City of Brass

In the distant deserts of the South, where the blazing sun scorches the Earth, where music and incense fill the air, where ancient secrets lay beneath the sand dunes, lies the mythical City of Brass.
In this extremely fast-paced, first-person hack & slash, players are tasked with beating the maze of proceduraly generated rooms, filled with enemies, traps and puzzles, armed with their quick wit and a trusty whip. Treasure found along the way will help you reach further and further, but you have to hurry as your journey always runs on a timer.
The pace of City of Brass is absolutely blinding, but the flowing animations, intuitive controls and palpable art-style makes it a fun ride, rather than a stressful one.


Whip it out for City of Brass

The fast-paced Hack & Slash game from the Australian developer Uppercut Games has finally been fully released on Steam, PS4...

4 years ago