A Way Out

Two men find a common cause to motivate them to escape from prison and travel the United States of the 1970s together despite their differences. Can they find the satisfying conclusions to their individual journeys? It’s up to you and your friend to see.
A Way Out is an ambitious cinematic action game developed by the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Josef Fares. Played exclusively in co-op with one other player it gives you control over either calm and collected Vincent or a hotheaded Leo, letting you witness their story and guide its flow in small, but cumulative ways. It’s a game about communication and cooperation, and it extends to you, who holds the controllers. Can you find the common rhythm and agree on the course of action, or will you be stopped by your indecision?
Either way, A Way Out is going to be a satisfying, one of a kind experience.


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