A stroll on the beach. An afternoon trip through the dew-drenched mountain meadows. Uninterrupted exploration of the mysterious mansion. Sounds nice? Good, because walking sims have much more to offer than just walking.

In the era of flashy action video games, filled with dynamic combat and challenging shootings, sometimes we may like to engage in something completely different. Just a bit of relaxation in an intriguing, story-driven adventure. But can games where you can walk around even be called video games? Well, see for yourself and give it a shot! Here are the best walking simulators for every occasion.

Walking Simulator Games
Death Stranding Standard Edition 2020-07-14 Sci-fi Kojima Productions 43% Read more
The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter 2014-09-25 Adventure The Astronauts 82% Read more
What Remains Of Edith Finch 2017-04-24 Adventure Giant Sparrow Read more
Thehunter Call Of The Wild 2017-02-16 Sport Expansive Worlds 79% Read more
The Beginners Guide 2015-10-01 Adventure Everything Unlimited Ltd. 8% Read more
Tacoma 2017-08-02 Adventure Fullbright 96% Read more
Soma 2015-09-21 Adventure Frictional Games 75% Read more
The Long Dark 2017-08-01 Adventure Hinterland Studio Inc. 71% Read more
Night In The Woods 2017-02-21 Action & Shooter Infinite Fall 10% Read more
Dear Esther Landmark Edition Steam Key GLOBAL 2017-02-14 Adventure Robert Briscoe 91% Read more
Proteus 2013-01-30 Adventure Ed Key and David Kanaga 44% Read more



Developer:Campo Santo

An adventure video game from the makers of hit games like The Walking Dead or BioShock2. Is the job of a forest ranger really as peaceful as it may seem?


Play as Henry, the newly hired forest ranger. From now on, keeping the forest safe is your main task. Contact your supervisor with a walkie-talkie and explore! Here you will see everything a perfect walking simulator has to offer: the raw beauty of nature, mature relationships, and a hint of approaching mystery.

Key features
  • Play an adventure game in which you will play as a forest ranger
  • Explore the vast area and talk to Delilah
  • Immerse in a captivating story
  • Inspect the surroundings and examine the collected clues

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

Developer:The Astronauts

It is a walking simulator for fans of the best mystery video games. Become a detective blessed with extraordinary abilities and uncover the mystery of the disappearance of a little boy.

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

Conduct the investigation and travel to the charming Red Creek Valley. Explore the wilderness of this beautiful and mysterious land to collect all the clues you need. Examine, investigate and use your paranormal abilities. And when you collect all the evidence – unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Ethan Carter.

Key features
  • Play as Paul Prospero – a detective with supernatural abilities
  • Explore Red Creek Valley and collect clues
  • Communicate with the world of the dead to unravel the mystery
  • Enjoy the calm gameplay, with no combat or fast pace

The Stanley Parable

Developer:Galactic Cafe

Do big corporations keep any secrets? Leave your comfortable place at the desk and see for yourself.

The Stanley Parable

Play as Stanley – a longtime employee of a massive corporation. Leave the computer and embark on an adventure through the maze of corridors in your office. Make decisions and decide what actions you will take in the next step. The Stanley Parable is a game for everyone who enjoys examining the twisted reality of the modern world.

Key features
  • Play as one of the anonymous employees of a large corporation
  • Deviate from the established rules and make your own
  • Make decisions that will affect the development of your adventure
  • Immerse in the captivating story of Stanley

What Remains of Edith Finch

Developer:Giant Sparrow

It is a dark indie video game for fans of more mature gameplay topics. Witness one hundred years of family history and find out why Edith Finch is the last surviving descendant.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Play as various family members to discover the untold secrets of the cursed line over a hundred years. Explore, investigate the shady world of ancient stories, and get carried away by a thrilling story. If you like story-driven gameplay set in horror-like circumstances – this game should do the job.

Key features
  • Play as various family members to learn their 100-year history
  • Find out why Edith Finch is the last surviving child
  • Explore the gloomy gameplay world
  • Enjoy a unique audiovisual setting



Set off on the loneliest journey with only one goal – to reach the top of the mountain looming on the far horizon.


Explore the mysterious world to climb the mountain peak seen in the distance. Travel, solve puzzles and immerse in the dreamlike atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind gameplay. It is a game in which you will not experience a single dialogue or a linear story. However, you can unexpectedly run into another player in multiplayer mode.

Key features
  • Travel to climb to the top of a distant mountain
  • Explore game levels and solve puzzles
  • Collect pieces of stories telling the secrets of this world
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 2 players

Death Stranding

Developer:Kojima Productions

It is a post-apocalyptic future vision of the world ruled by mysterious anomalies known as Death Stranding. Discover the meaning of their existence, and maybe you will understand your place in this twisted reality.

Death Stranding

Play as Sam Porter, the lone explorer who watches the world fall apart around him. See strange wonders, get ready to confront dark creatures, and try to survive at all costs. Death Stranding is a unique vision of the apocalypse with a truly glorious cast.

Key features
  • See the world of the future ruled by mysterious anomalies
  • Play as Sam Porter and learn an alternative history of humanity
  • Explore, collect equipment and engage in dialogues
  • Sneak or fight to survive

theHunter: Call of the Wild

Developer:Expansive Worlds

It is a hunting simulator that reveals the secrets of the hunter’s profession. Discover the peaceful nature and learn the laws of the wild animal world.

theHunter: Call of the Wild

Explore the game’s sandbox world and stay alert! The prey can hide well, skillfully masking its traces in the mossy forest ground. Walk, adapt to the realistic game world and continue hunting. Become part of the eternal cycle of life and death in which you will be the most skilled hunter.

Key features
  • Play one of the most realistic hunting simulators
  • Explore a beautiful and rich world
  • Complete quests and hunt
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 8 players



Walking simulator, the action of which takes place in the near future in space. It is a video game for fans of science-fiction productions with elements of mystery.


Go on a journey to the space station to unravel the mystery of the unusual events. The crew of this place has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and only you can discover their fate. Explore, collect clues and watch holographic footage that is the most crucial piece of the puzzle. And above all, find out what role artificial intelligence played in the crew’s disappearance.

Key features
  • Journey to the distant future to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the spaceship crew
  • Explore, collect clues and analyze collected data
  • Watch videos to find suggestions
  • Get carried away by the intriguing story of human relations with AI

The Beginners Guide

Developer:Everything Unlimited Ltd.

It is a surreal adventure game about wonders taking place in the mind of a video game creator. See a world of complexities of human relationships and imagination.

Play a game that has no goal. Freely explore the mysterious world that depicts the mind of a video game developer. Play mini-games and interpret the events in any way you want. Analyze, observe and form conclusions. The Beginners Guide does not suggest anything but allows you to experience the adventure designed by yourself.

Key features
  • Play the revolutionary game from the creator of The Stanley Parable
  • See the difficulties of the creative work of a video game developer
  • Play over 100 mini-games
  • Examine and explore a new, unknown world


Developer:Frictional Games

Explore the terrifying world of an underwater research facility and escape at any cost. Soma is a survival horror video game that will make you question everything you have believed so far.


Explore the underwater research facility and collect clues that will help you get out of it. Discover the plot design by a murderous artificial intelligence and confront monsters you never dreamed of in even your worst nightmares. Explore this bizarre world of doubt and paralyzing fear, and who knows – maybe you’ll get to know your demons better along the way?

Key features
  • Play the hit survival horror game in which you’ll have to escape an evil-possessed research facility
  • Explore, collect clues and analyze collected materials
  • Gather information and equipment
  • Discover the meaning of the existence of artificial intelligence and bloodthirsty monsters straight from the scariest stories

If you thought walking simulators were a brief walk in the park – you were mistaken. The diversified range of the given recommendations is only a tiny part of what the whole genre represents.

Do you dream of the evilest horror game in which your survival will depend on correctly solved puzzles? Check. Fancy a peaceful walk in the woods? Check. Or maybe a complex intrigue enveloping a mysterious ancient family? Check. Walking simulators give you what no other video game can offer: the possibility of experiencing a perfectly crafted story – full of puzzles, secrets, and reasons to let your imagination run wild. Walk that thought!