In the old days of magic and knowledge, they were feared, but today are known as the subject of numerous productions of the movie industry and the video game market – the Witches…

The children happen to be easily frightened by the ugly and old Baba Yaga who lives in a gingerbread house and will kidnap them if they are bad. Meanwhile, the witches found in games may significantly differ from this common image.

This does not mean, of course, that they are always presented as amazing beauties with good hearts and gentle faces, none of those things. The witch video game character offers a wide range of possibilities for developers who, by creating such a heroine, have basically unlimited possibilities to show off and can let their imagination run wild.

The perfect example is the Witcher series where you have Baba Yaga-inspired gruesome ugly witches as well as beautiful and mysterious Yennefer or Triss Merigold. Below is a ready list of the best video game witches and games where you can play as a witch.

The Best Witch Video Game Characters & Witch Games
Bullet Witch 2018-04-25 Action Marvelous, Inc.
Left 4 Dead 2 2009-11-16 Action & Shooter Valve
Left 4 Dead 2008-11-17 Action Valve
Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Years Celebration 2016-02-09 Adventure Crystal Dynamics 87%
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Baba Yaga The Temple Of The Witch 2016-02-09 Adventure Crystal Dynamics 20%
Dark Souls Remastered 2018-05-24 Action QLOC 31%
Dark Souls II Scholar Of The First Sin 2015-04-01 RPG FromSoftware, Inc 64%
Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition 2016-04-11 RPG FromSoftware, Inc. 45%
The Witcher Enhanced Edition Directors Cut 2008-09-16 RPG CD PROJEKT RED 57%
The Witcher 2 Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition 2011-05-17 Adventure CD PROJEKT RED 86%
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Goty Edition Gogcom 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED 65%
The Witcher Trilogy Pack 2015-05-18 RPG CD PROJEKT RED 74%
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Ultimate Edition 2013-08-27 Adventure MercurySteam - Climax Studios 87%
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 2014-02-25 Adventure MercurySteam 84%
Bayonetta 2017-04-11 Action & Shooter PlatinumGames 66%
Dragon Age Inquisition 2014-11-20 RPG BioWare 81%

10. Left 4 Dead – The Witch

A character that is surely known to fans of the team shooter that is Left 4 Dead. It is an exciting game that combines features typical of various genres. On the one hand, the gameplay is based on cooperation and shooting, which may resemble Counter-Strike to some people. On the other hand, the title is reminiscent of typical survival horror action games in which there are plenty of zombies attacking last survivors, but in Left 4 Dead we are dealing with mutants instead.



The witch, like other mutants, became a victim of a virus released into the world by scientists. Unlike them, however, she does not hunt the Survivors with a mindless lust for murder. In fact, she is harmless, unless you do not pay close attention and approach her regardless of the consequences. Even then, you can count on a warning grunt from her before she finally proceeds into the actual attack. And here, hardly anyone finds a way back, because the witch does not give up on murder until she finishes her prey.

An interesting fact known to Left 4 Dead players is that the witch often cries. It is not known exactly why this happens, and it is one of the many mysteries of this world, but there are theories that it may simply be a form of attracting Survivors or eventually the simple remains of a witch’s humanity manifested in guilt.

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9. Rise of the Tomb Raider – Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch is an expansion pack to the base game called Rise of the Tomb Raider. The DLC adds a completely new region where the brave Lara Croft finds herself in a dark forest where she will face monstrosities straight from legends and fairy tales.



The Slavic atmosphere of the add-on may remind some people of one famous witcher, who also had the opportunity to meet fantastic creatures on his way, and perhaps that is why Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch met with huge credit from fans of CD Projekt Red’s production. Here, however, we are dealing with Baba Yaga, who faithfully reflects the spirit of an old woman known from fairy tales told to children. She is also equipped with her standard hen’s feet house, which in this title looks rather awesome.

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8. Bloodborne – Witch of Hemwick

The game that is called the spiritual successor of Dark Souls but set in a slightly different historical setting than previous titles by From Software studio. This time, the story takes place in the nineteenth century in a gloomy Victorian atmosphere.



Bloodborne is a game for everyone who appreciates the well-kept, shady nature of the adventure. The title is packed with dark nooks and crannies, the path tough and full of evil enemies and mysterious locations. There are also bosses and one of them is the Witch of Hemwick. She can be found in a location that theoretically can be ignored during the gameplay, but it is not worth doing this, because, after a possible victory, you can get a bonus item there. The Witch of Hemwick probably brought tears of despair to many defeated players, because slaying her is not the easiest task. She is very tricky and well-protected, and it is also worth mentioning that her fashion choices can surprise many adventurers blessed with the weaker nerves.

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7. Dark Souls – Chaos Witch Quelaag

A classic among the action RPGs, currently also available in the Dark Souls: Remastered version, which is a slightly improved, above all graphically, adaptation of the game from 2011. A title that has been reliably providing emotions for years, allowing you to wander among corridors and endless dungeons full of terrible creatures and dramatic stories.



Chaos Witch Quelaag is one of the daughters of the Witch of Izalith and stands guard over the Second Bell of Awakening, as well as defends her comatose sister. Meeting her can impress everyone without exception because by the Flames of Chaos she has been permanently turned into a monster and since then the lower part of her body is a giant spider, and the upper part is the shape of a remarkably beautiful and naked woman. Defeating Quelaag is not an easy task, because she has a huge number of extremely blatant fire attacks, which makes her a witch very powerful.

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6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Three Witches of Crookback Bog

The Witcher is packed with such a wide variety of strange creatures and monsters that there is probably no being anywhere in the world that cannot be met there. It is similar with witches and in this case three witches of Crookback Bog.



They are also known as the Crones or the Ladies of the Wood. As a result of the progress of events during the gameplay, both Geralt and Ciri have the pleasure to meet them closely and get to know them better. The Crones live in the marshes and take care of the entire forest and the people of Velen, and are also daughters of the legendary She-Who-Knows. Although they care about the inhabitants of the village, they cannot be denied some rather bloody solutions in these life circumstances. They expect all kinds of sacrifices in return for their services. Also, they are easily recognised by their quite specific appearance, which in high-quality graphics can give you some shivers down your back. The quests where you can meet the three witches are definitely one of the most exciting bits of the Wild Hunt.

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5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadows – Baba Yaga

Another of many parts of the Castlevania series, released in 2010. The game is about the eternal conflict between good and evil when Gabriel – a young member of the Brotherhood of Light – sets out on a long journey full of dangers, traps, puzzles to solve and strange characters to encounter. One of them is Baba Yaga.



The Witch of Castelvania is almost a definition of Baba Yaga known from folklore and fairy tales. She’s old, dresses in an incredibly fascinating way, and has a twisted sense of humour. Her main profession is testing the next passing knights who must visit her hut to continue their journey. Many of them, however, died tragically trying to complete the quests she requested. And some of them happened to be mysteriously eaten.

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4. Bullet Witch – Alicia Claus

A beautiful, black-haired witch wielding a huge machine gun and massively slaughtering the hordes of demons that had the audacity to appear on the surface of the earth with the ambition to murder entire humanity. This is how you can describe the Bullet Witch in a nutshell.



An action-packed shooter in which, from the point of view of a third person, we control the movements and fate of the main character – Alicia Claus. The gameplay is dynamic and will surely satisfy every fan of games aimed at a simple goal, which in this case is killing demons. The task is not difficult, because the delightful Alice holds up her sleeve not only guns but also impressive attacks of magical origin. She can control the weather, the five elements, the minds of her opponents, and even switch to necromancy if she wants to.

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3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Yennefer

Although Yennefer is an extremely important character for the entire canon of The Witcher, she can only be found in the last part of the series, but she was mentioned many times in the two previous titles.



A powerful sorceress, whose character provokes a lot of intense emotions since the time of famous production of The Witcher by Netflix. Beliefs all around the world agree on one thing – Yennefer in the game makes a much better impression. Yennefer is Geralt’s great love, which is characterized by jet-black hair and violet eyes. Their path to understanding each other is rather bumpy, because, like the witcher, the sorceress is also endowed with a very definite and sometimes harsh nature. By combining this feature with extraordinary beauty, mental maturity and great magical power, we get a character who has stolen the hearts of many around the world.

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2. The Witcher Series – Triss Merigold

The red-haired sorceress, present in all parts of The Witcher, is one of the favourite characters of every loyal fan of the series. In games, she is also one of the main characters who have a huge impact on the story. The plot largely depends on the choices that the player makes, including when dealing with Triss.



The talented sorceress met Yennefer during her studies and both women became friends. She is particularly good at alchemy and has some talent for healing. Triss became so well known in the world with her experience that she was appointed royal advisor in Temeria, and it is worth remembering that she is the youngest sorceress in her circle. In the game, she is one of Geralt’s romance options and provides a lot of excitement as a company, and if you need to, can also cast a deadly fireball.

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1. Bayonetta

An action-adventure game with slasher elements, the main character of which is the beautiful witch Bayonetta. Awakened after 500 years of a deep sleep, she confronts the forces of Heavens and discovers the secret of her identity.



Bayonetta is a promise of great fun for every fan of a bit of action and non-standard story. The main character is in possession of an important artefact that provokes attacks from the representatives of Heaven, to which she responds no less aggressively.

The game is full of dynamics and spectacular fights, and the witch herself has a very special power – her hair. They create her outfit on a daily basis, but in the moment of an attack, she can unleash hell with them, literally. Bayonetta can enlist the emissaries of Hell, whose power can significantly affect the outcome of the fight. She is a remarkably powerful character, with which every player eager for excitement can expect unrestrained wild fun.

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