Geralt of Rivia’s job is demanding. Because, like any decent role-playing game, The Witcher 3 resembles real-life mechanics as much as possible. Especially when it comes to making money.

Regular equipment repairs, fun evenings, better swords, or a humble portion of a grilled chicken sandwich – it all costs. And just like in the real world, you must earn money to spend on whatever your heart desires. There are three types of official currency available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game: Temerian orens, Novigrad crowns, and Nilfgaardian florins, but only the middle ones matter. Luckily players can exchange their other currencies at the Vivaldi Bank in Novigrad. And with this The Witcher 3 make money guide, you can go straight to becoming filthy rich. But how?

Tip #1: Mastering Monster Hunting for Profit

The easiest ways to make money should always be the best available. And it’s a great coincidence that monster hunting happens to be your day job, so you shouldn’t encounter any complex problems acquiring new contracts. They pay pretty well! Look for all kinds of monster-killing quests, and if you have the opportunity while chatting with desperate locals – try to bargain over the payment price. Then just go, defeat the monster, and enjoy the loot. Eliminating a monster will give you a unique trophy as proof of completing the quest. And if its stats don’t suit you, sell it later in the game for some pretty good cash.

Tip #2: Treasure Hunting and Hidden Wealth

Smuggler’s Caches are a great source of income. Floating in random spots around the sea, they sell for quite an impressive sum at your local merchant. So if you are on a budget, embark on a little pirate expedition and enjoy the sea wealth! You will recognize Smuggler’s Caches by the floating barrels and the sea monsters protecting them. Most of these surprising riches hide in Skellige.

Another good idea is to look for hidden wealth. Start by getting into the habit of searching all containers displaying after turning on the Witcher Sense. They will always glow yellow, so it’s a pretty easy job to complete. Just remember to avoid the guards in action, as such an encounter may end in losing money, and that’s the last thing you want.

Tip #3: Trading and Crafting: The Art of Merchandising

Before selling everything, examine the available crafting diagrams to know what you will need in the future. Keep in mind not all sellers offer the same prices for specific items. Sell armor to the armorer, weapons to the blacksmiths, hides to the innkeepers, and alchemy and herbal elements to the herbalists – they offer more coins for the components they work with. Some ingredients are also harder to come by than others, so save them for later instead of selling them right away. Many items can be more profitable when dismantled – like shells that sell cheap but contain valuable pearls.

Tip #4: Gambling and Mini-Games: Fun Ways to Earn Money

If you have a knack for gambling, try the world-famous Gwent card game. Explore the map to buy cards from innkeepers and play for unique cards to complete a decent deck. After a few games with various non-playable characters, you will probably know all the rules and what cards you need the most. It is the point where you can start thinking about monetizing Gwent. Place bets with your future opponents and enjoy unexpected winnings! Another alternative is horse racing, where you can win priceless Roach upgrades along with an extra money prize.

Tip #5: Essential Tips for Newcomers to Rake in Crowns

The devil is in the details. So dear beginners, before you start your massive campaign of farming unimaginable riches, learn a few basic rules. Looting everything in your way is always a smart strategy until you run out of space in your saddlebags. To increase the storage space, participate in horse races or buy bags from one of the two available merchants. The first is Willis in White Orchard, and the other is Merchant in Midcopse. New saddlebags enable collecting more items and avoiding going to traders too often.

Also, you might want to make some space in your inventory the easiest way possible. So know that all the books and documents you read are entirely useless afterward, and therefore – you can sell them for quite a nice sum!

Tip #6: Harnessing the Power of Alchemy for Profit

In the center of Novigrad, you will find a merchant selling various liquids – and he will be your best choice in need of selling some alchemical products. While classic alchemy ingredients collected along the way can be successfully sold at the herbalist, this guy will be a great choice to exchange Alchemy Paste and Alchemy Powder for shiny coins. But always save all kinds of rare ingredients!

Tip #7: Engaging in Fistfighting Tournaments

Combine earning with fun! As it turns out, Geralt of Rivia is quite good at fistfighting, so use this information to earn some cash. At around level 11, go to Velen and check the announcements on the notice board. It will give you all the details about the Fists of Fury tournaments held in the region. Follow this quest and learn how many opponents you will have to defeat, but always remember to set the bet amount with the bookmaker to collect well-earned gold after the mission. Some opponents may seem challenging, but you will soon learn all the necessary rules. And have lots of fun! You can use these skills later in the game, as similar quests appear elsewhere on the map, and combat options are usually available in inns and taverns.

Tip #8: Exploiting Regional Price Differences

The merchants’ prices differ on whether you match the product category to their interests and the region they live. No wonder the richest sellers tend to live in big cities, and those from villages always have less money. When hunting for better prices, go to Novigrad or Oxenfurt.

Tip #9: Making Wise Property Investments

Just like in real life, going to a merchant and browsing through their shiny new goods can often end in buying a completely unnecessary item. Keep in mind you are constantly leveling up in the game, so purchasing that cool sword or piece of armor will probably seem like a mistake after gaining some experience. Better save this coin for later to invest in upgrading truly epic gear.

Tip #10: Mods

So you’re not into grinding, and everything you want is some fun in The Witcher III game. No problem! You can always use beneficial mods to enjoy the adventure without worrying about money. Geralt Is Rich provides 50,000 more coins after spending everything you have. Set Crowns Multiplier is a great way to increase your quest rewards tenfold. And Real Economy is a true modding star allowing you to sell previously unsaleable items.


This summary is the last, probably the most vital recommendation – don’t get too involved in making money. Book Geralt never enjoyed an impressive fortune and often struggled to get paid for his underrated work. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt makes this a bit easier, but there’s nothing wrong with being poor – especially at the beginning. Following the storyline, you will eventually figure out which making money method suits you best. But try to spend more time just enjoying this fascinating and dirty world! Because at the end of the day, you are a witcher, a fearless monster slayer, a man driven by destiny, and part of this brutal reality of Slavic tales – and that’s all that matters.