Pop culture loves the 80s! Goofy accessories, neon outfits, music on tapes, and absolutely ridiculous hairstyles. It was a decade when everything was possible, and the world was ruled by joy. So let’s revisit the nostalgia in the best video games set in the 80s!

Do you remember the 1980s? Or maybe you recognize those times from the movies and regret they are gone forever? Don’t worry – you are right on time to catch a ride back to these crazy years! Take a look at our list of video games set in the 1980s.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2002-10-29 Adventure Rockstar North
Shenmue I II 2018-08-21 Adventure D3t
Yakuza 0 2018-08-01 Adventure Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios
Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War 2020-11-13 First-Person Treyarch
Hotline Miami 2012-10-23 Adventure Dennaton Games
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 2018-05-29 Action Capcom
The Medium 2021-01-28 Horror Bloober Team

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Release date:2002-10-29
Developer:Rockstar North

There is a job to be done in sunny Vice City, and you will be the perfect candidate to bring new order to its streets. Play as Tom Vercetti and get behind the wheel of the coolest cars of the 80s.

Fire up Flash FM radio and set off to meet the wicked world of Vice City! Complete tasks, shoot, race, and meet the most attractive women of this depraved city. These are the 1980s in your own design – watched from the deck of a motorboat or from the right side of the gun!

Key features
  • Play one of the best parts of the epic GTA franchise
  • Play as Tom Vercetti and complete tasks
  • Steal cars and make good use of 30 available weapons
  • Explore the legendary streets of Vice City and meet the most bizarre characters

Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

Release date:2020-11-13
Developer:Treyarch, Raven Software

The 80s is not only about funk and colorful clothes. For those who prefer shooter games with a slightly more mature storyline, we have something special – CoD set in the realities of the Cold War.

Create a hero and stop the KGB agent. Travel around the world, predict every next move of your enemy, and fight in massive shootings. This game will require not only the sense of a born shooter but also a lot of cleverness.

Key features
  • Play one of the parts of Call of Duty – set in the times of the Cold War
  • Play as the hero whose task will be to stop the KGB agent
  • Fight in dynamic shootings
  • Make decisions that will determine the further development of the plot
  • Play solo or in multiplayer


Release date:2012-10-25
Developer:Tequila Works

It is a post-apocalyptic 2.5D platformer in which you will face the hordes of bloodthirsty Shadows. What is more – the dark alternative reality of the 1980s will wake up your demons as well.

Play as Randall – the man who will do anything to recover and save his family. Hundreds of undead enemies will stand in your way, and you will find traps at every turn. Deadlight is a mature story of the fragility of human life and overcoming fears.

Key features
  • Play an alternative version of the 1980s post-apocalyptic reality
  • Learn the deep and emotional history of Randall and his family
  • Use weapons and obtained items to fight the undead
  • Avoid traps and collect items

Hotline Miami

Release date:2012-10-23
Developer:Dennaton Games

Something for fans of the first GTA, but set in a slightly more brutal and challenging version. Hit the streets of 1980s Miami and get carried away by the call of unlimited violence.

Explore the Magic City and kill anyone who gets in your way. You will have 35 types of weapons at your disposal, which you can use as you please. Sounds easy? Nothing could be further from the truth – in this video game you can die from just one shot!

Key features
  • Play a brutal 80s retro action game
  • Play as the hero whose task is to kill everyone who stands in his way
  • Use every type of weapon and eliminate hordes of enemies
  • Immerse in the captivating story and don’t get shot at all costs

World in Conflict

Release date:2007
Developer:Massive Entertainment

The Cold War continues, and the Eastern and Western blocs are growing in power! Face an alternative version of reality and plan a strategy that will ensure your ultimate victory.

Fight in the conflict-torn world of the Cold War and lead your troops to victory. Command the location of units, drive tanks, fly helicopters, and take as much territory for yourself as possible. It is a real-time strategy that you can play both solo and in multiplayer.

Key features
  • Discover an alternative version of a world where the Cold War never ended
  • Lead the militarily advanced troops
  • Decide on the deployment of units
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Among the games set in the 1980s, you can find everything that your heart desires. We have not only exciting car games here but also titles devoted to politics and strategic military operations. The story of a whole decade in all its glory! Did you just fell in love in the 80s? Nothing prevents you from experiencing the magic of these times in the best video games set in the 80s.