Have you been craving a new fantasy adventure, but nothing currently on the market seems to hit the right notes to draw your attention? Perhaps Dragon’s Dogma 2 is what you need to feel excited for epic questing and gripping combat again!

Why you should buy it:

1. Hours of exploration

The map of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is massive and doesn’t have any loading screens. If you so choose you could walk across three regions without any interruptions other than rampaging monsters, or NPCs asking for help.

However you’re unlikely to actually make that trip, because of the overwhelming temptation to stray from the road and see where a branching path leads, or what’s inside the cave you spotted (spoiler: it’s usually monsters and treasure).

2. Exciting combat mechanics

What you can do in Dragon’s Dogma 2 combat is defined by your Vocation, and you have 10 to play with, from classics like a Mage and sword-and-board Fighter, to a telekinetic Mystic Spearhand or Warfarer, which is the ultimate multiclassing option allowing you to use the weapons and abilities of other classes.

Each class has plenty of powerful, useful, and often spectacular abilities to unlock. You can only pick four for your active loadout, but you can swap them freely any time you visit the vocation guild in a town in order to find a setup that work for you.

3. Emergent adventures

Sometimes the adventure comes to you, creating a new anecdote to share with others. Maybe a cyclops ambushed the oxcart you were taking to a remote location and you had to defeat it before the cart got wrecked beyond repair.

Maybe you were preparing to leave the city only to see an ogre go through the gate, ready to be a big hairy problem. Or you get a visit from wolves while camping in the wilderness. You never know. And that’s what makes it fun!

Is the game worth it?

If all the above sounds like your kind of fun, then: yes, absolutely, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is worth it, and depending on how you play it might easily give you dozens of hours of exploration, combat, questing, and tangling with existential dread of struggling against destiny under the eye of an uncaring world.

Go get it, you won’t regret it.