Many things make life beautiful: love, food, money, friends.

Friendship is a magical connection that is hard to destroy. Many people cannot imagine not talking to their best friend after a long day. What makes friendships even stronger are the different adventures you go through together.

Many games explore this topic, so let’s meet some of them!

The Last of Us Part I

Release date:2023-03-28
Developer:Naughty Dog

The United States has fallen after a mutated fungus infected most of the population and turned them into cannibalistic creatures.

Joel, who is now a smuggler, lost his only daughter during the outbreak, Ellie is immune to infection, and Abby is a soldier who engaged in a war between her militia and a religious cult. They all try to navigate through the changed world and their paths meet throughout the game.

It’s an action-adventure game with a third-person perspective. The player explores the post-apocalyptic world: towns, forests, buildings, etc. There is hand-to-hand combat and professional and improvised weapons. The player also needs to use stealth to outsmart the cannibalistic creatures.

Key features
  • post-apocalyptic US
  • action-adventure game
  • cannibalistic creatures
  • three main characters

Saints Row

Release date:2022-08-23

Santo Ileso is a fictional city in the US where law and order don’t exist. A group of friends unite and make their way to the top.

The player will take over the city, fight with other criminal organizations, and rule the streets of Santo Ileso. There are different weapons, the possibility to build the boss of your dreams, and a lot of exploration to do. There is a cooperation mode so you can play with your friends.

Key features
  • fictional lawless city in the US
  • ruling the city
  • making your boss
  • cooperation mode available

Persona 4

Release date:2020-06-13

Set in a rural town in Japan, it’s a story about a group of friends who take on a journey caused by serial murders.

It’s an RPG with simulation elements. The player’s character, the protagonist, spends his time in the real world or a „TV World”, inhibited by monsters called Shadows. The player chooses, besides the plot or special events, whether to live the daily life or to explore the special world.

Key features
  • coming-of-age story
  • rural Japan
  • mysterious murders
  • two worlds the main character lives in

It Takes Two

Release date:2021-03-26

Cody and May are a married couple who have been turned into dolls thanks to a magic spell. They can go back to their old bodies only by working together.

It’s an action-adventure game with platform elements. It’s designed for a split-screen multiplayer so you need to play either online or with your friend. There are RPG, action, and arcade elements. Different elements have different difficulty levels.

Key features
  • action-adventure game
  • split screen
  • the power of cooperation
  • multiplayer

Night In the Woods

Release date:2017-02-21
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Infinite Fall

Mae Borowski, a college dropout, comes back to Possum Springs, a former mining town, and tries to get her old life back by reconnecting with her old friends. It doesn’t go as she planned. Everything seems different, her friends have changed and weird things happen at night.

It’s an adventure game that focuses on exploration, character, and story. The world is vibrant and lavish, the are many characters and things to do. The choices the player makes affect the story.

Key features
  • town secret
  • mysterious disappearance
  • focus on narration
  • adventure game

Friendship can have different faces. Some go through a lot of hardships, others get stronger with time, some we return to years later, and others withstand everything.  Each of those games focuses on a different type presenting it with its pros and cons. It’s worth trying them all out!