Celebrate Black Friday, the holiday of all kinds of products, by visiting the world of Azeroth in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft has won the hearts of players thanks to its excellent setting, engaging mechanics, and amazing social hub. It allows you to experience the classic series in a completely new way, visiting the familiar lands in Azeroth and taking part in battles against other players. Level up your character and dominate the battlefield with powerful attacks that will send your foes running for the hills.

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While the core version of WoW is free to play, it highly restricts the gameplay, setting the level cap at 20 and limiting plenty of other mechanics. This is why you will want to purchase a paid Battle.net membership, available in our online marketplace. G2A offers various prepaid time cards that you can use to start your full adventure in WoW. The cards come in several variants, varying in the subscription period they offer: from 30 days to six months.

Other than time cards, in the marketplace, you can buy various expansions, including Shadowlands and Dragonflight). In Shadowlands, the world of Azeroth is thrown into darkness after the veil between life and death is ripped open. The expansion offers five new zones to explore, a new player hub, and a new faction feature called Covenants, which the players can join for unique perks and quests.

Black Friday comes only once a year so waste no time to immerse yourself in the world of Azeroth or extend your subscription if you’ve already done it!