Choosing the operating system to run our gaming rig should not be taken lightly. Equipping our device with an OS that will help games run smoothly and safely is a crucial choice for the players.

The most widespread system currently available is, of course, Windows. But as with many operating systems, it comes in many variants. In this article, we will focus on two of them – Windows 10 Home and Pro. We will compare both of the systems for their advantages and disadvantages that gamers should be aware of, as well as the prices of each version.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home $16.56 -75%
Microsoft Windows 10 OEM Home PC $18.87 -71%
Microsoft Windows 10 Home N $22.49 -70%
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro $19.36 -70%
Microsoft Windows 10 OEM Pro $22.00 -66%
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Nv $28.45 -90%

By the end of this article, you will have a better view of what each OS has to offer and which one is best suited to your needs.

Windows 10 Home and Pro – general features

Windows 10 Home is the newest, most basic version of Microsoft’s operating system. It is included with most personal computers and equipped with a variety of helpful features. These include Cortana – a virtual assistant that will keep your day well-organized. Thanks to Cortana, you will be able to check the news and weather, find out about current traffic, and more. Cortana is a perfect solution for business people or those who need a little bit of help managing their schedules.

When it comes to security, Home offers Windows Hello – a feature that uses facial recognition and other biometric data to keep the device safe. Owners of mobile devices will be able to connect their Android or iOS smartphone to the computer’s OS and easily access data on these devices. All in all, Windows 10 Home is an excellent choice for those who want a stable and reliable operating system without any unnecessary features.

Windows 10 Pro is an expanded version of the OS. Unlike Home, Windows 10 Pro features improved solutions for security and business. Users of Windows 10 Pro gain access to Bitlocker – an encryption suite, which protects the computer from being accessed by third parties. It also comes with Windows Sandbox – a secure environment to test new apps – as well as a Hyper-V virtual machine-building solution. Surprisingly, many business features of Win 10 Pro find their application also in gaming. Expanded functionalities OS will surely interest the customers interested in the full-package experience.

Windows 10 Home – solutions for gamers

Xbox Console Companion

Win 10 Home includes features that might interest the customers interested mainly in a solid gaming experience. The main of them will definitely be the solution for streamers. Home’s built-in Xbox Console Companion application allows the player to stream their console feed directly into the PC. This is an excellent solution for the owners of high-quality rigs who want to experience the full performance of Xbox One games.

Security features

Aside from streaming Xbox One games, Windows 10 Home offers plenty of other features with gamers in mind. Home’s internet protection suite helps the player stay safe during online sessions. Device encryption keeps their data protected from being unlawfully accessed. Firewall and network protection prevent malware from entering the user’s system. Another neat feature are parental controls – parents of minor gamers can make sure that their children stay protected from harmful content, don’t spend too much time in front of the screen, etc. Adult gamers can also make use of the latter solution to control their own screentime.

Windows 10 Pro – solutions for gamers

Better performance

An important feature for any gamer is the performance of the operating system. Modern games require a lot of memory to run smoothly, and not all OS’s carry enough RAM to pull that off. With 2 TB of RAM, Windows 10 Pro blows the Home version out of the water. The player will have no problem running even the most demanding games smoothly, with no significant slowdowns.

Increased safety with Bitlocker and Windows Sandbox

Windows 10 Pro expanded features will be of use for the customers who intend to use the OS to run their high-end gaming rigs. The players will definitely appreciate increased security options, with Bitlocker being the main of them. This solution encrypts the data on the device, protecting them from being accessed from the outside.

Another solution for gamers is the Windows Sandbox environment offered with Win 10 Pro package. Gamers can often encounter various apps and programs that premise the increased performance of their device. In order to try them out without the risk of compromising their data, they can try running these files in a secure sandbox.

Travel back in time with Hyper-V virtual machine builder

For gamers who would like to play older games, no longer supported by the current generation of computers, Windows 10 Pro has Hyper-V. This component allows the user to build a virtual machine within their device. Its main use is creating a safe environment, where developers can test their apps and programs without the risk of damaging their system. For gamers, however, Hyper-V is a perfect chance to play the games of their youth. All it takes is to create a virtual machine that meets the parameters of the game, and the user can enjoy all the golden oldies they want.

Business solutions with gamers in mind

As we have mentioned before, Windows 10 Pro offers a lot of business solutions. Some of these features can be really useful also for gamers. For example, the Assigned Access solution identifies the user and allows running only select applications. It’s a perfect solution for households with multiple users and a limited number of devices. The applications are protected from deletion and other interventions, with other users only allowed to interact with select functions. It’s also an excellent parental control solution – young gamers won’t be able to access anything besides the games they are allowed to play. This way, they won’t accidentally delete any important files or view content they shouldn’t.

Windows 10 Home vs. Pro – which one is better?

After reading through all that both versions of Windows 10 have to offer, the question remains – which one, if any, is objectively better than the other? The answer to that question will largely depend on the potential user. Looking at both versions by the number of features they offer, the obvious winner is Pro, which elevates the gaming experience and provides neat tools for users with a tinkering streak. On the other hand, the solutions offered by the Home version will do just fine for users interested mainly in playing games. They don’t require additional RAM to run severe virtual machines or business suites that, while useful, are by no means necessary for a good gaming experience.


No matter what the operating system offers the potential customer, the decision to buy an OS for our devices often boils to the price. Are the solutions worth it? Can we get the same features with other OS at a reduced price? These questions are all worth considering when deciding which version of Windows 10 we want to buy. The Home version will cost the user $139.99 while the Pro package increases that amount by 60 dollars. Considering all the features we’ve previously described, the final decision falls onto the customer, who best knows what they need and how much they are willing to pay for it.


As you can see from our article, both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro have their strong sides in functionality and gaming. Home offers a perfect balance of casual gaming solutions without burdening the user with features that they might not even need. Pro is an office and business powerhouse, and some of its solutions would extend into a better gaming experience.

As we have said, the user can choose either of those to satisfy their gaming needs completely. It’s the additional features that make choosing a little bit more complicated. Choosing the Home version means giving up on some features, while opting for Pro will cost the customer more for features they might not really need. A tough choice, highly dependent on the needs of prospective buyers. We hope that, by presenting some of the features of both versions, we’ve managed to make it a little bit easier.