World of Warcraft takes place in the same universe as other Warcraft games and a couple of years after the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It has its own origin story, 3D graphics, and amazing adventures to be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Classic games evoke nostalgia like nothing else. The feeling of playing a renewed version of your favorite childhood game, re-living through your memories, and the excitement that comes with is inimitable. Classic games are the reason the gaming industry looks the way it does – they set trends and introduced new technology, gameplay, and in-game storytelling.

MMO first appeared in 1974 and since then, it has undergone a major evolution. With the introduction of RPGs in the 1980s, people saw the potential and combined them into one. At first, only a couple hundred players could play at once whereas now MMORPGs gather millions of players every year.

World of Warcraft Classic: A Return to Basics

World of Warcraft Classic recreates the world presented in the game before any updates or expansions. However, the game mechanics made the game more challenging as there are fewer options than in modern games. The obstacles the player has to overcome require more experience and time than the previous version. Many fans said that leveling is harder in Wow Classic, which has pros and cons.

While playing the game the player can interact with others in various ways. You can talk to other players in a general chat and ask them to join your quest. You can join a guild or create your own for other people.

The nostalgia surrounding playing in the old world is tempting and intriguing. Joining a world where druids, warlocks, warriors, or paladins live and co-exist gives unlimited possibilities and stimulates one’s imagination. The player can live a completely different life with magical powers, fighting skills, or healing knowledge.

The Burning Crusade Classic: Breaking New Grounds

In Burning Crusade Classic, Outland was introduced. It’s the remnants of the destroyed homeland of ogres and orcs, Draenor. It is now inhabited by demons. The player transforms there through a portal in Azeroth.

In Burning Crusade Classic many class roles got a big glow up. Some of them weren’t the best in the original and have got on a whole new level. Paladins now have options when it comes to spells. Hunter became the most dangerous DPS together with Warlocks. Druids have more power and more options in PVE and PVP.

There are quite a few enhancements in Burning Crusade Classic. There were two new Races added: Dranei and Blood Elf. When the player reaches level 60, there are new spells and spell ranks available, and many more.

One of the most exciting improvements in the game is the possibility of discovering the skies on flying mounts. If the player wants to ride a flying mount they need to learn the skill at a specialized trainer for a fee. However, you need to be at a level 60 at least to have the flying skill.

Another interesting addition to the game is the PVP arena system. To have entry-level PVP gear you use Honor Points. The Honor Points system has not changed much from the Classic. In the PVP arena, teams of two, three, or five players compete until one team is defeated.

The Core Differences

TBC has its own graphics settings which the player can change, which allows for a personal choice. World of Warcraft Classic is running on a late-game patch which makes the bosses feel weak for many players. That is not the case in TBC, as there are no technical issues connected with the gameplay.

The raid pacing in TBC is slower than in Classic. Instead of fast and sharp it is slow and steady. It takes more time to finish a fight or defend someone. Some fans call it annoying and boring, while others are content with it.

Fans expected a lot from the Burning Crusade. They wanted better graphics, improved class roles, and harder bosses. The game lived up to those expectations and many players moved on from WoW to TBC.

The Impact on the Player Base

With TBC having so many improvements and Classic being everyone’s beloved, it might be hard to decide which game to choose. Classic is said to be simpler and easier to understand where as the Burning Crusade might be a fresh breath of air with all the new improvements. It all depends on whether you prefer classic, old-school games or more modern journeys.

World of Warcraft Classic received excellent reviews when it was launched. People were excited about the old-school feel of a modern game. The game was praised for emphasizing social connections between players. When the Burning Crusade was launched it was a huge success. Fans were excited for a new chapter of the World of Warcraft universe.

Player preferences matter and despite many games getting upgrades, they keep on playing the original. There are many reasons. Some people feel nostalgic and connected to the game they played for the first time and they enjoy the new version but prefer the original. The same situation exists in the WoW universe. Many fans like World of Warcraft Classic and the Burning Crusade Classic and appreciate the improvements, but will always choose the originals.


World of Warcraft is an amazing universe that changed the gaming world. WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade Classic were anticipated by fans since the day they were announced as players from all around the world feel nostalgic about those games. The improvements in both games are very interesting and it’s hard to choose just one of them.