Assassins Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed name is, at this point, a legacy of its own. The series spans the entire history of the world with a tangled web of conspiracy threatening the stability of the world, an alien threat and secretive organizations fighting for millennia. The most recent game takes its story to Hellenistic Greece, to the very dawn of philosophy and western culture and recounts the story of the war between Sparta and Athens. Your character is a direct descendant of King Leonidas and an heir to his magical spear. Your goal is to reunite Sparta and break the Athenian oppression.
AC: Odyssey greatly expands on the RPG elements on the series, giving you a more branching storyline than any of the predecessor, two playable, fully-voiced protagonists, a full dialogue system and even romance options. It injects AC with elements the series have never see before but keeps the spirit of the games going.