What do you get if you mix Lord of the Rings with Michael Moorcock’s works, all sorts of historical references and dark, gritty fantasy? Well, Warhammer, of course! This classic franchise by Games Workshop which started in 1983, quickly became a cult classic among tabletop wargamers and role-players.

Naturally, buying and painting all these miniatures, while super fun, is obviously time and money-consuming. You also need to have some buddies to play with and there might be none in your vicinity, right?

So, what do you do then? Turn to video gaming, of course! Why bother with miniatures when you can have their virtual counterparts on your computer?

We took the time to sit down and review all the Warhammer Fantasy games available on PC, ranging from some classics from the 90s to the newest releases. There’s quite a variety of genres, too. Naturally, the original game was a turn-based tabletop wargame, however, there is a selection of fun real-time strategies as well. Pretty much every major analog game in the Warhammer universe has been adapted to PC, too.

All things considered, you are in for a real treat. There are some fantastic titles on this list and they come in all shapes and sizes. Want to lead your army or warband? No problem, there are various real-time and turn-based strategies. Looking forward to some action? There are slashers and shooters of all sorts (yes, Warhammer Fantasy also has an FPS game!). All in all, quite a variety.

Naturally, this list does not cover Warhammer 40K video games, because this is a completely separate universe (even if it shares some similarities when it comes to the visual style or certain themes) deserving a separate article.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Warhammer: Dark Omen

Release date:31-03-1998

We’ll begin the list with an honorable mention. Unfortunately no longer available for purchase, Dark Omen still remains a cult classic. Fans of Warhammer Fantasy revere it as one of the best games in this universe to this day.

Dark Omen is a sequel to Shadow of the Horned Rat, released in 1995. Its gameplay is quite similar, but it features tons of improvements over its predecessor. This includes upgrades in the graphics (the game certainly makes a better use of 3D this time), interface and army management departments.

Story-wise, Dark Omen weaves a tale of a mercenary army whose goal is to stop the undead army that threatens the Old World. There’s quite a variety of units to choose from and base your strategies on. Your goal? It’s simple: either kill or route all enemy units and don’t let them do the same to yours.

Now that Shadow of the Horned Rat returned to digital distribution, maybe we’ll see Dark Omen re-released sometime soon(ish)?

Key features
  • Various improvements over its predecessor make Dark Omen much more fun to play
  • A wide variety of unit types to build your army with
  • There’s even a multiplayer mode…
  • …with playable Imperial, Orcish and Undead armies

The Total War: Warhammer series

Release date:2022-02-17
Developer:The Creative Assembly

A Total War game without a historical setting? Why not? The Total War: Warhammer trilogy is surely a great one. If you’re looking for a well-made strategy series in a dark fantasy setting, this is a fantastic pick.

TW: Warhammer follows pretty much the same formula as the previous Total War games did. There are two main layers: a turn-based kingdom builder and real-time tactical battles. There are also many new features here, including magic. Powerful spells can indeed turn the tide of any battle, so use them wisely.

The sequel, released in 2017, features even more content, including new races and a combined campaign, Mortal Empires, accessible if you own both the first and the second game.

2022 saw the release of the third installment in the trilogy, which features a massive campaign set in the Realm of Chaos. If you thought the Eye of the Vortex campaign was big, wait till you see this one! It’s a deep, complex and rewarding title that strategy aficionados will surely enjoy, especially if they’re fans of the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

Key features
  • Total War, but it’s Warhammer
  • A mix of turn-based grand strategy and real-time tactical battles
  • Massive, complex campaigns to complete
  • These are some of the most rewarding Warhammer Fantasy games around!

The Warhammer: Vermintide series

Release date:2021-06-03
Genre:Action, coop

Vermintide and its sequel can be described as “Left 4 Dead, but with Skaven and swords.” These first-person co-op action games put you in the shoes of the saviors of the Empire whose goal is to prevent another evil plot by the agents of darkness.

And so you slaughter rat-men in a group of up to four players who can choose from five different heroes. They include a Witch Hunter, an Empire Soldier, a Dwarf Ranger, a Wood Elf Waywatcher and a Bright Wizard. Each of these fellows has different skills and requires a different playstyle.

The sequel, released in 2018, features more or less more of the same goodness and continues the plot started in the previous game. It looks good and is fun to play. If you’re looking for a fun co-op action title to play with your friends, the Vermintide series is one of your best bets.

Key features
  • It’s basically Left 4 Dead 2 in the Warhammer universe
  • Five different heroes to play as
  • The sequel picks up where its predecessor left off story-wise
  • Perfect for some good, old-fashioned co-op fun

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Release date:2019-06-04
Developer:Eko Software

If you ever thought that Warhammer Fantasy would be a perfect setting for a Diablo-like game, the folks at Eko Software thought the same. The result is a fun hack and slash that should be a refreshing change from Blizzard Entertainment’s production.

Chaosbane features five different character classes that you can choose from. They are a human Imperial soldier, a Dwarf slayer, a Dwarf Engineer, a High Elf mage, and a Wood elf scout. Whoever you pick will become the savior of the Empire, which is once again under attack. The forces of Chaos have risen to threaten the world and your task is to stop them.

The game is a very decent one. One thing’s for sure, it does a really good job getting the feel of Warhammer Fantasy right. It’s fun, it’s well-made, and the only problem is that Chaosbane is sort of lacking in the endgame category. Still, it’s a good pick if you’re a hack and slash fan looking for something new to try.

Key features
  • A competent attempt at a hack and slash game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe
  • Five different characters to choose from
  • Over seventy types of enemies to dispose of using a multitude of weapons and special powers
  • Best in co-op – up to four players can play and slaughter monsters together

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Release date:14-10-2006
Developer:Black Hole Entertainment

If you’re tired of tedious base building and resource harvesting, this is the game just for you. Warhammer: Mark of Chaos drops all these in favor of good, old-fashioned tactical bloodbath.

Interestingly enough, Mark of Chaos seems like a proto-Total War: Warhammer title, even though its gameplay is simpler and more akin to real-time strategies like Warcraft III and the like. Your goal is to either completely obliterate the enemy army or make your foes flee in terror.

There are so many factors to take into consideration here: terrain, morale, even the role special Hero units play during the battle. Your forces gain experience during the campaign, which results in improving their statistics. All in all, it’s a fun real-time tactics game that you should try out if you’re looking for something that focuses on large-scale battles instead of the whole economy and base building thing.

Key features
  • It’s just tactical battles, there’s no resource management or base building
  • There’s quite a lot of depth to the combat here, too, although the game feels closer to Warcraft III than Total War
  • The Battle March expansion introduced a new campaign and playable races: Dark Elves and Orcs & Goblins
  • Soundtrack composed by none other than Jeremy Soule

The Blood Bowl series

Release date:2017-02-14

American football meets Warhammer Fantasy? Why the heck not? This unlikely combination has been turned into an actual miniature game which in turn has been made into a video one.

OK, there has been an adaptation in 1995, but the one we’re talking about here is a far more modern one (and unrelated to the older game, too). The rules are as follows: there are two teams of up to sixteen players, with up to eleven players fielded at once by each team. If you want to score a touchdown, your goal is to take the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. If you want to win, there are two ways to do so: either scoring the most touchdowns or simply taking out the entire enemy team.

The 2009 game has received a sequel in 2015. Contrary to the previous installment, this one does not feature a real-time mode. It also has a new Campaign Mode, stadium customization options, a Warhammer takes on sports commentary – Cabalvision, and the Player Marketplace where you can either find new players or make some extra money by selling the current members of your roster.

By the way, Blood Bowl 3 is set to be released sometime soon in 2022. If you’re in for more Warhammer football, this one should be a fun game, too.

Key features
  • A dark fantasy take on American football
  • Blood Bowl 1 offers a real-time mode, Blood Bowl 2 and the upcoming third installments are exclusively turn-based
  • You can win by either scoring the most touchdowns or simply demolishing the opposing team – literally
  • Blood Bowl 2 features Cabalvision, a Warhammer version of sports commentary, courtesy of analyst Bob Bifford and Jim Johnson, an immortal vampire announcer

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Release date:2015-11-19
Developer:Rogue Factor

This one is a video game adaptation of Mordheim. It puts you as a leader of a small warband fighting for control over the titular city. Expect a fun mixture of role-playing, tactical, turn-based combat, and even unit customization.

Mordheim is where you battle for the resource known as the Wyrdstone fragments. These are the remains of the comet that decimated the City of the Damned. Various factions compete for this precious materials: Sisters of Sigmar, Mercenaries from the Empire, the Cult of the Possessed, and – of course! – Skaven.

Your job is to recruit new units, upgrade veteran ones and devise strategies that’ll help you win. Be wary: defeats are costly here. Your warriors might suffer debilitating wounds or even die permanently, period. It’s definitely a difficult game, but it’s very rewarding once you grasp its mechanics.

Key features
  • A challenging turn-based strategy set in the doomed city of Mordheim
  • Your task is to collect Wyrdstone fragments and beat other factions to them
  • Suffering defeats might take a massive toll on your warband
  • Units are customizable, of course

Warhammer Quest

Release date:2015-01-07
Genre:Action & Shooter

This one is a great video game adaptation of a classic tabletop game in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Quest is basically a fun dungeon crawler mixing role-playing and strategy. Needless to say, whatever it does, it does well.

Warhammer Quest is where you control a party of four heroes that is tasked with cleansing various locations of enemies of all sorts: orcs, skaven, goblins, trolls, and even the undead: vampires and zombies.

It’s all about slaughtering your foes, leveling up your party and acquiring more powerful gear and artifacts. You can also get the Deluxe pack with new heroes, enemies and tile sets.

Key features
  • Four heroes and three areas to explore in the base game
  • You can get seven extra heroes and five new weapons in the Warhammer Quest Deluxe pack (plus there are additional monsters that can join the enemy ranks: Skeletons and Necromancers)
  • A competent and addictive translation of a board game into a video one
  • It looks pretty good, too

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground

Release date:2021
Developer:Gasket Games

Let’s move on to the most recent titles in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, shall we? This turn-based strategy from Gasket Games lets you command three different factions and lead them to victory in countless battles.

Each of these armies has its own strengths. The Stormcast Eternals, for example, have powerful armor that makes their units really hard to kill. The Maggothkin can change the landscape of the map to turn the tides of battle in their favor. Each of the factions also boasts a unique hero. You can also upgrade your army by unlocking new weapons, armor and spells.

All in all, it’s a really good-looking turn-based strategy with fast-paced, spectacular battles and an added dash of roguelite. You should definitely consider it if you love the genre.

Key features
  • Three different armies to choose from, each with its own strengths and special units
  • Unique heroes are also available for each faction
  • You can upgrade your armies through unlocking new armor, spells and weapons
  • Roguelike campaigns to complete

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Release date:18-09-2008
Developer:Mythic Entertainment

Although officially defunct, Warhammer Online has been a bit more lucky than Dark Omen thanks to the efforts of its fans. You can play this very decent MMORPG using legal private servers. If you love the genre, you should definitely try this game!

Age of Reckoning is simply all about the perpetual conflict that ravages the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It’s a Realm versus Realm game where two factions, Order and Destruction, battle for dominance. As such, it’s more of a Player versus Player than Player versus Environment affair (although NPCs are also present here).

So, you could choose one of the three racial pairings and fight against the other faction in a game of conquest. Completing various missions and activities would grant you Victory Points that would then count towards capturing a particular zone. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to seize and ransack the enemy’s capital city. There was a time limit to that, of course. The defeated would then retake their city with the help of NPC units, restarting the whole campaign. Rinse and repeat. What fun!

You can play Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning for free using a legal private server called Return of Reckoning.

Key features
  • Realm versus Realm gameplay with two factions waging war for dominance
  • Three racial pairings to choose from
  • The game has been made officially defunct…
  • …but you can play it for free (legally!) thanks to the Return of Reckoning private server

As you can see, fans of the Warhammer Fantasy franchise have plenty of reasons to rejoice! There are so many great games set in this universe, with more to come in the future.

For example, you can totally expect more DLCs for Vermintide 2 to drop, as the developers want to continue the development of this game at least until 2023. Blood Bowl 3 is about to be released any minute now. There are rumors of an Age of Sigmar-based game.

OK, Warhammer 40K seems to be much more popular right now, with so many releases planned for the future, but fans of Warhammer Fantasy shouldn’t be disappointed, either, as at least some of the titles available right now count among the best in their respective genres, especially Total War: Warhammer.