Another expansion for the best-selling FPS Destiny 2, developed by Bungie Software studio.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is an epic story with new enemies and allies, and you’re gonna love exploring all the new areas. The add-on also introduces a new type of weapon and a previously unavailable crafting system.

The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition

So if you’re a fan of Destiny 2, you definitely want to check out Deluxe Edition. It’s gonna give you so much extra stuff to play with, and it’s gonna make you feel like a total badass while you’re doing it.

Access to Seasons 16-19

Access to Seasons 16-19
The Deluxe Edition includes access to the four seasons of content that follow the release of The Witch Queen. That means new weapons, armor, activities, events, and all sorts of other stuff to keep you hooked on the game all year round. It will also be the only chance to win exclusive rewards.

Two Year-5 Dungeons

The Throne World
The Deluxe Edition includes access to two new dungeons, called “The Throne World” and “The Void” which are like these crazy challenges that require teamwork and strategy to conquer. They’re full of puzzles, traps, and all sorts of enemies. The loot you get from beating them is totally worth the effort!

An exotic SMG

exotic SMG Catalyst
The extra weapons looks freaking cool. You get the exotic SMG called the Catalyst, which is like the holy grail of SMGs.

A Catalyst

powerful modifiers Catalyst
What goes along with your new fancy SMG weapon? That’s right, the little but really powerful modifiers, first introduced in the Warmind expansion. It gives your weapon even more boost!

An Ornament

The Ornament that comes with The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition is gonna make your weapons look even more awesome than they already do. And who doesn’t want that, right?

An exotic Sparrow

exotic Sparrow
The Sparrow that comes with the Deluxe Edition is like the fanciest Sparrow you’ve ever seen. It’s got this sleek design that looks super cool. It’s also loaded up with all sorts of extra perks that make it faster and more maneuverable than other Sparrows.