World of Tanks by is one of the more interesting online shooters out there, and not only because it focuses completely on tank combat. Let’s take a short look at what makes it so interesting before passing on to a special offer prepared by

Tank you very much!

The obvious terrible joke aside, what is one of the main drawing points for WoT is its staggering collection of tanks. Over 400 machines drawn from 9 different nations and a span of several decades, from World War 1 to the early Cold War. In addition to the already impressive size of the collection, every tank has been prepared with great detail to make it instantly recognizable to history buffs. Wargaming’s attention to detail extends to the sound design. The developers went as far as to record many of the still existing real-life counterparts of the machines given to players, to ensure they sound just right. Even the inscriptions which you can apply to the hull are period-accurate and kept in proper language. German stays German, Swedish stays Swedish, no multilingual redesigns. If historical tanks are your hobby, there is little reason not to play World of Tanks.

Satisfying progression

Your journey across the technology Tiers is a story of research and upgrades, all of which let you watch how your pre-WW2 tank transforms into a Cold War-era engine of destruction. Add to that upgradeable individual parts, like the turret or chassis, as well as a crew you can train to get additional benefits, and you get an engaging progression system that doesn’t just suddenly bump you up a tier. As long as you have the credits and the experience to build the upgrades, your tank will always stay ahead of the curve.

Five classes or destruction

To make your progression more diversified, the machines you can control are divided into five very distinct categories. Depending on the nation you picked, they will show up on your tech tree at different tiers.

World of Tanks USA tank progression
American tank-tree

You get to play as either a light, medium or heavy tank, a tank destroyer, or even a self-propelled gun, if you’re up for something slightly different. Whether you decide to make a beeline to your desired high-Tier tank or play it wide, testing other tanks, you never really have to stick to just one class if you don’t want to.

A helping hand

All of it brings us to the special offer has for G2A.COM users. As a special deal, Wargaming brings Starter Packs to G2A Marketplace. Each Starter pack contains several items which make it easier for the buyer to get quickly into the game by speeding up the early progression. Let’s break down the components.

Nation-themed packs

Each of the three (Soviet, German, American) Starter packs contains:

  • Premium tank – premium tanks gain 50% more experience and credits. Each nation gets a different tank, of course
  • 1 Extra garage slot – because you need to store your tanks somewhere
  • Crew with 100% training
  • 30 Days of Premium Account – account-wide benefits of using a Premium tank
  • 1.500 Gold (premium currency) – you can spend it on anything from upgrades to more garage slots and some customization
  • Emblem – in other words: “Pimp my tank”
  • world of tanks april 2017 wallpaper


There is also a Veteran Pack, which includes:

  • Excelsior tank
  • Garage slot
  • 30 Days of premium time
  • Emblem

All of them are available at a heavy discount at the G2A Marketplace.


World of Tanks is a very detailed game with a commendable respect for historical accuracy. It’s clearly different from other shooters, and it goes beyond a very different-looking player character. It favors positioning and careful approach over twitch shooting, you often don’t even see the enemy clearly, and you need to keep your crew at their top abilities. Whether you want to play it free or you want an early boost to make your start less frustrating, the game is easy to get into and enjoy.