While 2023 was one of the most prolific years in the history of gaming, 2024 seems ready to confirm this statement!

The turn of 2023 and 2024 gave us plenty of opportunities to discover our new favorite video games. While many of you are still engrossed in last season’s absolute blockbusters (which is fine!), others are left wondering what to do next. What game should I play? Wait for future releases?

Or maybe get involved in the best titles of this year’s first quarter? This guide on last year’s top choices, 2024 released video games, and future launches may answer these burning questions!

Assessing Your Gaming Preferences

Choosing a video game is not an easy task! After all, you’ll have to consider various factors like how much you are willing to spend, how often you want to play, and finally – find the one that meets your expectations. So much to do! We recommend two strategies – a safe approach and experimentation. Both boil down to your current gaming preferences.

How to Choose

Even as a beginner, you probably already know your gaming preferences well enough to recognize what to look for. Are you an enthusiast of story-driven adventures? Explore a vast selection of RPGs offering memorable journeys and challenging choices. Do you prefer the company of other players? We can have a little something for that craving! If you like some proven theme, look for similar genres and consider whether the title description sounds like fun.

But what games I should play if I have enough of that approach? People have a knack for discovering new things – if it weren’t for our curiosity, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Perfectly understandable! In such a case, why not try something different? Pick something outside your comfort zone and see what happens. It’s just a video game – but maybe you’ll discover a title that will change your gaming experience forever.

Baldurs Gate 3 2020-10-06 Role-Playing Game (RPG) Larian Studios
The Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom 2023-05-12 Action-adventure Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 3
Alan Wake 2 2023-10-27 Psychological horror Remedy Entertainment
Hogwarts Legacy 2023-02-10 Action RPG Avalanche Software
Dragons Dogma II 2024-03-22 Action RPG CAPCOM
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth 2024-01-25 Role-playing game (RPG) Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios
Tekken 8 2024-01-26 Fighting Bandai Namco Studios
Palworld 2024-01-19 Survival & Crafting PocketPair
Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree 2024-06-21 Action RPG FromSoftware Inc.
Frostpunk 2 2024-09-20 City-building 11 bit studios
Stalker 2 Heart Of Chornobyl 2024-09-05 First-person shooter GSC Gameword
Pacific Drive 2024-02-22 Survival driving game Ironwood Studios
Helldivers 2 2024-02-08 Cooperative shoot 'em up Arrowhead Game Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3

Release date:2020-10-06
Developer:Larian Studios

As a Game of the Year 2023 award winner, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a must-play if you still haven’t tried it. There is an epic adventure, multiplayer available, and memorable characters truly bringing this fantasy world to life.

Design a hero or choose from the ready-made ones to gather your team and solve the mystery of the parasitic tadpoles. This classic RPG is brimming with tough choices, breathtaking views, and addictive turn-based combat. Also, you can play it solo or in multiplayer! Thousands of players play this game monthly, so it may be the best choice if you still don’t know what to play.

Key features
  • Play GOTY 2023 from Larian Studios
  • Create a hero, gather a team, and solve this world’s mystery
  • Fight in turn-based combat and enjoy the interactive environment
  • Have fun solo or in coop for up to four players

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Release date:2023-05-12
Developer:Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 3

With an 8.4 user score on Metacritic, Tears of the Kingdom naturally comes second on our list. If you want a magical, single-player adventure – consider this your best choice!

The Kingdom of Hyrule faces perhaps the most menacing threat in its history, and only Link can do something about that situation. See how action merges with survival to embark on a risky journey through this once beautiful and peaceful world! And if you want a game for long sessions of thorough exploration, 100% completion in Tears of the Kingdom covers approximately 240 hours of incredible fun.

Key features
  • Play the best game of 2023 on Nintendo Switch
  • Explore the Kingdom of Hyrule to confront the ultimate danger
  • Craft to survive
  • Defeat your enemies using Link’s new skills

Alan Wake 2

Release date:2023-10-27
Developer:Remedy Entertainment

This survival horror is the sequel to the fantastic 2010 title and part of the Remedy Connected Universe, including the Control video game.

Considered missing, Alan Wake finds himself in the Dark Place – a bizarre reflection of New York City, which he tries to escape. At the same time, Saga Anderson, an FBI agent, investigates the mysterious town of Bright Falls. Play this phenomenally complex game to discover its intriguing story details and determine the line between truth and imagination.

Key features
  • Play the addictive survival horror game from Remedy Entertainment
  • Decide the two playable heroes’s fate
  • Discover the secrets connecting this story to the Control’s plot
  • Lose yourself in the maze of secrets and horror

Hogwarts Legacy

Release date:2023-02-10
Developer:Avalanche Software

This video game conquered the world using the power of nostalgia, as its action takes place in the one and only Harry Potter universe – but in the past!

Travel to the 19th-century Wizarding World to design your dream hero and start studying at Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Join one of the four houses, solve the mystery of a new threat, and enjoy your magical lessons. In this game, you can play as a good or a bad guy – everyone is welcome!

Key features
  • Become part of the Harry Potter universe
  • Explore Hogwarts and its iconic surroundings
  • Develop your skills and decide what kind of wizard you want to be
  • Enjoy the unique magical atmosphere from your favorite books

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Release date:2024-03-22

One of this year’s biggest releases is Dragon’s Dogma – the long-awaited sequel to the well-received role-playing video game from 2013.

Play as the Arisen – a hero destined to defeat an ancient dragon that threatens the world. Enjoy the extensive character creator, gather your Pawns, and embark on the most epic journey ever! This game won’t hold your hand, so expect an adventure where every decision matters.

Key features
  • Play the sequel to the excellent game from 2013
  • Explore 77 square kilometers of fantasy world
  • Design your hero down to the slightest detail
  • Experience a legendary adventure set in a realistic fantasy realm

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Release date:2024-01-25
Developer:Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios

The new installation in this action-fueled series takes players to Yokohama and Honolulu to once again serve them a brilliant mix of fun mini-games, deep storyline, and highly engaging battles.

See the continuation of Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu’s story, entangling themselves in further unexpected intrigues. This action RPG overflows with surprises! Gather your team, enjoy hilarious side quests, and explore the brand-new setting of Honolulu City, Hawaii. You can play this game even if you are new to the series!

Key features
  • Discover the next chapter in the crazy Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu’s story
  • See the new location brimming with possibilities
  • Enjoy turn-based combat and hilarious side quests
  • Assemble a team of absolutely unforgettable characters

Tekken 8

Release date:2024-01-26
Developer:Bandai Namco Studios

This year’s Tekken 8 features familiar rules sprinkled with incredibly realistic graphics, improved mechanics, a fun multiplayer mode, and new heroes for even better fighting competition.

See a recent chapter in the legendary conflict between father and son to choose from a rich roster of playable heroes and lose yourself in unforgiving fights. Tekken 8 brings many fresh features, including a Heat system, challenging its players to use as much aggression as possible. Moreover, the Arcade Quest mode involves fun activities and epic online battles against other players!

Key features
  • Discover a new chapter in the legendary conflict
  • Choose from 32 playable heroes
  • Try the Heat system and see improved versions of familiar mechanics
  • Play solo or in multiplayer


Release date:2024-01-19

Inspired by the Pokemon franchise, Palworld takes its players to a lovely world inhabited by various creatures known as Pals – which you can use however you want!

Embark on an epic adventure to catch Pals and use them to achieve your ambitious goals. Make them build stuff, farm, or work in the factory. And since this world is quite dangerous, you may need to eat your cute friends to survive. Their lives depend entirely on your decisions!

Key features
  • Explore a breathtaking world to capture Pals
  • Make them work for you
  • Sacrifice them to survive
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Release date:2024-06-21
Developer:FromSoftware Inc.

Purchase this DLC, adding tons of extra content if you already played Elden Ring or plan to!

Travel to the Land of Shadow to discover the piece of story that made this world what it is today. Featuring familiar gameplay mechanics, Shadow of the Erdtree adds new bosses, magic, weapons, and equipment. This game and DLC are a must-play for all players looking for a challenge revolving in a dark reality ruled by omnipresent secrets.

Key features
  • Discover a new chapter of the story that shaped the Lands Between
  • Explore unfamiliar regions to discover their secrets
  • Try new weapons, equipment, and magic in the battle against mighty bosses
  • Play solo or use the help of other players

Frostpunk 2 

Release date:2024-09-20
Developer:11 bit studios

This sequel to the phenomenal strategy game from 2018 takes place thirty years after the action of the first part to welcome its players in New London, attempting to survive an apocalyptic winter.

Frostpunk 2 is a real-time strategy game where you take on the role of a Steward responsible for everything happening in the city. Obtain resources, develop technology, and – above all – monitor citizens’ moods in these unforgiving conditions. This game revolves around making tricky decisions and sacrifices for the greater good!

Key features
  • Play the sequel to the well-received real-time strategy game from 2018
  • Extract resources and expand the city
  • Keep the balance between the city development and citizens’ well-being
  • Make choices to decide the entire colony’s future

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl 

Release date:2024-09-05
Developer:GSC Game World

This long-anticipated sequel to the 2007 title lets you explore 64 square kilometers of the highly unstable Zone – a dangerous area surrounding the devastated remains of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 features an open world overrun by mutated monsters and enemy factions fighting each other for survival in this cursed place. Play as one of the Stalkers discovering a new energy source in the heart of the Zone. Fight, collect equipment, survive anomalies, and enjoy improved enemy AI in a game that brilliantly combines first-person shooter with absolute horror.

Key features
  • Discover entirely new secrets of the Zone
  • Combat unimaginable threats
  • Try to survive to discover a new energy source
  • Enjoy enhanced graphics by Unreal Engine 5

Hades 2

Release date:TBA
Developer:Supergiant Games

Fans of the indie genre won’t be disappointed with this upcoming sequel to Supergiant Games’ fantastic roguelike game. This time, you will play as Hades’ daughter!

Image credit: Supergiant Games

Play as the immortal princess of the Underworld to embark on a dangerous mission that involves slaying your grandfather, Kronos. Prepare for even more enemies, friends, obstacles to overcome, and ever-changing dungeons. If you dream of a graphically beautiful and challenging game – add Hades 2 to your Steam Wishlist!

Key features
  • Play the sequel to the epic roguelike game from Supermassive Games
  • Explore the ever-changing dungeons to discover their secrets
  • Battle hordes of enemies using your divine powers
  • Experience an entirely new story set in a familiar environment


2024 is a year of sensational sequels to relatively fresh titles and games considered forgotten. Considering this list covers a variety of genres and themes, you should be able to find something for yourself, especially since these are titles gamers worldwide just love. Don’t shy away from trying different things, as discovering new gaming experiences can bring unforgettable joy and excitement! Travel to the Zone, fight as Hades’ daughter, play with magic as a Hogwarts student, or manage a post-apocalyptic city – all these recommendations involve many hours of pure fun!