warsaw Uprising.

Follow the tragic ending of the Warsaw Uprising and meet its most famous heroes. Execute decisions and plan the further course of the fight. Learn the tragic stories of Warsaw citizens and become one of the most significant parts of this story. Warsaw is a realistically depicted reality of the Second World War in Poland.

Key features
  • Take part in one of the most crucial operations of the Second World War in Poland
  • Meet war heroes and decide their fate
  • Fight in the turn-based mode with historically accurate weapons
  • Plan strategies for upcoming actions

Iron Harvest

Release date:2020-09-01
Developer:KING Art Games

A real-time strategy game, set in the 1920 universe, created by Polish artist, Jakub Różalski. See divided Europe preparing for the approaching war.

Iron Harvest

Choose one of the three powers: Rusviet, the Republic of Polania, or the Empire of Saxony. Command units including infantry soldiers, as well as powerful mechs equipped with the most modern weapons. Each faction tells its own story, and it is up to you how its fate unfolds on the map of Europe.

Key features
  • Play a real-time strategy set in an alternative historical reality of interwar Europe
  • Plan your tactics and place units on the map
  • Fight with powerful mechs that can significantly affect the course of the battle
  • Play solo or in the co-op with up to 4 players

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Release date:2014-05-19
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Machine Games

Explore an alternative version of the story in which the Nazis won World War II and took power across the globe. Play an action war game and learn about the history of Europe that never happened.


Play as B.J. Blazkowicz – a man who does not agree on the reigning order. Only you can reverse the cruel course of history, and you must do your best to make it happen. Explore the conquered countries of Europe and confront your eternal enemy! Immerse in a captivating story, take part in first-person battles, and become part of the history on which the fate of the whole world depends.

Key features
  • Discover an alternative version of the story where the Nazis won World War II
  • Explore, sneak and solve puzzles
  • Expand your equipment and collect better and better weapons and ammunition
  • Learn the unknown history of conquered European countries – including Poland

After the incredible success of CD Projekt Red in the 2000s, achieved thanks to the legendary The Witcher, Polish developers spread their wings for real, inspiring many developers from other countries as well. They decided to portray the realities of their country, both in authentic and alternative versions of history. They gathered thrilling experiences, heroic adventures, supernatural abilities, and sci-fi technologies to develop breathtaking gameplay set in the heart of Europe. And this is just the beginning! In the coming years, we can probably expect even more excellent video games located in Poland, so it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse.