Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Ultimate are two subscription offers for the users of Xbox consoles and PCs. While there are many things they have in common, there’s also plenty that makes them different. Depending on your gaming needs, you might want to choose one over the other, and in this article, we hope to make a choice easier for you.

We will compare the features of both subscription plans and provide insight into what they offer and at what price point. After reading our Xbox Game Pass vs. Ultimate rundown, you should have a better idea of which plan works better for you. Without further ado, let’s dig into the details.

Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate – what are those?

Simply put – both of these are subscription plans for the Xbox and PC online platforms, offering anything from social hubs to virtual game marketplaces.

Most of the gaming platforms gave those nowadays – Nintendo eShop for Switch, PS for PlayStation, not to mention a multitude of platforms for PC, like Steam, for example. What makes Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate so special is that it works on both the console and PC thanks to being developed by Microsoft.

You heard that right, folks! With Xbox Game Pass, you won’t have to worry about having to subscribe to two services – unless you have some cash to burn, of course. Both platforms offer access to a video game marketplace, where you can purchase 100 games available on PC and Xbox consoles. But the applicabilities and differences go way further than that.

Xbox Game Pass – an excellent choice for casual players


Xbox Game Pass is the most bare-bones version of Microsoft’s subscription plan. Don’t be fooled, though – it still offers plenty of options for the players who want to enjoy quality gaming on Xbox and PC. With Xbox Game Pass, the players gain access to a library of over 100 titles, including cross-platform releases and Xbox-exclusive titles. The benefit of subscribing to Xbox Game Pass is that some of the titles developed by Xbox Game Studios become available to the players on the day of release. Xbox Game Pass subscription includes discounts and deals for its members – and depending on the title, the price reductions can be significant. On top of that, subscribers of core Xbox Game Pass on PC will automatically receive an EA Play subscription, where more discounts and excellent gaming experiences await.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – more for less

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? It is the ultimate experience for the owners of Xbox consoles and PCs alike. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate significantly expands on the offer provided by the core Game Pass, offering the players access to the video game library AND Microsoft’s social gaming platform – Xbox Live Gold. To those scratching their heads right now – Xbox Live Gold offers the players access to the social hub dedicated to the owners of Xbox consoles, where they can interact with each other as well as play their favorite Xbox releases online. Xbox Live Gold subscription is necessary to access the multiplayer component of these games, and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get it with no additional charge. Moreover, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate expands its EA Play offer to the owners of consoles. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to get the whole package, the full experience of Microsoft’s subscription service.


Of course, the most important question is “how much does all of that cost?” The answer to that is that it definitely won’t ruin your wallet. Depending on your preference, you can buy a subscription that renews periodically or a key that will allow you to try out the subscription service for a specific period of time, from 1  to 12 months. It’s always better to give a platform a test run before we start paying monthly fees, so the latter option is an excellent choice for the yet undecided. However, if your mind is made, you can purchase the renewable subscription for either the core Xbox Game Pass or its Ultimate version. Seeing that they come at the same price ($1/month, as of writing this article), and Game Pass Ultimate’s offer is significantly larger, you’d do best by buying the latter. Should you be dissatisfied with the offer, the subscription is very easy to cancel.

It’s time to choose

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a more sensible choice of a subscription plan since it offers more at a similar price point. With it, you will get to enjoy the multiplayer privileges and social hub experience, as well as access to EA’s online service. Choose Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and enjoy the endless gaming entertainment with other players around the world!