Battlefield 1

We’ve been in the future a couple of times, we’ve asserted ourselves in the present. Time for the past, the less exploited eras. Battlefield 1 takes us to experience the horrors of World War I through a fantastically written single player campaign. After you finish that there is plenty of fun to be found in the multiplayer. With strategically designed maps and plenty of classes and weapons to choose from it is still the great Battlefield multiplayer.


Battlefield 1 unveils new DLC

It's packed with new content. The new DLC is titled Turning Tides and will come in two installments spread over...

5 years ago

Andromeda leads in EA's Q1 profits

It's that time of the year again. Game companies share their profits.   Electronic Arts published their earnings for the first...

6 years ago

EA teases Gamescom showing

According to the publishing giant, we're in for a few surprises and a lot of gameplay. You can tune into...

6 years ago